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New Year's Predictions 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I'd like to start off with a big thank you to everyone for making 2015 awesome for me personally. I love doing this site! I would still be able to do this site without you, but it would be a very sad and lonely experience. So thank you to all of my readers and sponsors for making this a joy to do!

I like to start off every year with a wild-eyed look into the future with predictions for the New Year. But first let's take a look at our predictions for 2015. I already know my own predictions were way off, but let's look back at some reader predictions from last year.

Successful Predictions:

Patrick Madden, from Secret Base Design, finally got his perennial prediction right! Apple finally allowed developers to make apps for Apple TV in 2015!

a1 predicted that Positive Grid would continue to push off the release date for their BT-4 foot pedal and indeed they have! Originally planned for Autumn 2014, they have been continually pushing back the release date this year. In August they were saying October, in October they were saying December. In December they were saying January 2016. For Positive Grid to push the release date back a full year past their original goal is a big win for a1! Unfortunately it is also a loss for anyone that actually pre-ordered one of these things.

With only 3 days to spare the Spice Girls announced on December 28th that they will be doing a reunion tour... which makes at least one of ZenLizard's highly unlikely predictions a reality! There is no word at this time on their plans for supremacy over Antarctica.

Sean predicted the equally unlikely event that we'd see MIDI in Auria before Thanksgiving 2015. This was two weeks before Wavemachine Labs announced Auria Pro. Auria Pro landed exactly 1 week after Thankgiving, but I'm still giving this one to Sean because that was damn close for an app that wasn't even announced yet.

2015 Fails:

Zymos unsuccessfully predicted that I would launch a political blog. It might be a pretty smart move to get in on some of that sweet sweet political advertising money, but this is not going to happen. I don't fit neatly into any political ideology, so I just end up hating both political parties for their insanely narrow views. I have to say I am starting to feel the Bern, but this sentence is probably going to be the first and last time I even mention the 2016 U.S. election here or on social media.

Ian Tindale made several predictions that failed, but sadly the biggest failure was this: "I predict that the whole review system will be reviewed. It is poisonous, pointless and incorrect." He was specifically referring to user reviews on iTunes. Unfortunately both types of reviews persist. Ill-informed users can still shit on developers and Apple continues to treat iOS as their walled garden. Though 2015 did show signs that weeds were sneaking in.

mister-rz expected to see a Logic for iPad with the release of the next generation of iPads. Lamentably Logic for iPad Pro has not arrived. Surprisingly not even the wilder predictions included the iPad Pro actually releasing in 2015.

Hoyas79 made the bold prediction that with the availability of iPhone Pluses we'd see an end to iPad/iPhone specific apps and everything would go Universal. This failed to occur, but so many iPhone 6+ owners have been begging for iPad apps to work that the prediction doesn't seem that crazy in hindsight.

What's coming in 2016:

Last year I predicted more music apps on Android and Microsoft's platform. Woah... I was so wrong. I mean there's wrong, there's dead wrong, and then there's predicting music apps on Android. Retronym's sought to address latency on Android with Phase84 using Samsung's Audio SDK but that was about it. The only other memorable Android app from 2015 was NinjaJamm, which was notable only in that they actually noted the latency problem and then ignored it.

This year I'm going to go out on a limb and say we're going to see hardware manufacturers and other big names take music apps even further. Not just some editor for their hardware, but something new. I think at this point music apps have reached maturity; we've all seen that this is not a fad. It's time for the bigger, slower moving, companies to take it very seriously!

Open Mic: New Year's Predictions for 2016:

Once again I open up the floor to your predictions. What do you expect to see as we enter the future?

Reader Comments 28

I predict that Bias Peak will resurrect itself onto IOS and work flawlessly out of the gate....then Apple will come along with yet another IOS update and the pain begins
Happy new year Tim

January 01, 2016  | person_outline Brian

Hey Tim, loved the owl!
Have you looked into Open Labs StageLight software, it moved into Android this year (pretty late: Nov.)

I've had it for Windows for a while, pretty cool and updates keep making it cooler. It's a full on vst host starting at $10 on Windows, nicely multitouch on Surface, not sure how it plays out on Android latency wise, something about Intel helping Android Marshmallow...?
This press release mentions the #s for how bad Android latency was (.5 - 2.0 seconds, jeez) no #s for the fix. https://gigaom.com/2015/11/18/with-stagelight-android-finally-gets-a-serious-audio-recording-app/

The devs hinted at one point after the Android release about moving into iOS...
Happy New Year

January 01, 2016  | person_outline Littlewoodg

It took long enough for apps to arrive on the TV; I knew if I kept predicting it, I'd eventually be right.

