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Apple Ad - Make Music with iPad

Apple continues to promote the iPad as a music making platform with this new ad released yesterday. Although the sweeping changes in iOS 8 has left some people feeling like musicians are unimportant to the grand scheme at Apple, at least their marketing department is driving more folks towards the music making community!

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I read somewhere today that Apple have a car driving around San Fransisco and they have grabbed some car specialists from some smart car company to maybe make a car.I hope it does not have ios8 as it's computer

February 10, 2015  | person_outline Andre

Dear Tim (not Webb)- put. up. or. shut. up.

February 10, 2015  | person_outline a1

Yeah, everyone knows no one has ever made any music at all since iOS 8 came out- who are you trying to kid?!

February 10, 2015  | person_outline Zymos

Whoa. Some scary caveman stuff going on there. And I thought the hippy movement was dead.

February 10, 2015  | person_outline Mr Chip

An incredibly embarrassing video with some equally embarrassing music (oh, 'music'? Is that what this is?). But watch carefully, and Nanostudio, which is long overdue for a bit of love, makes an appearance! A brief appearance admittedly, but it's an appearance. That'll learn Blip for slagging off Apple, and that'll learn Apple for releasing such impossible-to-fathom IDE abominations such as Xcode, that their cult iOS audio developers actually prefer to code in Windows. It's a funny old world. ;-)

February 10, 2015  | person_outline tom_tm

The ad is very lame. But what did I expect?
Check out the youtube page. Comments have been turned off....wonder why? :-)

February 10, 2015  | person_outline Mark R

Not my idea of music.

February 12, 2015  | person_outline Jeff

Very creative use of the iPad. Not for everyone but I'm not one to listen to music for everyone.

February 14, 2015  | person_outline Synaesthet

We've seen this format before and the fairytale formula is the same here: from-bedroom-to-true-glory via iOS .. Only to me Apple got this one right: they employ credible artists and nothing seems like Too much of a logic-leap. I think So Me (the director) is what prevents it from being the typical cringe-fest: it's a nice blur of fact / fiction and doesn't kick my intelligence in the teeth.

February 14, 2015  | person_outline Pete

People are still angry about ios 8? It's been a while, if developers haven't updated... It's a bad sign for the future of that app. I am angry at Apple for not letting us choose our own firmware. That's stupid.

February 16, 2015  | person_outline Breakphase

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