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Live Guitar Vs Korg iPolysix

This week I've been beta testing Live Guitar for Secret Base Design. Fessaboy wanted me to test VirtualMIDI, plus the new Audiobus support, and while I was at that I got to thinking about interesting uses for guitars as MIDI controllers. Typically pulling MIDI from a guitar is pretty lousy, so guitar-controlled synths are often just monophonic bass synths.

Live Guitar greatly expands the options! A simple bass synth would miss the point. With 6 strings I needed a synth with 6 voices, and for that I turned to a rich pad patch in Korg iPolysix! I liked the results enough to work up a little drum backing and share them here with you. Expect the Audiobus update for Live Guitar to arrive sometime next week, but you can play with MIDI today.

Buy Live Guitar Free on iTunes: Free


Buy Live Guitar on iTunes: $1.99

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Cool. Good work Tim.

March 01, 2013  | person_outline Trueyorky

Yea cool stuff.

Never heard of the app before tho. But if this is getting Audiobus I'm def getting it! I'm guessing it works as a good Jamup XT companion ala Guitarism for all of us that can't play guitar?

March 01, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

It'll take a while, but I'm going to turn Tim into a guitar player. This time next year, he's going to be playing Bob Dylan songs at the open mic night of the local coffee house. And a year later, banjo! :-)

March 01, 2013  | person_outline Fessaboy/Secret Base Design

how does this one compare with guitarism?

March 01, 2013  | person_outline Math baps

Guitarism plays differently than Live Guitar. Together, they're less than the price of a fancy Starbucks coffee, so you should get them both!

I like Guitarism; not going to bash them in any way, and quite frankly, the graphic interface they have is much nicer. Both apps have a "chord set" or "chord palate" that you can change on a song-by-song basis. Live Guitar is designed to be held with the screen facing away from you (like you would hold a guitar), with chords being selected by which frets you touch. You use both hands when playing; the left to select the chord, and the right to pick the strings. My guitar training is a mix of classical and American finger-style; I'm trying to make things as "real" as possible, while also having the app be playable. There are apps where you try to actually fret chords (Pocket Guitar)--I just don't see that as being practical. LG also has a "fretboard" interface, for doing tapping style single-note solo runs.

Live Guitar is universal, and supports Core MIDI/Virtual MIDI/DSMI, and we've been able to connect to most iOS synths with no trouble (SampleTank and WaveMapper have some problems -- still trying to sort that out). You can use Live Guitar with the GarageBand app. Guitarism shares chord palates with Rhism Nation (through Facebook?), while we're using Twitter. If you follow Tim's twitter feed, you may have seen something go by. Or, search twitter for the hashtag #sbdlg. Internally, Live Guitar uses Chordpro format, so if you've got old Chordpro files lying around, you can import those directly.

We're updating both the paid and free versions, so you can try out the interface with no risk. The free version has full MIDI support, but no Audiobus, no Twitter chord set import, and a limit of 10 chord sets. The currently available version has a MIDI bug -- it can crash if a drum machine app sends it a clock message. The new versions fix this problem, and adds the new features; it's waiting for review at Apple, and should be out in the next few days.

Here's a video that describes the old version. We'll post a new video that covers the Twitter part of the spectrum in the next few days.

March 01, 2013  | person_outline Fessaboy/Secret Base Design

I haven't played with Guitarism, forgot to pick it up when it was $1, but the word "MIDI" does not appear on their iTunes page... so Live Guitar compares very favorably for my purposes!

thanks for the info, will check it out, btw which is the best bass app?

March 01, 2013  | person_outline Math baps

I've still got a few promo codes for the current version (they should get folks here the upgrade as well). Grab one if you need it.
For bass apps -- you could connect LG to a bass synth (I *love* bs-16i, and ThumbJam is awesome too), and use the fretboard interface. iFretless is pretty nice too.

March 02, 2013  | person_outline Fessaboy/Secret Base Design

Grabbed P6AJ6E7WRW3R. Thanks! Had mucho fun with the demo, and added it to the purchase list but can't say no to free stuff. :) The guitars sounds awesome, gonna be fun to dig into this one!

March 02, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

I got T7EKM73THF4R. Downloading now.

March 02, 2013  | person_outline DC

thanks again you guys are great.

March 02, 2013  | person_outline Math baps

Fessaboy, youre when of the coolest Devs in our community. You always help us when we need it, and are very generous. We notice that.


March 02, 2013  | person_outline Jeremicci

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