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A radical new reverb app is out now from apeSoft developer Alessandro Petrolati. Oddly this does not come under the apeSoft banner. Instead GliderVerb is listed as being from Amazing Noises, whose primary business is selling Ableton Live plugins. The video below showing it off is on Alessandro's personal YouTube channel though.

Wherever it comes from, it is going to my iPad!

GliderVerb iTunes Description:

GliderVerb is a “Reverberator with Glissandos” simulating a room gradually changing its shape. It is an expanded version of an algorithm created by James McCartney for his Supercollider 2 programming language!

The original algorithm had no user-variable parameters: this device adds a series of parameters to create a wide palette of effects; from evolving reverberations to granular disintegration to smooth resonances!

Buy GliderVerb on iTunes: Free ($7 Unlock)

What a wild idea for a reverb algorithm. You can test it out fully, but need to pop for the IAP if you want to use Audiobus, IAA, or mic input. You'll be presented with the purchase dialog as soon as you hit the Mic-AB-IAA button in the top left.

Reader Comments 21

hey tim the post link is presently linking to microtera not glidecerb. perhaps you didn't have enough coffee yet today? thx for the blog

July 25, 2014  | person_outline claude r

Hey Tim, 7USD IAP for Audiobus access... is that right or better yet, allowed?

July 25, 2014  | person_outline hoyas79

Test it out for free? Hmm... each time you touch a parameter it goes straight to the buy link. Bit pushy for me.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline steveotronics

FYI, this app shows up as "GliderVerb" in the App Store. Not enough coffee, too much gin. :)

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Keith Messier

hoyas79: if I remember right, IAP for Audiobus functionality only means that the app won't be included in the official list of Audiobus compatible apps on the Audiobus website.

It happened before that developers weren't aware of this and charged for "Audiobusability" but removed the Audiobus IAP when they realized. Maybe this is the case here (?)

July 25, 2014  | person_outline synthandson

It is a great FX device...it has the apesoft stamp all over it, even if not the actual dev name...

I posted a crazy acoustic experiment for it this morning...

Enjoy, or not!

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Chris Catalano

Thanks, Keith! You're right about that... at least the not enough coffee part!

Excellent acoustic track Chris, really enjoyed it!

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Brian

Nice track, Chris - definitely gets a little freaky with the sudden pitch shifts!

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Joe

liked the glitchy track, chris.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline steubig

Sweet sounds, Chris. I especially enjoyed the deeper register.

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Steveclectic

Thanks, everyone, my work is an incoherent mess these days, experimentation at least keeps me more or less motivated...

July 25, 2014  | person_outline Chris Catalano

I don't like the way this app has been sold. Deceptive. And slightly disappointing for a respected developer such as this. I, personally, prefer a clear up front price. And if possible, an attractive intro price. To gain the app a following as well as a good reputation. This was a negative marketing communication, in a small way.

July 27, 2014  | person_outline sELF

It's slightly cheesy to not have the details and the price of the IAP in the AppStore description, but other than that I have no problem with the way it's sold- you can hear how it sounds for free and decide whether it is worth 7$ to be able to fully use it.
Which is a lot more than you can say for most apps.

July 27, 2014  | person_outline Zymos

i wish you guys would talk more about it, actual users say they like it but give little details

July 27, 2014  | person_outline Mr. Wonderful

Just download it and check it out yourself. I didn't spring for the IAP myself, yet...

July 27, 2014  | person_outline Zymos

An app that sort of comes to mind might be Crystalline, but this is primarily a reverb device with a lot of pitch shifting stuff happening upon attack. Like iDensity, if you load a wav or record a part, the wave form is displayed centrally, and you can touch it, switch it backwards or forwards, and slow down speed up with some of the least I artifacting I have heard in a speed changer. Seriously, Zymos it right. The only way you will get any sense of it is to try out the free version or find some demos. Otherwise, it is a bit like explaining a complex colour to someone...safe to say there is a lot of control in there, and I have just scratched the surface.

July 27, 2014  | person_outline Chris Catalano

It's a great app ..really enjoy it ..maybe soon i post a music track using GliderVerb

July 28, 2014  | person_outline efectism

I just wanna know one thing, is it possible to copy paste a sample into glider verb,process it and then export the processed audio to paste into another app through copy paste?

July 28, 2014  | person_outline Kobamoto rin

..."is it possible to copy paste a sample into glider verb,process it and then export the processed audio to paste into another app through copy paste?"

Note: I'm using the paid version not the free version. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

From my own experience you can "open in" samples from other apps to Gliderverb, (you'll find it in the document folder) process it and either "open in" or "audiocopy" to other apps. i.e. I "opened in" a field recording from Audioshare to Glderverb,, processed the sample (recorded the session) and then "opened in" the result in Loopy HD.


July 28, 2014  | person_outline --=stereofect=-


This app works great with the Korg NanoKontrol2. Really opens up the app for realtime control/mixing. I'm sure it'll work equally well with other controllers, that just happens to be what I use.

July 28, 2014  | person_outline --=stereofect=-

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