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Depth on Fire - Frax HD Exploration #2

Tim Behrens has another gorgeous exploration of Frax HD, accompanied by music also created on his iPad!

Video Description:

Composed using only iPad sounds (compiled in Cubase). I had a hard time rendering this one, as there was just so much movement. Had to render at a higher quality... hope it doesn't slow down load times too much.

Main riff was created using Thesys and multiple layers of Alchemy Mobile sounds. Organ part was with Galileo. The faint drums were created in DrumJam. Sound effects were created wth Nave and Samplr (with the exception of the opening match sound).

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and support. It keeps me motivated.

Buy Frax HD on iTunes: $3.99

Reader Comments 15

Thanks for the share! I'm really enjoying composing to animations, and Frax HD can make some beautiful ones.

April 03, 2014  | person_outline Tim Behrens

Frax HD
= now on sale
= not the best price ever (never, ever?)
= just saying...

April 03, 2014  | person_outline Zenzilla

I'd like to buy Frax HD, but that whole "Cloud Coins" thing screams "run away!" Is the high-level rendering that you need the coins for a must-have to really use it, even with the Pro upgrade?

April 03, 2014  | person_outline DavidF

DavidF, i never buy 'cloud coins' but i bought the pro upgrade some time ago and i have a hard time imagining that somebody could regret buying Frax HD. It's just great. With the pro upgrade, you can spend lots of time exploring and designing. Highly recommended!

April 03, 2014  | person_outline synthandson

Same as synthandson here. I bought the pro upgrade, but have yet to use the cloud coins. I could see that being useful for printing, but everything renders pretty sharp just using the iPad's native resolution.

Just for anyone who is wondering, you get 80 credits with the upgrade, 5 with the standard purchase. 1 credit will allow you to render a 2048 x 1536 image on their server. 4 credits will render a 4096 x 3072. 8 will render a 8192 x 6144.

I just love fractals, used to be a big fan of Fraxplorer (part of the Kai's Power Tools plugin). That plugin cost many times the price of this app, and paled in comparison. It's amazing to work on this kind of thing with a mobile device, then compose music to it using mobile instruments, most of which cost less than my lunch. It's a fun time to be a musician, isn't it?

April 03, 2014  | person_outline Tim Behrens

Nice sound. Reminds me of Blade Runner somehow. Shoulder of Orion.

April 03, 2014  | person_outline Erik

Frax HD is one of the apps that uses the ipad to its full potential. the price is dirt cheap!! compared to
any fractal program I ever bought for the pc and does more. the cloud render credits are also
dirt cheap and it comes with a generous amount, you only need those for printing I suspect most users
will not use those at all. one of my favorite apps ever

April 04, 2014  | person_outline turnipbug

Did I detect a bit of J. S. Bach in your choice of chords. An excellent choice in influences if so...

April 04, 2014  | person_outline Sniffy

Hey Sniffy. Yeah, the riff was actually just a variation of a Thesys preset that is based on Bach chords. It's definitely in there. Very perceptive! Thanks for listening.

April 04, 2014  | person_outline Tim Behrens

Hey Tim … how did you record the video? Frax has been one of my favorite fractals apps since it's release … nice work.

April 05, 2014  | person_outline Marlene DeGrood

Hi Marlene. I recorded the video using Reflector on my PC. When launched, it allows your iPad to wirelessly stream to it using Airplay. It's free to try and there is a Mac version, too.

April 06, 2014  | person_outline Tim Behrens

@Tim Behrens

I've downloaded Reflector and I'm amazed at the sound quality!. I guess I need a digital interface for my iPad...but I actually love that being wireless.

I'm on Mac OSX 10.6.8 and there is no recording function in this (older?) version. Can you tell me if you can record just the audio at high quality?.


Bach's Thesys preset, BTW and just in case someone does not know, seems to be no other thing that (the firsts bars? of) the first prelude (C major) from the first book of the Well-tempered Clavier (a collection of preludes and fugues for each of the 24 major and minor keys), also quite famous because of Gounoud's "cover" XD, an Ave Maria.

Probably the most appreciated piece of music which is almost entirely made of arpeggios. Bach was in many ways a minimalist avant la lettre.

April 07, 2014  | person_outline A.C.

Hi A.C. I'm afraid I don't know. I'll give it a go later and see. I would imagine that, to record just the audio, you'd have to find a way to route it internally on your Mac. Something like SoundFlower might be able to do that. Will let you know if I find anything out.

April 07, 2014  | person_outline Tim Behrens

...I actually never knew what was SoundFlower for and is quite useful, lol. Just a bit of google and it's done!. Or at least I managed to make it to work with Garageband (Mac) -as simple as choosing SoundFlower as output on the system audio preferences, and as input on the Garageband track in which you want to record the iPad/Reflector output-. Cool!.

Ableton Live on the other hand does not let me to select soundflower as input, I can't understand why at this moment...

Anyway, it delivers so much better quality than the headphone line output...Thanks for the tip, Tim! :)

April 07, 2014  | person_outline A.C.

Hey there A.C. So glad to hear that was useful. The PC equivalent of SoundFlower is VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) and that thing is a beast to get to work. I'm pretty sure I've heard of others using SoundFlower with Ableton, but maybe there's a trick to it. In any case, glad I could help at least a bit. Best wishes to you!

April 07, 2014  | person_outline Tim Behrens

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