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Turnado Updated with Landscape Support!

Sugarbyte's Turnado came out of the gate with an immense feature list, including support for use as an effect in Audiobus, but many were disappointed with it being locked into Portrait display mode. This can be a deal-breaker, especially for users of docks. Today Turnado has been updated with support for Landscape! No other changes were included in this version.

I was playing around with it this morning and I think they did a great job of retaining functionality while drastically altering the layout. You can still use the X/Y pads, even when they are obscured by the pedal control screen. Don't worry about losing your X/Y dot-cursor-thing; it still works, and if it gets left behind the panel you can just tap anywhere else to make it visible again.

Buy Turnado on iTunes: $19.99

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i totally agree with you, Tim. It must've been a tricky proposition to respond to customer requests that they make a landscape mode, and their implementation is about as good as we could hope for.

This is really an incredible app, anyone who makes any kind of music on the iPad and needs a ton of awesome effects should buy it if they haven't already. The sound quality and ease of use is really astounding, it's so much fun and I just love it!

May 27, 2013  | person_outline gatearray

I could have hoped for a better implementation.
Why waste all that space, just so you can partially use the XY pads. I'd rather they just full screen the editing and let you switch back and forth.

Still love the app, and I am thankful they addressed the issue- can't please everyone.....

May 27, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

Yea, I'm totally blown away by what's on offer here. At $20 it seems pricey for an app, but the PC/Mac VST that does the same thing is $140!


Even though the XY pads are partially obscured, you can use them even if your finger goes over the floating edit page, as long as you grab a hold of them in the exposed area. I don't know how they could've implemented this better without creating all new artwork and completely changing things around, do you have any suggestions?

May 27, 2013  | person_outline gatearray

Just what I said- the editing pages have a lot of tiny controls and it would be great to have all that full screen instead of wasting a huge percentage of possible space.
Just have a full screen for editing, and swipe to another full screen for controls.

May 27, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

Huge improvement on the landscape x/y pads, good to see SB are responsive like this, and...

After many troublesome hours, I have finally managed to get the dry/wet slider to take a midi CC 'learn' ... I deleted the app, reinstalled which didn't work, deleting, powering off the ipad, then reinstalling seems to have done the trick, so maybe a corrupt preferences file somewhere? Either way, the feedback in this process is lacking.

Don't get me wrong, I think this app is awesome, but the tiny, flaky controls on the edit screen are bad, now that I've got midi learn working I'm going to carry on developing the Lemur template and try and get access to all the controls! :)

May 27, 2013  | person_outline Steve

One obvious UI oversight - there's no indication about which effects the XY pads are controlling.

May 27, 2013  | person_outline Mike Grant

"do you have any suggestions?"

Another toggle that lowers the opacity of the effect window and stops any input only allowing the x/y pads input would be one solution.

Sugar Bytes are awesome for doing this so fast. But one other request from me would be a full screen mode for the effect/editing window, even it's gonna be a bit blurry (I'm guessing they don't have higher res assets?).

May 27, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

@anyone who read my comments and thought I was a jerk for having an opinion:

I'm perfectly happy to admit when I'm wrong, personally though I don't think I am, yet anyway. 
I said that I couldn't see a way to create a landscape mode without compromising the UX too much, and I stand by that.
If users are happy with the update, that's cool, but for me I see this as the first step and a reaction to user feedback, but I think it has compromised the UX and that has affected workflow. 
OK, you can use the XY pads on the main screen, but it's really a half arsed job in my opinion, and having to constantly swap to another screen to use them properly is far from ideal. 
I guess now I'll have to create a Lemur template until Sugar Bytes sort it out; it's not exactly the biggest problem in the world, still one hell of an app.  

May 27, 2013  | person_outline Bleb

I'm with you Bleb- I don't really think usability is improved that much by this upgrade.
Not complaining....

May 27, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

I bet Sugarbytes improve it even more on the next update, couldn't ask for more than that. if I complained about it at this ratio I'd have to start cursing out the other developers for what they've done hahaha

May 27, 2013  | person_outline kid pocalypse

Not sure if this has been posted here but importing your (user) preset files from mac / pc works great.. I tried looking into the manual but i don't think it's mentioned in there.

May 27, 2013  | person_outline dsp6a

I kinda like portrait, if i update is portrait still an option ? If it is, does it flip btw the two when u move the ipad or will i be able to lock it in portrait?

May 28, 2013  | person_outline hansendesigns

Just checked, Portrait still works. If you want to make sure it stays in that mode you can assign the mute switch on the side of the iPad, next to the volume, to be a display mode lock. I double-checked and that works with Turnado.

are more people having trouble midi syncing Turnado to another app? Like (in Audiobus) dm1 midi out to Turnado midi in not working for me...

May 28, 2013  | person_outline audiohufter

Good on them for responding to customer feedback so quickly and for trying a pretty creative way to address the problem. Doesn't really work though. In order to get a hold of an xy pad cursor that's gone behind the edit screen you have to jump your effects. So if I put the cursor in a corner under the edit screen and want to fade something in... nope. Still one of the most interesting and bang-for-the-buck-laden apps on my ipad so no complaints here but I'd prefer two screens.

May 28, 2013  | person_outline Will

Funkbox syncs fine,but i also find no luck with dm1,but its not the 1st time i had difficulties with dm1 midi,at the sametime i bet someone with more midi knowledge than me could tell how to get it working

May 28, 2013  | person_outline Purple Goo

Midi time sync is a sensitive soul :)

Some things to check:

DM1 midi settings - select a channel and just hit the tempo in the sends
Turnado midi settings - Virtual midi on, active on, midi clock sync on, select the same channel you chose in DM1

Close all other apps you don't need.

It's probably worth looking deeper at the turnado effect settings, it's perfectly possible to mangle things out of time even with midi sync on.

With everything that's going on it might be tricky to track down where the 'out of sync' is happening, as I say it could be intentional behaviour; of course this might not be your intention, but the app may be functioning correctly and still allow undesirable results - I know my playing is crap at times and I don't get it right so it sounds out of time - this is just playing Turnado on its own.

As with having too many apps running, I've also noticed sync problems with heavy processing, the time code messages seem to be getting held up in the system somewhere. Some of the Turnado effects are heavy!

I've sometimes wondered if sync could possibly be better achieved by allowing each of the apps to maintain its own tempo (usually very reliable) with short bursts of time code sync that are sent at times when the processor is less busy, but I've not done the programming or tests so could be wrong. Would be very interested if anyone knows anything about this?

Anyone any other ideas?

May 28, 2013  | person_outline Steve

sunday leisure- slightly off topic, not a bump for the thread.

August 04, 2013  | person_outline a1

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