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Laplace Resonator Synth Demo

Doug from The Sound Test Room has another very timely video, this time for the new Laplace by iceGear!

Buy Laplace on iTunes: $5.99

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Tons of variety and potential for a $5 app. The presets will need a little tweaking for my tastes, but there's a good variety of starting places. This synth seems capable of both big complex sounds and simple little quirky (but "real" ?) types of gadgets.

One thing I didn't see was an inline help or link to a manual. In a way it is almost so self-expanatory as to not need one. But it would be nice to know what Mode A & B is, or what the signal path is around the FM,etc.

October 09, 2014  | person_outline stub

Oh. The manual is html, right on this page:


October 09, 2014  | person_outline stub

What is kind of funny is that the above linked info/manual page does perhaps the least possible amount of explanation possible. For must of it is just lists the things that are in the interface (maintaining all the abbreviations, etc.). It puts in a signal path diagram when necessary. But despite its incredible brevity and zen-like reticence, I got all the info I need.

Extra kudos for a very elegant and simple patch management system!!!

October 09, 2014  | person_outline stub

Really a cool, interesting synth. As great as Sunrizer, Magellan, Thor, etc. etc. are, it does feel like I'm kind of buying the same synth over and over again, and there's more difference from preset to preset than app to app. Not so with Laplace. Only $4.99 U.S., a very small file footprint, and it has a unique percussive aspect to it that you can dial up or down. Reminds you a bit of KSSynth in Caustic (but deeper). Does plucked and bowed strings very nicely, as well as brass and pads.

October 09, 2014  | person_outline Jeff H

Great points, Jeff H. Your point is especially valid with the three you listed- though I'd include Cassini, and Tera in that group, and I'd put Z3ta, Nave, Animoog and Mita in another group. I'm not dissing these apps, they all offer some unique qualities, but in terms of the ranges they offer just in sounds, they have more similar than different. This is why I think there is room for more acoustic/physical modeling on iOS. It's especially good since the memory footprints can be small.

Yea. It's Laplace is impressive!

October 09, 2014  | person_outline stub

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