For this year, I predict that MIDI will come to the AppleTV. There will be greater integration of iOS devices and traditional desktop DAWs. The AppleTV will also start cutting into the Wii/XBox/PlayStation market. The Apple Watch will grow in popularity, primarily due to the ease and security of ApplePay. There will be another major security breach, and Apple's reputation will be further tarnished (not as bad as Microsoft, but all the Microsoft people will be going "see, see, I told you so."). While many people, including myself, will be feeling the Bern for most of the year, at the end it will be eliminated by vaginal cream -- not as good as feeling the Bern, but much better that getting schlonged.

January 01, 2016  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

My prediction is Link gets added to alot of DAWs and apps in 2016, including Samplr and Borderlands hopefully. Beatmaker3 arrives but may have missed the boat now Auria pro arrived.
Ableton release an App, Moog release a new app, 3d Touch on next gen ipads.

January 02, 2016  | person_outline Red Sky Lullaby

Ha, great predictions so far!
I predict that the second iteration of the Apple Watch will let us down, the rumors of the aux removal on idevices will be true, the iPad Pro 2 will suck big time, and the Retronyms Wej will not be built and all of the backers will be SOL!
Even though I have a bleak outlook for this year, I still believe it will be great...ever better than the last!
And just for some balance I'll be quite optimistic and say that iOSX will NOT absolutely devastate the iOS music community, for once!

January 02, 2016  | person_outline tGiG

Maybe a bit obvious, but I think with Ableton Link making a big statement at year end, there will be some big moves to get all the players and platforms on board...or someone pissed off and left out and butt hurt may try to throw out something to compete. I want to see it in Logic, as I am moving ever further to trying to integrate all this shit as seamlessly and transparently as possible. Hoping for some breakthroughs in cloud storage options out there, and also a much less sneaky approach to how Internet providers operate. I would like to see them get their asses kicked, to be honest. I would also like to be able to call Apple, and quickly get routed to someone who knows what the fuck is going on with all aspects of Audio/Music tech and how they need to stream that information out a lot more openly so as not to piss off content creators any more than they have in the last few years, with all the buggy iOS and OSX coming at us fucked out of the gate and finally arriving just when it is time to go and fuck it al, up again. I'm a dreamer. Still had a great year making music, and tried my best to not let the little shit derail me as often as it did in 2014...At least now with iOS, my expectations have been brought down a little closer to earth with what I can do with what I have there, so I have made it a much more creative component of my Desktop work, and don't go all purist inside my head when things break...Breaking seems to be embedded into iOS now.

January 02, 2016  | person_outline Chris Catalano

I predict we will do what we always do. Get excited about all the neat things coming our way and equally frustrated when things don't quite work out. Because we love music so much we are often extra sensitive when it comes to our music making.
Kate Bush often said she liked her demos for songs over the finished product. Even though some elements like drumming or piano might have been off a bit here and there she felt they had a magical raw energy to them. In her song "Moments of Pleasure" where she mentions "George the wipe", a technician who accidentally erased one of her songs, she makes light of it and laughs about it.
So the next time we get pissed off and it will happen just remember Kate

January 02, 2016  | person_outline Brian

Lots of fun stuff here so far!

@Chris Catalano: Now that you mention it... I wonder how other desktop DAWs will react to Ableton Link.

@Brian: That is an excellent point. I know it is true in my case. I've spent months and months meditating on the transitory nature of musical performance. Being in the moment; just jamming without recording it. You guys see how infrequently I share my own music, because most of it is music no one was meant to hear outside of my headphones. But when it comes time to record an actual song I have a short fuse for anything that impedes my progress. I should probably work on that.

I think Link will result in more people using multiple iPads in a performance setting, each one dedicated to 2 or 3 simple tasks, almost like a modular setup, instead of trying to do "everything" on one device. On that note...

Something new from Moog? Perhaps a series of AU "iModules"? Perhaps a Eurorack type standard for iOS is on the cards...

Hopefully we'll continue to see more innovative new instrument apps rather than emulations of old technology. Already majorly heading that way, so this is probably a fairly safe prediction, but exciting nontheless.

And finally...

I'd like to see music app developers break new ground with 3D controllers. Borderlands Granular 3D? Yes please!

January 02, 2016  | person_outline Crème Douche

I think that this year will show some long overdue changes to the app store. App trials is an easy win and everybody expects it, so it will happen this year and IAPs will fade a bit. There's an outside chance that they will start addressing the devbiz side of things by allowing some real customization of a "store" within the store and better interaction with customers, but Apple is weak in web apps and moves glacially there, so it might take longer than a year. I think the time is ripe for revamping the review process and it will start with some incremental improvements, like allowing established devs expedited releases.

Perhaps we'll see a change out of the blue, like a bulk migration of old, unsupported, unused, cheap clone apps to a "junk app" bad-part-of-town where they don't turn up in general searches. Crap stuff like this benefits nobody except to inflate the app count and we are well past the point where that is important to anyone. How many flappy bird clones should there be in the store? After a few hundred they should be considered equivalent to fart apps and rejected out of hand.

