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Miselu Factory Fire

Just as things were starting to look up for the beleaguered Miselu, they suffered a devastating fire at the C.24 assembly factory in China. Over on the C.24 Kickstarter, Miselu shares details and photos of the damage.

Once inside, it quickly became apparent that the entire onsite stock of mechanical parts and subassemblies (for several thousand keyboards) had been destroyed by the fire. As many as 10,000 of some items were lost.

Our operations team has been working around the clock to get a new batch of components to the factory ASAP. Fortunately in many instances additional stock was already staged at supplier sites.

We currently have a team of miselu engineers in china in the process of cleaning and verifying all our of manufacturing test fixtures. They are also working with our CM partner to relocate/rebuild the assembly line in an unscorched area of the building.

Based on material availability estimates, we currently expect to be able to restart the line (and hopefully soon thereafter commence volume production) before the end of January.

In the meantime, we are continuing to build and ship kickstarter keyboards from our SF offices at a slow but steady rate. When China mass manufacture comes online, we will deliver the balance of kickstarter keyboards.

You can see more pictures in the Kickstarter post. My condolences to Miselu, I know how much they've been struggling to get these done. I hope they had some kind of insurance to cover this!

Update: I heard from Jeffrey Horton and Miselu, who had some goodish news. Their relationship with the Chinese manufacturer is such that they didn't own the parts that got burned. The scorched bits were still technically the property of the manufacturer, both bought and owned by them, and covered under their own insurance. Miselu's losses were minimal!

Reader Comments 6

Damn! yeah hopefully they had insurance.

January 14, 2015  | person_outline synthandson

How much for a burnt version? I did not want one before but the idea of one with slightly warped keys appeals to me.

January 14, 2015  | person_outline iae oe

Sorry, we are not selling limited edition fire units :)

January 14, 2015  | person_outline Jeff

OH man they can't catch a break. I'm wondering if I'm EVER really going to get the keyboard I was promised....at least I hope my iPad2 still is working by the time I get it...oh well....lets hope they can get it together soon and glad they had insurance etc...

January 15, 2015  | person_outline Maria

That update is good news. I had the pleasure of meeting the Miselu team about a year ago when they held an event at their headquarters showing off the C.24 in an almost post-beta state. Still can't wait to get my hands on one. My thoughts definitely go out to them.

January 15, 2015  | person_outline Limax

Yeah, I was really worried for them when I first heard the news. That sort of loss could have been devastating for the small company.


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