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Noatikl 2 Generative Music Lab for iOS

Intermorphic, makers of Mixtikl, have brought their powerful modular desktop app Noatikl 2 to iOS!

Noatikl 2 iTunes Description:

Soundscapes. Yours to design. You don't have to be a musician to create new musical ideas or enjoy making music. Noatikl 2 lets you create deep, fascinating, custom generative music (AKA 'inmo' music) and gives you all the power, features and breadth of control you need. With Noatikl 2 a journey of musical discovery awaits you.

Learning how to design and blend generative music is also inherently satisfying in its own right. And, once experienced, you may find it a rich new area ready for your creative exploration.

To fashion the best still requires patience, experimentation and the honing of skills. But, you will be in good company as you can tweet and share your pieces.

Download it now, play the demos and try it yourself!

Buy Noatikl 2 on iTunes: Free ($9.99 Unlock IAP)

I was playing around with this for a bit, but almost immediately deleted it in frustration with the UI. Like Mixtikl there seems to be a lot of power here, but it is buried in endless menu-diving to accomplish any task. I may be overly sensitive to that, but for anyone who expects their music apps to look inspiring you should look elsewhere. It is free to try though, and unlike Mixtikl it doesn't nag the shit out of you to pay up.

If you are up for it there is a 124 page manual PDF. Thanks to reader Andrew for pointing this out.

Here is a demo of the beta version on a tiny iPhone driving a massive modular synth. There is no denying the power of this app.

Reader Comments 5

Yes they are both very deep, and like you, I did the same with Mixtikl twice installing and almost immediately deleting due to UI/Navigation and menu-menu-menu. I actually found Noatikl easier to navigate and use than Mixtikl, and much less painful.

June 27, 2013  | person_outline JMSexton

Yes, to be fair the menu-diving in Noatikl isn't as bad as Mixtikl, but that interface... I'm very right-brained. I need pretty interfaces or I feel my creativity ebb as I navigate boring looking boxes.

Yeah, I'm going to need to take my Ritalin before diving into the nearly 150-page PDF manual, too. Noatikl has a LOT of power, but this is one of those apps you really have to invest time in to get it to sit up and beg.

Oh well. "With great power comes great responsibility." Right, Spidey?

In this case "responsibility" seems to = RTFM. Sigh. My ADD!

June 27, 2013  | person_outline odoyle

Ok, so it's 124 pages. Still.


June 27, 2013  | person_outline odoyle

I've made some great stuff with Mixtikl, but diving into it is pretty hard to get excited about. The interface shouldn't be so intimidating. Hopefully, Noatikl suits me better.

June 27, 2013  | person_outline kerm

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