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Auria Pro Announced

Wavemachine Labs have announced the release of Auria Pro in Spring 2015. This will be a separate app, but existing owners will be able to upgrade to the new MIDIlicious version! You even get to keep your IAPs.

Auria Pro Announcement:

With over two years in the making, we're really excited to finally give you a preview of the upcoming Auria Pro. Full MIDI capabilities, real-time audio warping, powerful audio bussing, two built-in synths and much more, Auria Pro raises the bar in mobile recording once again. Auria Pro will be on display at our booth at NAMM (Booth#6903).

New Features:

  • Comprehensive MIDI capabilities including:
    • MIDI sequencing
    • Tempo and Time-signature tracks
    • Piano roll editor
  • Real-time MIDI parameters including quantize, velocity shift, velocity compression, length compression, random, delay, legato and transpose
  • Groove template quantizing with built-in DNA grooves (additional grooves available for purchase)
  • MIDI processing functions including Transpose, Fixed Length, Velocity Gain, Fixed Velocity, Delete Notes, Delete Controller, Restrict Polyphony, Optimize Controller Data, Humanize, Delete Overlaps, Crescendo, Reverse, Pedal to Length, Velocity Rescale, Velocity Range, Velocity Curve and Compress/Limit
  • FabFilter Twin 2 Analog synth built in
  • WaveMachine Labs multi-format sampler built in
  • Powerful new audio routing with flexible busses
  • Real-time audio warping using Elastique Pro v3
  • Audio quantize feature
  • Transient slicing
  • Audio to MIDI conversion
  • Unlimited tracks
  • 6 AUX sends
  • Project templates
  • Updated graphics and overall performance improvements

Auria Pro will be available Spring 2015 and will be priced at $49.99. Existing Auria users will also be able to upgrade to Auria Pro for a reduced price. Pricing for the standard Auria version will be $24.99. If you're an existing Auria user, all your purchased plugins will continue to work in Auria Pro.

The MIDI upgrade to Auria was planned as an IAP, way back in November 2013, so being charged extra for that should not be worrisome to anyone. I'm also glad to see they're keeping Auria at the $25 price tag so that people don't feel burned in Spring by them dropping the price... and immediately charging more for the new version!

Buy Auria on iTunes: $24.99 (On Sale, from $49.99)

Buy Auria LE on iTunes: $12.99 (On Sale, from $24.99)

Reader Comments 35

I think that this is a smart way for music apps to "evolve" in the IOS environment. Apps that are technologically superseded are still able to run on older devices for a cheaper price point, whilst the power available from the newer devices can be harnessed by an "upgrade".
With the Camel debacle, it is good to see a major app move forward in what I see as a mostly positive way.

January 13, 2015  | person_outline Damian

Maybe this, maybe new iPad.

January 13, 2015  | person_outline M0nk3y

Progress baby.
better and better...
exciting to see

January 13, 2015  | person_outline anonymouse

Booooo..... I hate having to repurchase applications. They could of tossed all the new features in as an in-app purchases at most. Now if I do purchase Auria Pro, I would be devided with two applications that do the practically the same and visually have a slight differences apart from color. One app would in time be slightly neglected too. Screw this, I'm going to use the money that I would of used to upgrade Auria to buy Cubasis. At least I wouldn't have to deal with this kind of shit with them.

January 13, 2015  | person_outline Betlhan

@Betlhan: From the Auria Discussion Board:

"If you're an Auria or Auria LE user right now, when Auria Pro comes out you'll see an option in your Auria Store to purchase an upgrade to Pro. Once you do that, your current Auria version will "become" Auria Pro. So now you'll own Auria Pro. No need for a separate app.

If you're not already an Auria user, you'll have a choice on whether to buy Auria or Auria Pro.


(Rim is the developer of Auria)

January 13, 2015  | person_outline synthandson

"Tempo and Time-signature tracks"

Does this mean I'll finally be able to get a DAW on iOS that allows for mid-song tempo or time signature changes? Because the lack of this has made Auria effectively useless for me in the past. I'm not super excited about having to spend another $25-50 just to get that feature. Hopefully there will be a demo version as well so I can decide whether or not the purchase is worthwhile, but there probably won't be.

January 13, 2015  | person_outline sleeper service


Boo to your comment...

