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Ian Tindale - New Year No Mistake

Reader Ian Tindale is back with another festive track. If you missed his Robot Christmas, go check it out! Here is the new one, New Year No Mistake, featuring a whole ton of apps.

Video Description:

The song started out on iMS-20. The vocal processing backing singing variously used Sector, Gliderverb, Vio, apeFilter, Singaling, Vandelay and others (the lead singing is pretty much raw). There’s TF7 in the intro, there’s Laplace in the chords, there’s iVCS3 in the melody, there’s Nlog Pro doubled with a Logic Pro X bass synth in the bassline. The whole lot was mastered on the iPad in Final Touch.

The video is a conglomeration of visual apps played as instruments in a combined effect: Uzu; FluidAutomata and VOSC (although you can’t “play” VOSC in the same way as the other two, you set its video oscillators up as if it were a free-running synth — see John Whitney’s work in the 60s). Also used was a Chrome app called Rutt-Etra-izer*, which I screencapped.

Reader Comments 3

Thanks greatly for the promo piece, much appreciated.

I’d like to also mention that the song was written and produced and could have been released already but I decided to wait until the video was fully completed, during which I experimented with ways of capturing the iPad2 screen image. I briefly used a (unreliable, and consequently refunded) box that converted VGA into S-Video and recorded it into my DVD recorder, then Handbrake ripped the DVD results. That was sort of okay but quite mashy and low-fi (which I didn’t entirely object to, until…).

Then I found a better way. I shot video directly off of my television screen when the day was dark (i.e., pretty much just after midday, here in London in December). Aiming the camera precisely lined up, manual wb/exp/focus gave me a quite good result. The video is several overlaid versions of each process - two combined sets of FluidAutomata runs alpha-keyed with a third more contrasty mono one, and another similar set, composited together. Then the same sort of multi-layering compositing of UZU playing. And another very burned-out overexposed set of UZU playing that acted as an alpha-keying mask to a series of verse-chorus timed chunks of VOSC synth patterns. All originated on the iPad and shot with Panasonic camcorder or Nikon DSLR from the television.

Finally, on the Mac I freezeframe/screengrabbed the end frame of my singing bits and that became the source image in the Chrome browser running the Rutt-Etra-Iser webapp, which was screen captured in Quicktime player (which can screen capture / screencast). So, quite a lot of fun. It ties in with the idea I’ve long held since the 80s that music and visual should be created or at least interpreted as one form. It never actually works out that way, but the idea of visual instruments, manually and responsively playing the impression or feeling, is one I will strive for.

By the way, I’d just like to thank the elder pioneers in the video synth field. John Whitney (1917-1995) and Bill Etra (1947- )/ Steve Rutt (1945-2011) — we need a new generation of such pioneers, right now.

January 02, 2015  | person_outline Ian Tindale

Incidentally, I’ve taken my songs off iTunes Amazon GooglePlay and anywhere that they can be bought and downloaded from, just in case anyone in another EU country buys a copy — that’d be a disaster, costing much in administration and registration etc. I’ve also taken my ebook “Success in Seven Parts” off Amazon, but fortunately nobody ever bought a copy of that.

The whole EU VAT reaming is sabotaging creativity, stifling artistic freedom (or at least, the opportunity to be rewarded for such) and killing the seeds of entrepreneurial enterprise. This isn’t me being rhetorical, it’s the case — verifiable, measurable and testable. I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks it’s safer to simply shut up shop for the while, maybe forever. If I could restrict iTunes etc markets wholly to the UK only, I’d go for that, otherwise, I don’t think this new reich, sorry, age, of globalism is worth any risk participating in unless you are a multinational.

January 12, 2015  | person_outline Ian Tindale

I think you may have gotten the wrong end of things. iTunes will automatically calculate the VAT and charge (correctly) now. That's it. You have no greater responsibility or need for administration. Amazon and Google Play may already be doing the same thing, so I'd look into that if I were you.


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