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NanoStudio Birthday Sale!

NanoStudio developer Matt wrote in with some impressive news and some great news!

NanoStudio is turning 4 this weekend. That's quite an impressive feat! To celebrate the app is 50% off, down to $7 from $14.

The great news is that NanoStudio 2 is still in development. This year it has been getting his full-time attention. Although he's not prepared to reveal any of the new features, he plans for an early-2015 release!

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $6.99 (On Sale, from $13.99)

Reader Comments 14

Cool, roll on 2015.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Trueyorky

Happy Birthday, Nanostudio! Still one of the best out there in many ways.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Joe

YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love nanostudio. If it only enabled you to audiobus other instruments (and vox) into the timeline directly (rather than the trg) I would be satisfied, really. Any other features would be icing.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline hansendesigns

Arguably the most robust production suite for iOS in existence. Really looking forward to 2015.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Nonnymoose

This is the app that got me into iso music, still absolutely love it. Really excited for the new version!

July 25, 2014  | person_outline otem rellik

Happy Birthday NS!

That's 7 bucks for 15 discreet channels of synthesis/sampler and/or 16 pad drum samplers with per channel effects. Even if you use Cubasis or Beatmaker as your DAW/Hub it's worth it as a sound module.

And it all works on an iPad 2 and older iPhones. Totally insane for 7 dollars.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Will

Still my no.1 favourite iOS app. In fact it's the only reason I won't part with this ipad and go back to using a laptop full time.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline tom_tm

This app is amazing! Just needs some more features, but totally my go to app for now. That's how I roll


July 25, 2014  | person_outline M0nk3y

Hey Will, there's an additional $4.99 IAP to get those tracks from 6 to 16. I just purchased today and that's what its showing me, not that it matters that much... either way it's a heck of a deal.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Toz Bourne

^^ unless by the term channels is something different than what I thought of as tracks...haven't discoverd it yet, if that's the case.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Toz Bourne

Nanostudio . . . 2?!

Where do I mail my check?

July 26, 2014  | person_outline cXeGG

Have to echo the above. NS is a thing of beauty. Who could have guessed one of the earliest attempts at an ios DAW (despite - or perhaps because of - some serious limitations) would still be thought of as one of the best? And this is the work of one guy! NS2 has been a long time coming, but I'll be buying it on day one. If you don't already own the original, grab this bargain now and support one of the pioneers in ios music apps. You won't regret it, just be prepared to lose yourself for hours making music as opposed to deciphering technology.

July 26, 2014  | person_outline Ian Sainsbury

I echo what everyone else has posted in the comments here. Still my favourite, was my first on an OLD iPod touch, the best UI, awesome value. Will be counting the days to version 2 and will purchase it the second it hits the Canadian App Store!

July 27, 2014  | person_outline Tom

Much <3 for Nanostudio :)

July 29, 2014  | person_outline Graham

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