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In more half-ass-app news, Stereosun was released today offering a "new concept of mixing live music," with no way to actually get any live audio into it. There's no Audiobus/IAA, or even AudioCopy, so you're stuck with iTunes file-sharing. When asked by a potential customer about plans for supporting Audiobus and AudioCopy, they indicated that it isn't a priority for them.

I include the app here merely for laughs. I find it particularly laughable that their $13 price tag is supposed to be a bargain.

Stereosun iTunes Description:

Special offer!

Early birds can get stereosun® APP for lower price. Including all upcoming updates.

stereosun® presents a whole new concept of mixing live music. It's not just another controller but a unique software designed specifically for touchscreen technology. Functionalities of different crossfaders, effect knobs and play buttons are merged together in one powerful tablet application. You can all at once control up to 6 different sounds (a.k.a. SUNs) and a combination off effects or create LOOPs and CUEs on-the-fly and start beat juggling like there's no tomorrow! Every track that you convert into a SUN can be fine tuned to your needs.

Give it a go. Make some noise!

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary approach to mixing music
  • Up to 6 playing tracks
  • One gesture volume and FX control
  • Combinations of different effects (Delay, Reverb, Roll, HightPass, LowPass and Flanger)
  • Automatic Beat/Tempo Detection
  • Pitch Bend & Tempo Control
  • On-The-Fly Loops & CUEs
  • Multiple track synchronisation
  • Integrated iTunes Library and iTunes File Sharing
  • Adjustable Beat Grid for Perfect Syncing
  • Adjustable Effect Parameters
  • Adjustable Pitch with Unchanged Tempo
  • Load samples and play them as you would on a drum machine
  • Adjustable positions of Loops on the waveform
  • Create, arrange and sort your playlists
  • Loops, Playlists and other settings are saved for your next sessions

Hardware Requirements:

iPad mini, iPad 3 or higher, and iOS 7.0 or higher. iPad 4 is recommended.
Use stereosun® with external speakers for the best experience.

Buy Stereosun on iTunes: $12.99 (On Sale, LOL!)

Reader Comments 14

You know what they say... "The customer is never right"

Wait... that's not what they say.

I always found that sucess in business was best achieved by NOT putting customer desires high on the priority list. Right?

June 10, 2015  | person_outline ZenLizard

They don't say explicitly on the AB board that it is not their priority despite they admit not to know how to implement AB sdk at the moment.
It seems to be an early launching at a ridiculous price tag.

They encourage to buy it know at a cheap price in order to benefit from further updates/improvments. The strategy remind me a fucked up app which has now disappeared from the store. It was about time stretching and "future ableton on iPad" big one, promoted by a german indie keyboard maker.

June 10, 2015  | person_outline Matt

Make some noise?!? For $13.

June 10, 2015  | person_outline Brian

@matt thats exactly what I thought another "Mosaik"

June 10, 2015  | person_outline hacked_to_pieces

IAA !!?? AUDIOBUS ??!! you kids don't know you're born.

when i were a lad, we had it tough. We used to 'ave to get up out of shoebox at twelve o'clock at night and lick road clean wit' tongue. We had two bits of cold gravel, worked twenty-four hours a day at mill for sixpence every four years, and when we got home our Dad would slice us in two wit' bread knife

in them days we was glad to have iTunes file-sharing. you try and tell the young people of today that ..... they won't believe you.

June 10, 2015  | person_outline el-bo

Hi all,

we saw the review. Not trying anything here, just want to explain where we think the problem happened.

The description of the features in the app does not mention any live inputs. The phrase about "mixing live music" probably led you to believe that this was an app for mixing gigs or something while in fact Stereosun is a DJ app and as some people call it - live performance app (like using Ableton with a Novation controller etc.). That is why iTunes File Sharing and the iTunes Library were the main priority for the first version. While "mixing live music" meant a totally different thing for us for you it meant for you - which is very bad. That is why we already changed the description on the app store (hope it propagates soon).

We also encourage you to file a refund in the app store if you were expecting something else.

Apple just approved our app and we are trying our best to gather as much feedback from people as we can and improve it. Audiobus is one of the features we will be implementing if it will not interfere with the SDK we use for effects/syncing/etc but we refuse to give any definitive answers until we do the proper research. We are just trying to build a good product that does something cool.

Matija & Andrija, Stereosun

June 10, 2015  | person_outline Andrija

You can get audio into the app using osmosis. Or telepathy. When the App is working, Apple will add it to iOS 10 as a feature to whoop and wail at.

June 10, 2015  | person_outline Mr Chip

If you closely at the app photos, all the clips for mixing are from tracks from a band called Stereosuns...

June 11, 2015  | person_outline Littlewoodg

So basically it's for mixing music live not mixing live music .....

June 11, 2015  | person_outline Bianca

This once again confirms my belief that 95% of all the apps in the app store need to be permanently deleted so we don't have to wade thru miles of shit to find one decent app. I guess that's why we have this music blog tho. With all the incredibly stupid pointless apps out there it's hard to find the gold ones without someone like you sifting thru them like a gold prospector. Thanks tim

June 11, 2015  | person_outline Harison Zamperla

Having grown up in California, I've always felt like there was a latent gold prospector in me just waiting to get old and come out screaming: "THERE BE GOLD IN THOSE HILLS!"

Sorry Tim but I believe it's "There be gold in THEM THERE hills" not "those hills"... LOL ;)

As far as some of these new apps go, it seems like there are opportunists trying to ride on the success of some established apps by offering the "same" features in a new bonnet but not as well implemented. I think more and more it makes sense to see what you and some of the other reviewers have to say before purchasing. Sure, $10-15 isn't that much to pay for a decent app but it adds up to a big waste of money when you find they aren't all that usable. There is also some informative discussion on the Audiobus forum.

June 11, 2015  | person_outline anickt

@hacked_to_pieces Yeah, Mozaik!!! Thanks for the help! For the anecdote I still do have this crap installed on my iPad and it freezes when I launch it.

What Harison says is quite true. I read this blog since 2012 and frankly delved into music app madness which led me to frenesy. 500+ app installed on two 128gb dedicated iPad. I thrown out some cash but I also found some gems which are now part of my music recreation set ups. I am definitly happy with that...but now also definitly morte selective with my new purchases!

You just have to count the grooveboxes on the AppStore to realize that music apps niche is now crowded!

June 11, 2015  | person_outline Matt

it's always a red flag when someone says they are trying to do research to find out what people want. People have been saying what they want from this type of app since forever, before iPads even existed. If you're making a dj app, or a beat machine app, or a sample mangling sequencing app, or a drum machine app and they don't already know what people want then it's as good as a Nigerian bank scam ffs!

June 12, 2015  | person_outline kobamoto rin

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