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I've seriously lost track of how many new apps Twisted Electrons has released in the last two months. Four? Five?
Here is another one, offering interpolation morphing and Audiobus! Sadly, there are no demos. Update: Found a demo!

Interpol iTunes Description:

Interpol is the monosynth with dual personality! Create two sound setups and morph seamlessly between them with the cross-fader. Shift from a harsh growls to warm luscious pads and anywhere in between!

Whether you are morphing waveforms, filter types, or chord structures, interpol will provide a unique touch to your creations with this original approach to synthesis.

The 6 voices can either be set to de-tunable unison or you can choose between 8 chord structures. When morphing between chords, the notes glide like polyphonic portamento, great for atmospheric sounds!

Over 40 parameters can be merged and all seamlessly and in real time.

Interpol also features audiobus and midi and you can save and load your favorite presets.

Buy Interpol on iTunes: $2.99

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8 Audiobus compatible apps alone since Studio 1111. Pants of death in a review of "STIX" calls the developer "comically prolific"...ROFL...I love that description. Something will surely stick if you keep hammering away at the anvil.

I like Crud quite a bit for its "is what it is" status...

September 13, 2013  | person_outline Chris Catalano


Thanks for the article
You can hear demos of my apps on the new soundcloud page :)


September 13, 2013  | person_outline Alex (Twisted-Electrons)

Ha, I was posting the update after your Facebook comment. We must have been typing here at the same time.

Ooh! I like this one. That's what I like about Sunrizer too, the morphing between A and B states, but this one clearly has it's own flavor and the chord structure morphing sounds really spectacular. I'll be getting this before the day is over. I certainly won't be complaining about the price.

September 13, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

NICE ^_^

Some enhancement / future update requests...

1. Have a dedicated LFO to toggle / flip-flop between the two sound parts automatically.
2. Add MIDI tempo sync to the LFO, to allow rhythmical morphing in time with a MIDI master app or clock.

3. Add extra sound part pages (3, 4...8).
Make them accessable via tabs.

4. Add a type of sequencer / arpeggiator function to step between the sound parts.
Have MIDI tempo sync for the sequencer, to allow rhythmical morphing in time with a MIDI master app or clock.

5. A second oscillator (VCO) to each sound part.

... ideas for thought!


September 14, 2013  | person_outline MikeM

+1 to as much of that as is possible. Just in case the dev isn't monitoring any more, you ought to send it to them directly.

September 15, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

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