January 13, 2015  | person_outline MirEko

sleeper service what kind of music are you making?

January 13, 2015  | person_outline kobamoto rin

what is the difference between Lite and full version?

January 13, 2015  | person_outline kobamoto rin

I agree with Sleeper Service 100%. Think of all the qualities of music that can (and should) change in the course of a piece. Dynamics, key, timbre, etc. But really only one iOS app supports tempo and meter changes (DrumPerfect). Until now! Glad to see grown-up MIDI come to iOS.

Let's hope they have ANY beat-division in quantizing, and support for custom scales in their transpose functions.

I have NO problem with this being structured as new app. The discount to current Auria users was a must though. I hope it is better than their cheapest discounted price though.

January 13, 2015  | person_outline stub

i am not sure about the midi editor/piano roll. i see too many buttons. hopefully its not a slow editor though, more like korg gadget or auxy rather than caustic 3 type of stuff. i am suspicious but i hope i am proven wrong.

January 13, 2015  | person_outline Petrov

MTS. Studio already supports tempo and meter changes.

January 13, 2015  | person_outline Bianca


"Too many buttons" ?!

Does it bother you to have too many features? Too many controls? There are PLENTY of iOS sequencers that lack features & controls. For example, you could use Garageband or Cubasis.


January 13, 2015  | person_outline stub


I'm very glad to be wrong about that. Thanks for letting me know about Multitrack Studio. Looks like an impressive and capable app.

January 13, 2015  | person_outline stub

I hear that there will also be an option to keep the old Auria skin. And the whole process will be an IAP, for less than the normal price, for those who already have Auria. Wonderful work Rim and co!

January 13, 2015  | person_outline sELF

Yeah, progress baby. I love Auria anyways!

January 13, 2015  | person_outline psysword


yes! too many buttons :D - after auxy and gadget, and even midi editor, i dont know. these really good, smooth midi editors are so nice, its hard to go back to say, caustic. i am lazy and want easy things i suppose. but like i said, i hope i am proven wrong.

January 13, 2015  | person_outline Petrov

i meant something like caustic... but anyway, i'll shut up. :)

January 14, 2015  | person_outline Petrov

There are plenty of easy editors. Smooth? I can't say. But what there are not are powerful editors-- with the exception of Stroke machine (to some extent-- though not easy or smooth, per se), and Multitrack Studio (which I've not used, but it sounds pretty good from the reviews).

@Bianca do you have MTS? Does it offer triplets for quantize? Or is it strictly binary?

January 14, 2015  | person_outline stub

@stub - i only have the ones i mentioned [when it come to sequencers], so its just me being paranoid i suppose.. no, its me being dumb :D. i am looking forward to what people say about this version of auria though once its released. i do need a daw and garageband doesnt do it for me.

January 14, 2015  | person_outline Petrov

@ Stub - It will quantize 1/32 triplet on the edit screen for sure.

Not sure if it will quantize live playing (I haven't worked out how if you can)

January 14, 2015  | person_outline Bianca

Even though I own the full Auria I'll buy the pro version outright when it's released. I've been burned too often by IAPs that are not restorable in the event that the developer pulls the software. Apple really needs to do some escrow on this to enable people to restore what they've already purchased - IAPs can't be restored from your iTunes backup.

I hasten to add that my problem with IAPs is over the entire gamut of apps, not just music.

Fortunately for me I'm in the position where a further 50 bucks is easily affordable.

January 14, 2015  | person_outline Slaphead

Just out of curiosity, is the inability to restore IAPs in any way mitigated by having frequent back-ups? Or is it just possible that if the company folds, you can't ever get a working version back. That seems like something Apple really should address.

January 14, 2015  | person_outline stub

Really glad how they handled this, being able to purchase the pro upgrade as an iap, this for me is the one music app where the iap model has worked really well. Apart from the midi goodness, looking forward to trying the new audio routing and audio warping features.

I'm wondering if airplay could be used to bounce the mixer, plugins etc, onto a separate monitor, when using a midi controller or another tablet with lemur, this makes the rumoured ipad pro look a lot more appealing, for that extra screen space.

January 14, 2015  | person_outline mister-rz

Based on the screenshots posted on the Auria forum, this looks SO nice. I second the hope that the sequencer is more like Gadget and less like, say, BM2.