I expect some of the more complex music apps to release UIs customized to take advantage of the iPad Pro's larger display and perhaps support for the extra-fine control afforded by the Pencil.

January 02, 2016  | person_outline Fran_K

Predictions vs wishes. I wish for/predict hardware that securely connects to ipads. Docks that allow for on-stage connections that don't just pull out.

I don't wish for, but do predict iOS will update a few times this year and each time they'll add something that fucks shit up for music apps.

I wish for, but don't predict that there will be more (new types) hardware made for iOS that will allow for touchless options i.e. Leap or such

January 02, 2016  | person_outline Coopmusic247

Hey Tim, I mentioned Stagelight because it sneakily fulfilled your prediction of (real) music apps coming to Android. True it's only one but its an app to contend with, years of development, Timbaland (who put his money where his mouth was with Beaterator on PSP a long while ago) and Linkin Park are invested. Dirt cheap and slick on Windows touch, free to start with on Android, blah blah blah (I know the Apple fanboy's eyes will have glazed over by now.)
Maybe the prediction here is it will continue to be ignored though 2016. Unless it ports to iOS.
I predict that only once Apple starts buying out/hiring our beloved top tier music devs (hey Patrick! etal) iPad Pro will have a shot at besting Bitwig on Surface Pro...

January 02, 2016  | person_outline Littlewoodg

Hmmm, i predict tabletop will
Rightfully cease to exist...and maybe retronyms with it (one can dream

I predict a few new Gadgets!

I predict Beatmaker3 (lmao), will
Kick all ass as beatmaker2 has did for the last 3-4 yrs!

I predict jordan rudess will release more soloing apps with different names and drop support on samplewiz the only great app they made!

Alchemy mobile? This is a hope Apple!

I predict more guitar amp pedal
Apps with an endless iap highway!

I predict 20 new synth apps that do nothing cool such as subtractive and wavetable synthesis...or freakin emulation of something that does subtractive or wavetable synthesis!

I predict iconnect audio will make a better ica4+ with more inputs for devices and a
Way better mic pre and output gain stage with a better latency than 7ms(fingers crossed)

Id also like to predict Reason Mobile for ipad pro and better...cmon propellerheads its doable

January 02, 2016  | person_outline Heretik7

Not a prediction but I'm hoping a standalone (independent of a DAW) keyboard sampler app appears. (Maybe an iMicroSampler, just because Korg is full of surprises). There are plenty of pad based apps that accept user samples, and there are keyboard ones integrated into BeatMaker2, Peter Vogel CMI Pro, Cubasis, etc. where they can't really be used independent of their sometimes bloated or quirky environments. So, a fully functioning one (recorder/player/editor/MIDI in/Audiobus/Audioshare/etc.) that can be used in it's own shell would be handy, eg., for prepping and having more than a bank of 16 samples at your fingertips (rather, think more like an old General MIDI percussion bank); or having groups of pitched and/or layered samples in a single app; or a single sample with different fx already applied (across an octave), etc., and perhaps not least- for convenience. Seems like something like this would be useful for performance or studio stuff.
Is there already one that flew under my radar???

For hardware, I'm guessing that even if Apple finally perfects some method of wireless charging, they'll most probably ensure that it won't be useable on older devices. So, meh.

January 03, 2016  | person_outline a1

This year we will finally have WORLD PEACE!

January 03, 2016  | person_outline yak nepper

@yak nepper
And police will only carry non-lethal weapons (sense of humor/humanity, rubber bullets, shot guns that shoot beanbags or those awesome nets with weights at the corners, and other stuff Batman would use. That way when police are bad hires, or make mistakes, nobody dies?)

And Logic comes to iOS

January 03, 2016  | person_outline Littlewoodg

I predict that Apple will buy out another one of our favorite smaller music app developers, remove their apps from the store for new customers, and use the technology inside of Logic and GarageBand. (Look out, Kymatica, Yonac, Holderness, Secret Base, etc.) ;-)

I also predict that the 2016 iOS devices will sport 4D touch. What that means, I have no idea.

January 03, 2016  | person_outline Joe

Happy new year everybody 🎉🎆
For 2016, I see a new synth app from Moog.

January 03, 2016  | person_outline Matt

@ Littlewoodg

Logic certainly won't come to iOS as, well, it's already there - it's called Garageband. It's possble we might see a more feature laden version due to the pro version of the iPad (I'm not holing my hopes out here), but it still won't be close to Logic on the desktop.

@ Joe

I suspect the sole reason why Apple bought Camel Audio was simply that they needed a great swiss army knife type house synth (that is house as in only available with logic, not as in house music) to keep logic competitive. The usual bundled syths were all looking a bit old, but still quite capable - I'm a latecomer to Sculpture, and that thing is fucking brilliant, let down only by an outdated interface.

