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Laplace by iceGear

iceGear, makers of Cassini and a bunch of other great synths, has released Laplace! This brings a whole new type of synthesis to iOS. Physical-modeling synthesis based on resonators, which makes it particularly suitable for strings and metallic tones.

Laplace iTunes Description:

Laplace is a physical-modeling synthesizer based on resonator synthesis that makes it easy to create bowed string, plucked string, blown pipe and metallic sounds.


  • Inter-App Audio
  • MIDI
    • CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI Input
    • MIDI Controller Mapping with MIDI Learn mode
    • External Midi sync
  • Synthesizer Engine
    • Exciter
      • Click - Stiffness, Color, Decay, Damper Noise
      • Noise - LPF, HPF, ENV
    • Resonator
      • Flavor, LPF, ENV, Pitch ENV
      • Sine - Pitch, FM, ENV
      • HPF
    • Effectors
      • Chorus
      • Delay
      • Reverb
  • Arpeggiator
    • 16 step sequencer - On/Off, Glide, Octave, Accent, Staccato

Buy Laplace on iTunes: $4.99

All of the MIDI and IAA goodness you'd expect is in here, but Audiobus is noticeably missing from this one.

Thanks to reader Derek Jones for alerting me to this very exciting sounding trailer for the app! Derek also emailed the developer, who indicated that plans for Audiobus support will be forthcoming.

Reader Comments 29


October 08, 2014  | person_outline Psysword

Brilliant and for me much livelier sounds than Mitosynth...I can almost imagine Handel's "and to us a son is born" with its perfect silvery church organ.....brilliant.

October 08, 2014  | person_outline Psysword

It is also crashing now with a few tweaks. Is it me or the synth?

October 08, 2014  | person_outline Psysword

Wow, I sure as heck didn't "need" another synth, but "small file size" + "unique sound approach" + "sleek interface" + "$4.99 intro price" = instant interest.

Missing AudioBus at launch baffles me - this isn't an ideological thing like Retronyms where they want to drive you to Tabletop - this developer supported AB in all their other products. Missing it at launch just kills the initial excitement/momentum, even if it ends up being added 2 weeks later (which it probably will).

Looks very cool.

October 08, 2014  | person_outline Jeff H

@Psyword - I've experienced a couple of crashes tweaking pots. Worth a line to the developer to let him know.

October 08, 2014  | person_outline Derek Jones

This looks fun. I am a little surprised by the audiobus thing, but I'm sure it will be there soon. I suppose right now when many of the established apps are broken even (with their audiobus compatibility and ios 8 etc), it's probably an ok time to do that. I can live if it's a soon to be implemented feature.

I love Cassini- it's powerful bananas. It looks like this one has the same kind of flare. I'm excited to try this, as it looks a bit different than many of the other synths. Is it relatively stable aside from the few crashes you guys have seen? First impressions?

October 08, 2014  | person_outline Anna

Audiobus SDK has changed about 6 times in last 6 months. (1 per ios 8 beta maybe?) So maybe just waiting for it to settle down.

October 08, 2014  | person_outline Bianca

The velocity on the low pass filter makes one hell of a bass and noise is cool,I love these little synths that produce either wonderful or very powerful sounds that are great through effects-( Audiobus please).

October 08, 2014  | person_outline Andre

Just heard the presets demo by thesoundtestroom. Reminds me of the Voice Crystal expansion cards on my old Roland D-50. Lush. Sweet.

October 08, 2014  | person_outline a1

Schematically, it looks like a simple Karplus-Strong machine. But, if it doesn't blow up during slight parameter tweaks, it's definitely worth $5. I _really_ liked all of the sounds in the demo video. The bass sounded acoustic-like w/o being cheesy. I'm getting seriously burned out on synth apps, but this is a must buy for me.

October 08, 2014  | person_outline kerm

I've had one crash but I believe this is the iOS device, it has some sort of cut off when volumn violently goes extreme or dev has put it in.Ive experienced this with Tera synth and other resonator synths like springsound and if it did not do this my speakers or ears would be in pain.

October 08, 2014  | person_outline Andre

Happy to see another physical modeling synth on IOS .. they open new worlds of sounds
Just bought it ...

