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7 Minutes to iOS MIDI Mapping Mastery

dArrAnAsAurus mAx is not good at counting, but he is informative in this 23 minute long 7 Minutes to iOS MIDI Mapping Mastery.

Although the first video is all about getting Kieth McMillen's QuNeo setup for use in Animoog, the principles are useful for all device and app combinations. The second part looks at MIDI Learn in BeatMaker 2, and includes a demo controlling Loopy HD via MIDI.

G.A.S. Warning: This will make you want a QuNeo. I've never seen anyone setup a QuNeo like that for Animoog, it looks like fun!

Update: Reader Grey Burkart shared his Animoog mapping for other QuNeo owners. You can find it here, or on GitHub.

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"G.A.S warning"

This the one that started as a Kickstarter project right? Dude I was so close buying one when I saw it a few months back on Sonictouch (or whatever the show's called), but I managed to shrug it of before hitting the "add to cart/checkout" buttons. Bastardo!

February 05, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

Seriously... I've resisted this for a long time, but that example with Animoog looks so much fun. Imagine all the notes mapped like that, so the X/Y on the individual notes controls Detune and Crush.

Because of the way Crush works in Animoog that wouldn't be truly polyphonic, it is a global effect, but it would still be pretty fucking awesome.

Actually come to think of it, Filter Drive and Detune are both assignable in the Animoog Mod section. You could do multitimbral play with either of those; if you can assign the X/Y axis on the QuNeo to poly-pressure(after touch). That would add an extra dimension to his setup here.

Fortunately I am completely out of desk space, so there is less chance of me hastily acquiring this!

What! That´s no excuse not to get one. I wasted my MK61c midi keyboard last week due to, accidentally i should add, changing the voltage on one of those cheap wall plugs while trying to get it to work with an iphone and a powered usb hub. So I need to buy a new midi keyboard first obviously...but i dunno...i could get a really cheap plastic-y one and get this. It just looks so much fun. Like an iPad but with all the tactile feedback you get with it, being hardware obviously. But i´m also really tired of eating noodles and swedish meatballs....Plus i got A.S.S - App Shopping Syndrome..

February 05, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

It was a guilty Black Friday impulse buy for me. I'll come up with a better rationalization later.

Not sure about assigning the pads for full independent poly-pressure output offhand, so far I haven't been able to make a single pad output on multiple channels from a QuNeo unit itself. Plenty to do with XY controls, but the pads take some finessing. The QuNeo Editor software won't win any beautiful design contests on Dribbble.com, but you can still get lost in its possibilities quite easily. The new options in the 1.2 public beta have been very welcome, like more banks for control groups, pitch bend on pads, etc.

It's not the ultimate mega tool, but it is a nice little tabula rasa. You may be disappointed with the pads compared to a Maschine, but hey :-)

Tim: To expand on what was mentioned on Twitter, here's the QuNeo + Animoog mapping I was talking about. The page has a handy-dandy "download as zip" button on it, no need to have anyone mess with git repos -- it's just the easiest place for me to post stuff in case of future updates.

February 05, 2013  | person_outline gb
February 06, 2013  | person_outline a1

G.A.S. & L.O.L. Warning

February 5, 2013 | a1

Haha wtf I'm speechlees. Does this genius have a YouTube channel?

February 06, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

That video from a1 is the best thing I've seen on discchord all week, HAHAHAHAHA. And credit to whom credit is due: thanks discchord for the website/ blog. I do love Animoog.

February 06, 2013  | person_outline Hx

That is great! I'd love to see more of his inventions!


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