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Musix Overview

Friend of the site Flux302 did a detailed video overview of the Musix Pro controller app, using it to control his Arturia MiniBrute.

Owners of the MiniBrute should also check out his highly informative tricks and tips video, in which he does some wild stuff I've never seen anyone else do with the synth. Owners of the Maschine should also check out his Dystopia Expansion Pack, which offers many nicely tailored drum kits from found sounds and acoustic drums. I bought it and have been thoroughly impressed!

Buy Musix on iTunes: $0.99


Buy Musix Pro on iTunes: $9.99

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Musix pro is $9.99

Why do I have to pay $9 to add midi and audiobus to musix????

Just imagine if all the other apps that have added audiobus recently changed their name to pro and charged us for the privelidge?

February 20, 2013  | person_outline Bianca

Thanks for the correction on the Pro price, I've updated it and added a link for the old Musix.

I agree that charging $10 alone for Audiobus wouldn't be a very good deal, and even adding MIDI on top of that seems a bit much. However, some developers need a return on that additional time invested to provide those features on a $1 app. I think Pro was much more fair at the original $5.

I've become a fan of flux through this site. Dude has a way of talking like I'd expect someone sitting next to me to talk. I don't feel like I'm being lectured to though, just being talked to by someone with same interests. Very cool stuff. Now I'm probably going to go out and BUY THIS DAMN APP!

February 22, 2013  | person_outline Robert

Hi Bianca and Tim,

This is Brett from Shiverware. Just thought I would chime in a little about the differences between Musix and Musix Pro (and why the price difference is so drastic). To start with, The price of Musix was originally $4.99. We dropped the price to a steep steep discount a long while back as sales slowed down for a while. So, I think the real price of Musix should be about $5. However, Musix will not see any updates in the future. It is just kicking around for people to have an entry into isomorphic keyboards and will likely be taken off the store in a few months. As for the pro version, the difference isn't just Midi and Audiobus. In fact, when Musix Pro was released it didn't have Audiobus integration. The main changes (currently visible) are the ability to select scales, tonics, better midi destinations, note text, colourings, square layouts etc. The updates between Musix and Musix Pro is over a years worth of work behind the scenes to set Musix Pro up for the future. We do have a lot of plans for the software and will be adding new features that will take it to the next level. As a sober reminder, selling Musix and Musix Pro doesn't pay for our livings. Producing these pieces of software is really about the love of music and the amazing future we can see with isomorphic keyboards and touch surfaces. If we relied on support from Musix and Musix Pro sales, neither would exist.

So I'm glad you like Musix and Musix Pro (that is why we make it!). We are doing our best to add new features to the Pro version and we will be bumping the price of Musix up over the next few weeks to prevent people from feeling like they are paying $9 for Audiobus (because they really aren't).


February 22, 2013  | person_outline Brett Park

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