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Mee Zanook - I Am Nave

Mee Zanook built a cool song out of the "I am Nave" preset in Waldorf Nave, with some great video editing to make it interesting.

The introductory sale ends tomorrow, and then Nave goes up to $20, so if you haven't gotten this yet you should!

Buy Waldorf Nave on iTunes: $11.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Reader Comments 7

this is very cool! would love to see a tutorial about how to do something like this.

June 17, 2013  | person_outline kc

So fun

June 18, 2013  | person_outline hansendesigns

I thought this would be cheesy (sorry Mee) but no, this is actually very good. Cool.

June 18, 2013  | person_outline Trueyorky

Really cool!.

Check out by the way the "subliminal message" preset. It's quite funny :)

June 18, 2013  | person_outline A.C.

My pc has crashed totally,i had quick look at comments just now on Nave & saw the word presets & thought shit i hope my comments yesterday didnt make people angry.The reason i have not listened to factory presets yet is i want to make some of my own & then compare & see how well i did.Presets are a great way of learning how to make sounds e.t.c & i just made the comment about sadness of people talking about them was just because the synth just out & thought users would be deep in the synth making there own .Now video above is good topic for another way of learning this synth,make a default setting using a preset of words youve put in & then when you turn knobs e.t.c your see whats happening to the words & get a understanding of what they are doing to sound.This synth is going to take me along time i think before i get anywhere near to how well i know other ios synths,it has so many possibilities,i personally really like the compare option thats a great idea & of course cant go wrong with hp & lp filter e.t.c.I will shut up know & sorry if i caused any offence to preset makers or the people talking about them

June 18, 2013  | person_outline IAP

Presets are great if used creatively. Personally, I will use non-harmonic presets if they sound cool and they then become textures, backgrounds or drones. I understand where Fessaboy is coming from with his comments about the Nave presets, maybe because we both play the guitar which is a chordal instrument (can be melodic as well). Which ever way one looks at Nave, it is a ground breaking iOS synth.

As for creating presets or designing sounds especially on synths, this is not my forte. However, I know a good preset when I hear one and the thing about Nave is that the presets are so diverse and defy categorisation. Some folks like to tweak or create unique sounds a la Reaktor and that's a good thing as new sounds are brought to the mix. But then again we as not musicians don't work the same way. (BTW, NI Reaktor is on sale from 399 to 99 £$€ until 20th June)

June 18, 2013  | person_outline Medo

Cool vid. I like that you keep spinning the tape reel on the recorder like a DJ scratching a record. Tried this myself thinking it might do something but it does not (I don't think). Kind of funny they move when you touch them. Almost like an Easter egg in the app.

June 19, 2013  | person_outline Joe

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