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Tutorial: Intro to Modular (Part 2)

Following the release of Modular yesterday, I present Part 2 of my Modular tutorials. This time I get a bit more advanced and explore how modules, and the signals they generate, can be modified for use in different ways.

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Reader Comments 12

It does sound cool & if you did get a buchla 200 i think this site would end

September 13, 2013  | person_outline andre

nicely done! many thanks!

September 13, 2013  | person_outline Hoyas79

+1 very helpful.

September 13, 2013  | person_outline Trueyorky

Thank you! Excellent tutorial.

September 14, 2013  | person_outline frejahel

Great tutorials! I am learning alot, finally able to patch basic sounds through without having to consult an extra resource. It's pretty cool you can program a sequencer (which I had no idea was possible) and I do have to say I'm fairly impressed with its drum synthesis capabilities. I don't know if you have an outline for part 3, but I would benefit learning more about CV and how that plays into the sounds. I made the smart move and grabbed the bundle, I am very happy now that I can make my own synths!

September 14, 2013  | person_outline Christan

Having played with this for a few days, I must say having being spoilt by the real thing a bit, one direction this really needs to go in is in the way of more esoteric modules. At the moment the modules are way too 'vanilla' for me. I'd really like to see some really weird and wild shit developed- like for example what makes Buchla's Music Box so brilliant. We all want to be Morton Subotnick right? I know I certainly do!

September 15, 2013  | person_outline tom_tm

Yea, that is something I'd like to see more of too. When I go modular (and that is a "when" because I am increasingly of the opinion that modular synths are an inexorable inevitability for all synthesists) I'm not getting a bunch of boring Doepfer modules. I'll want the fun stuff from Make Noise!

Tim Webb, you rock. Thanks for this. I guess I'd still be more inclined to drive this with a sequencer to get something a little more predictable to work with, but I had no idea you could do this kind of thing, as I've really had no exposure to the hardware equivalent. Great insight into the power of modular synthesis!

September 15, 2013  | person_outline Joe

Something that could play multiple sounds at sametime with different effects for each sound & be able to control it so it does not sound like a complete mess would be my dream synth for ipad,something that could make very crazy,zany tunes.

September 15, 2013  | person_outline andre

Also finally got round to watching this, and have a little criticism, hopefully constructive...

I too learned one or two things here, good work - so first of all thank you :) I just found it lost focus a bit towards the end and would have liked to have seen more of what was possible with the arp bits...

September 15, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr

Great work Tim. Plenty of stuff I probably never would have tried! Thank you.

For what it's worth, I think having a noise gate on the recording is a great idea but I found the total silence jarring at first. I kept thinking the youtube stream was losing audio until I realized that you were just being thoughtful. Maybe you could just reduce the amount of gating to a minimum of 'still here' sound on your next one.

September 16, 2013  | person_outline Will

@Tim - more modular stuff please!!

keep up the good work :)

I'm almost almost convinced to unlock this app - something I never was from the start with musyc (I know... different apps, different purposes)


September 16, 2013  | person_outline Hoyas79

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