October 08, 2014  | person_outline Christophe Duquesne

@kerm- synth burnout is a new phenomenon. The precursor was cash burnout. I've long since sold the D-50 but I still had the store receipt... $1450 new. And it wasn't the only one on my Invisible stand. All things considered, what we have now on ipads is an embarrassment of riches.

October 08, 2014  | person_outline a1

anyone just by these apps because they look cool? I know I do.

October 08, 2014  | person_outline John the Juan

Sweeet! Bought it - is nice!

October 09, 2014  | person_outline pantsofdeath

Sweeet! Bought it - is nice!

October 09, 2014  | person_outline pantsofdeath

Sweeet! Bought it - is nice! Loved the vid and the sounds are great.

October 09, 2014  | person_outline pantsofdeath

I strenuously deny that John!!

Liking the ARP editor!!

October 09, 2014  | person_outline argel1200

So far unusable in tweaked playing...half baked great potential product..@Derek just sent them an email with my complaint.

October 09, 2014  | person_outline Psysword

@Psysword What iPad & OS are you using? Not denying your problems but it's been perfectly stable for me (Air/7.1.2).

October 09, 2014  | person_outline walkymatt

Same as you walkymatt.

October 09, 2014  | person_outline psysword

Guess you must just tweak harder then...

October 09, 2014  | person_outline walkymatt

because Cassini is such a massive beast of a synth, this is an impulse buy!
click link buy download done!
now, I have to wait until I get home to play with it :)
here's to hoping it doesn't drag my iPad2 like AltiSpace did last week :P


October 09, 2014  | person_outline hoyas79

I think I'm going to delete and reinstall. But yeah i was tweaking the deep piano or something and the synth collapses with a long press of the key. Bizarre. Never seen anything like it.

October 09, 2014  | person_outline psysword

I was just messing with FL Studio's Sakura the other day, cursing the fact that there's nothing like that on iOS. Really hope this is a goodie.

October 09, 2014  | person_outline cassus

Yup that worked...the sounds are now on Cubasis perfectly!

October 09, 2014  | person_outline Psysword

If you have a sound going to low pass filter and turn velocity all the way it will crash very quick,If it doesnt the volumn would be extreme unless you have a decent amp.Some apps that dont have a volumn limit especially powerful reasonator synths or a synth like Tera will cut out and you have to turn app on and off again.I have a ipad air and ios7 is incredibly fragile i cant do loads of tweaks that was possible with synths like Nave, ios7 cant handle it.I checked a ipad 2 as well got same results.Roll on ios8 being more stable as ios7 has been awful for pushing synths,

October 09, 2014  | person_outline Andre

It works great on an iPad2 (so far...)
Most sounds remind me of TF7 (another great sounding synth btw...)
The lack of AB is not a dealbreaker (yet...)
The app lacks a bit of polish but overall it's a great synth capable of metallic-like, brassy-like, string-like, and percussion-like sounds :)
It looks like it can easily become a Universal binary (here's to hoping...)


PS: Cassini is still WAY better.

October 10, 2014  | person_outline hoyas79

Be sure to open this app, deselect/turn off the midi icon and force kill the app if you've used it in a recent session as an IAA instrument. The default seems to be ON.

I had a Cubasis project (one audio track only) with Laplace as an IAA instrument. After I force closed Cubasis, I opened Little Midi Machine and hit the play button and found that Laplace was sounding the midi sent out. (same situation with Midisequencer and Steppolyarp). When I then opened Laplace directly and turned off the midi icon, it (obviously) stopped receiving and sounding.

For comparison, after a clean ipad restart, I opened a new Cubasis project (one audio track only) with Sunrizer as an IAA instrument. After I force closed Cubasis and opened Little Midi Machine and hit the play button, Sunrizer did not sound, but did still show up as a potential midi target. However, if I left Cubasis in the open app tray (not force closed), Sunrizer did receive the midi and sound the notes.

This seems to suggest that IAA does not do proper housekeeping. (see, it's not all about Audiobus).

The Laplace scenario is repeatable (ad nauseum) so, have a go if you like.

Doesn't seem relevant since it probably shouldn't be happening anyway but ios 7.1.2 with no ios 8 app updates, no external midi controller, northern apps open, wifi off, yada yada...

October 16, 2014  | person_outline a1

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