Things like the convolution reverb - Space Designer, and Compressor are still considered best in class for stock plugins, plus the others are also pretty effective.

So, no I don't think Apple will be borging another audio company as there would really be no business point.

As for my predictions - I think Korg will continue on a roll with new features for Gadget, and hopefully 2016 will see Gadget become less of a closed shop and be able to accept IAA and/or AU instruments.

I would also hope for a move away from skewomorphic interfaces - things that Audulus has already done. There really is no need in this day and age for instruments and effects to represent their, often ancient, real world counterparts. This would also allow for feature extension as you would no longer be constrained due to having to look like a real thing.

That's it for my hopes (not really predictions) this year. I wish all of you a good musical start in the new year.

January 03, 2016  | person_outline Slaphead

Nanostudio 2 will finally drop and it will exceed even my wildest hopes. And those hopes are pretty wild, lemme tell ya.

January 03, 2016  | person_outline Nonny Moose

My prediction for 2016: audiobus 3 with AU and MIDI.

January 04, 2016  | person_outline Lacm1993

Due to the world currency war, Apple will hint at their new virtual currency Apple Money, which will eventually work with their virtual wallet Apple Pay.

January 04, 2016  | person_outline B-Boys Makin' with the Freak Freak

I predict that in 2016 I will finally upgrade from my iPad 3 and be able to upgrade to Auria Pro. My Frozen Lonesome Soundcloud page will exceed 15,000 plays (currently at 14,992) and that I will release more music. Loopy Masterpiece will be even more awesome than we expect and will possibly finally enable me to pursue more live performances. I predict that I will still be visiting Discchord and other IOS music app sites more than is probably good for me, my app budget, and work productivity.

Seriously, 2016 is looking to be a great year and I wish Tim and everyone a healthy, happy, and musically satisfying year. :)

January 04, 2016  | person_outline Steve

Not a prediction per say, but more of a wish list. I'd like to see Korg release the Volca suite as iOS apps.

January 04, 2016  | person_outline Still on Friendster

One: Before the strike of midnight on December 31, 2016, Donald Trump will be adopted by a clan of Polar Bears. As they lead him away the bears will be overheard singing the Togolese National Anthem quietly among themselves.

Two: Everyone who loves music and music apps will—kindly and politely—pressure every developer to adopt AU, and they all will, by the end of April, and it will work flawlessly on every device and iOS version, and so the elves will finally return to Earth, as was foretold in the Book of Jobs long ago.

The prophet Paul Shaffer wrote: The elven king forsook the land of Earth, because sensible music workflow was broken on iOS, or rather it had never developed in the first place. Even the Orc Planet, with it's Windows laptops, was cranking out some juicy pop hits. Orcs were running their synths as plugins, making their quest much easier and hassle-free. The king swore that his people would never return, but I have had a vision that one day Apple will get their shit together and developers will storm the gates, and on that day elves will return and literally take over the EDM scene in East Hampton. ;)

May 2016 bring prosperity and fufillment to everyone in the discchord community.

January 04, 2016  | person_outline ZenLizard

I always thought polar bears to be quite intelligent...they tend to avoid humans unless we look like seals.
With all this talk of elves and kings and orcs and Trump there's no need for me to read Lord of the Rings....always wanted to read it, thanks for saying me some time:)

January 04, 2016  | person_outline Brian

It's always entertaining to read comments from Zen, Stub, Brian, a1 and many others...I predict more of the same in 2016.

I'm happy that 2015 was a great year for Discchord and even happier that Tim did not create a political blog or run for Emperor (or did he?)

My 2016 predictions:
At Discchord, someone will try to help Tim break out of his musical shell and he will find the key to unlocking his songwriting abilities will be through a collaboration with other iOS musicians.

At Apple, the next GarageBand iOS update which includes AU hosting will be released just before the WWDC (which is in June I think).

On the AppStore, no new synth apps will be released that recreate actual hardware synths, instead 27 new innovative synth/samplers will be released. However only one of those apps will contain all of the desired features: AB, IAA, Link, MIDI, AU and ACP (it'll cost 50 bucks)

On the field: at an American sports event halftime show, we'll see someone using Loopy HD on an iPad in their music performance. The following day the App Store breaks due to high demand of the app. A few weeks later with so much extra money, Michael buys a majority share of Apple...and then...we all lived happily ever after.

January 05, 2016  | person_outline Toz Bourne

Whew. Hi. Sorry I'm late. Here's mine. I'm playing a long game this year.

In the future, we will realize that all inhabitants of alien worlds have named their planets some variation of "dirt" or "ground".

January 06, 2016  | person_outline KDub

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