FWIW, I think it will be. It's not like Rim doesn't know about Gadget, and I can't see him opting to deliver a subpar experience now that Gadget set the standard.

January 15, 2015  | person_outline Sean

I have to say as a long time Auria user, I was super excited to see this in my email. To me, it seems they thought long and hard about how to do this. While I understand the trepidation of some, I do think this is the best way to do it. Normally not a fan of IAPs (except in certain circumstances), but this seems to be best considering their current customers. I like that they thought about their their current customers and didn't say screw you. They are giving a discount for upgrade which is in the same spirit as pro software upgrades (desktop). I'm thrilled they are finally upgrading with midi implementation which they have been alluding to for some time. As far as some of the comments go, I say Wut?! Auria is a pro application. If you want something to write music for you, then this is not the place to be. If you are an actual musician, then this is one of the best things you can get for ios. Even with its current limitations, you are still getting one of the most pro approaches to your music on ios. And the plugins are on par with desktop, or pretty darn close. It is a bit of a CPU hog, but it performs to make up for that when simply editing, leveling and arranging etc. I do have most all daws for ios and this has always been my go to for end product results. Yeah, you do have to spend time with it to know wtf you are doing, but real musicians do... I have def got my 50$ worth out of it already. I am happy to pay more for a pro and totally capable app that takes time to implement things right, meanwhile offering a desktop worthy Xp. I am sure the next iteration will be well worth it and very nice. They are cognizant of user comments on the forums and have always aimed for pro user xp.

January 16, 2015  | person_outline Anna

I just bought the $30 Multitrack Studio, and am so far very impressed. I'll need to get to know it and then I'll have to decide whether to upgrade Auria also (-- I'm short on funds).

At some point, it'll be good to have a side-by-side comparison.

Right now I'm really impressed with mts's design touches, flexibility, and low CPU overhead-- which is important on an iPad4.

Will report back with more info later.

January 16, 2015  | person_outline stub

I have to admit: I thought the Auria MIDI implementation would be along the lines of 'just enough'. They completely knocked it out of the park (presuming it all works!). Real time MIDI manipulation like velocity scaling and quantizing? With quantize strength!? Hell yeah. Also found out from Rim that it will support per track MIDI Channel & Port. At the moment, Cubasis is the only other MIDI piano roll app that offers this. If you're trying to sequence hardware via multiple interface the single-port-in-settings-per-app thing is a deal breaker.

Not to mention all of the seriously grown up mixer improvements and the rather fetching new flat skin. TAKE MY MONEY.

Interested to see how the piano roll *feels*. Every piano roll I've used on iOS doesn't match NanoStudio's. Gadget's is pretty nice and Auxy's is certainly fluid but NS nails the smooth:power ratio.

January 17, 2015  | person_outline Will

Tim, I will give you one million dollars for an edit button.

January 17, 2015  | person_outline Will

I fixed the admin=admit typo, but I'll only charge $100,000.

After dinking around with Multitrack Studio some more today, I gotta say, it is the one to beat.

(It has percentage quantize and options for preserving releases, preserving duration, or quantizing note offs).

There are a few little missing things that I'll probably nag the developer about, but so far, I'm very pleased with it (THANKS @Bianca!!)

January 17, 2015  | person_outline stub

The developer is very nag-able as you have probably already seen on his forum, and he's a restless/relentless updater.

January 17, 2015  | person_outline Littlewoodg

That's really good to hear. Thanks!

January 17, 2015  | person_outline stub

Very excited about Auria Pro. Considering that the top Fabfilter plugin goes for $39.99 as an IAP in Auria. Getting the Fabfilter Twin 2 and Wavemachines Multisampler and all the other goodies Auria Pro brings for $50 this is a great investment. I too have MTS and I have done vids on this app too but I'm not a big fan of the audio edit window and some of the workflow is slow and repetitive. The FX are ok but not stellar. But a very good app indeed but not in Aura's league. Cheers.~~_/)~~~*

January 23, 2015  | person_outline A.I.R.Studio

Auria is a pro application. If you want something to write music for you, then this is not the place to be.

I don't really know how expecting my DAW to handle tempo and time signature changes is "writing music for me", but every pro DAW I've ever used on my Mac Pro has supported it. I'm not entirely sure you understand what constitutes a "pro application".

January 24, 2015  | person_outline sleeper service

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