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Fingertip Maestro

Fingertip Maestro offers a new alternative instrument layout. The screenshot is not impressive, but check out the demo!

Update: They sent me a more illustrative screenshot, so I've replaced the original here.

Fingertip Maestro iTunes Description:

Anyone can Play. Fingertip Maestro is an IPAD app designed to make playing the piano and 6 other instruments easy and intuitive. It gives people with no musical knowledge or training, the ability to play convincingly and dynamically, creating music with the feeling and texture of an experienced musician.

For those that can already play, it's a great way to quickly generate chord progressions, riffs and melodies for new songs. With it's intuitive design and great playability, creating music has never been so much fun.


  • 7 instruments
    • Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Strings, Drums, Bass Guitar, Synth 1, Synth 2
  • In-time playing setting (Quantization)
  • Color-Assigned Chords
  • Chord Name Display
  • Metronome
  • Tempo Adjust
  • Record and Playback
  • Export .m4a and Email
  • Save and Share to FB, TWITTER, SOUNDCLOUD
  • Playable with one or two hands or with someone.

Buy Fingertip Maestro on iTunes: $2.99

Reader Comments 16

wait a minute, is this not a midi controller then........., meaning you can't control other ios apps with this????

August 21, 2013  | person_outline Mr. Wonderful

Nope not a midi controller.

Makes some nice sounds though, wonder what the theory behind the layout of the notes is.

August 21, 2013  | person_outline Bianca

is there some rational behind the lack of midi, can't understand why they would omit it in an app like this, they even included quantization. looks like some nice touches but I don't get why they wouldn't want you to have fun controlling all your other apps with this?

August 21, 2013  | person_outline Mr. Wonderful

<Cynicism> Well if it was a midi controller you wouldn't want/need to buy the IAP instruments would you </Cynicism>

August 21, 2013  | person_outline Bianca

Thank you all for the feedback, we are implementing MIDI and Audiobus and many other features in the first update right away. Suggestions are always welcome. If any of you have any feedback and or comments, we are at info@fingertipmaestro.com Thank you.

August 21, 2013  | person_outline Fingertip Maestro

Please add velocity to keys. Thanks

August 21, 2013  | person_outline Mgmg4871

I knew MIDI had to be on the way. It only makes sense for an app like this. I didn't know Audioubus was also in the pipeline. That makes almost any app worth a consideration. Is there a manual? Or video(s) that explain what determines the notes that it plays? I stay away from apps that give you fixed accompaniment schemes or rhythms. I don't mind some augmentation, but I don't want any apps that make music for me, leaving me to just select from various factory parts.

August 21, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

oh well that makes a big difference, thank you for chiming in Fingertips, please make midi in and out so that the maestro can be sequenced by other gear too many apps are doing the midi out only thing and it really hampers the workflow for folks out there who'd like to control their ipads with an external hardware sequencer and I'd be remiss if I did not make a request for a plethora of scales and exotic chords.... now I think I'm ready to purchase your app.

thank you

August 21, 2013  | person_outline Mr. Wonderful

This needs ACP and AB to be really useful. You get to record one track and the option to post to FB, Twitter and Soundcloud. What? Yeah one run and you are an expert to post to the world. It makes the app feel like just a fun app that anyone can delude themselves into thinking they can make music. I like the fun part but it needs ACP so that you can transfer your masterpiece into other apps for augmentation or multi tracking. Nice touches but it needs more features to get to the next level.

August 24, 2013  | person_outline Medo

You can also send your recording by email

August 24, 2013  | person_outline Bianca

"It makes the app feel like just a fun app that anyone can delude themselves into thinking they can make music" / Medo

That's a bad thing? I'm not following, is it like "cheating" you mean? I think all these apps that uses scales/chord progressions and lets everyone make something resembling music, without any prior knowledge, is a great thing. Another thing that's great with new and different approaches to using a touchscreen as an instrument, is that it also allows more experienced users to get some random doodles going without struggling with a virtual keyboard/guitar on a 4-9" flat glass surface.

Btw, the dev already said that MIDI and AB is being implemented (a few posts above yours), so hopefully that will come soon.

August 24, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

@ChrisG - My very next sentence was "I like the fun part" which effectively means that I don't think the fun thing is a bad thing at all. I don't mind the "cheating" apps either because they can add a lot of mileage if you know what you are doing. My gripe was that just giving and highlighting to the user the ability to post to FB etc made it feel like the app is not a "serious" app. I have FB, Twitter, Soundcloud accounts so I do use them unlike others. At the moment, this app is like an island. It needs inter connectivity badly and the ability to save within the app if required or ACP/AB. I like the textures (especially guitars) I'm getting as I record directly into Logic Pro. I also know the developer cannot wait for the next 15 days etc, something to do with AB/iOS 7.

August 24, 2013  | person_outline Medo

We are working very closely with our users on tweaks and updates as we speak plus additional features for the future. As mentioned AB/ MIDI is on its way. We are also working on creating the ability to record and add your own sounds, rearrange chords, change styles, and expand the instruments.

What other instruments would you guys like to see?
What other sounds, synths, etc?

All feedback is always welcome.

Also, we would really like to hear some of your creations. please email us at song@fingertipmaestro.com ( Let us know if we are able to share the songs with our community - optional. )

The Fingertip Maestro

August 24, 2013  | person_outline Fingertip Maestro

A good feature for this app might be to allow the user to program which notes are auto generated and what arangement in time the auto generated notes will take. Does it at least have choice of key and scale?

I think the video illustrates perfectly why some 'cheating' is necessary in order to use an iPad to play music, when the left hand is hovering over the empty space next to the iPad, looking forlorn and dejected (talk about personification). Same thing with guitar apps - fingering a chord on a guitar neck is easy compared to trying to shape the chords on a smooth piece of glass. Those chord buttons are necessary in order to make them sound even remotely authentic.

That said – or written, technically – I find that the more an app does automatically, the less satisfaction I get from playing it. When sequencing, it's not as fulfilling when the app adds the accompaniment/augmentation over writing and programing it all myself. It's kind-of like using stickers to create a piece of art versus hand painting it. There is also some concern that using "cheat" apps or "smart instruments" can curtail originality or creativity. It certainly doesn't bother me that people use those apps, other than the concern that they may be denying themselves of the gratification that comes from learning to play an instrument or creating music "the hard way." If it allows someone to make music who wouldn't otherwise be able to, or provides inspiration to someone who has the skills, I still say, "bring on the cheating!"

August 24, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

Without a doubt the midi in/out audio copy paste, and loading your own sounds would be the most important imho

August 25, 2013  | person_outline Kobamoto rin

A scale function and one button chord play would be nice.

August 25, 2013  | person_outline Mgmg4871

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