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Virtual ANS Update

SunVox developer Alexander Zolotov has released a major update to Virtual ANS, his recreation of the unique Russian synthesizer!

What's new in Virtual ANS v2.1:

  • layers;
  • multi-level undo buffer (default number of levels - 2, but you can change it in the app Settings);
  • improved brush manager (with such options as Load From JPG/PNG/GIF file, Save to PNG);
  • now any selection can be converted to brush;
  • new effects: Gain, Noise, Vibrato;
  • added Panic button (in the Project menu) - press it to stop all audio and MIDI tasks;
  • new Visualization settings: Pitch Panel (Show/Hide), Time Panel (Show/Hide);
  • additional File Browser functions: Remove, Rename, Cut, Copy, Paste, Create Directory;
  • now you can see the file size in the File Browser;
  • iOS: Audio Copy/Paste (Project -> Export/Import -> ...);
  • progressive JPEG support;
  • AIFF support (load only);
  • bugs fixed.

Buy Virtual ANS on iTunes: $5.99

Reader Comments 14

I love this synth but now definately need to look at a up to date manual as i have come across crashes where ive tried to load pics or make new brushes.Ive had to reinstal app 4 times,this was ipad 2 but dont see why that would cause a difference.

December 09, 2013  | person_outline andre

It has been such an incredible thing to hear what this has done to recordings of vocals, piano, etc...

I have ONLY had some problems when trying to import very dense JPEGs of my paintings, and I suspect the crashes may be due to too much sound in any given vertical bandwidth! The areas loaded with yellowish hues, that appear like blown out highlights in digital photos can be extremely loud, so I look at those crashes as ear saving! My guess is to try to diminish some of the overall light area density in Photoshop, and remember that pure black areas, like Alpha channels, are silence, and try to scope out some of the stuff that isn't needed, and maybe then try to import the adjusted images...

My take on it. I am in love with this app, and know it will continue to astound us...

December 09, 2013  | person_outline Chris Catalano

Chris i didnt put any pics in itunes sharing and tried to load from pics on my ipad and pressed on paste or load for pics and it asked me to talk to developer or leave but could not.I just need to read manual as the new features that i did have no problems with are really great and i think this synth has huge potential

December 09, 2013  | person_outline andre

Yes, Andre the picture area has given me a few gears too. A lot of it is uncharted ground, I think, when dealing with images. Maybe too much information to convert sometimes. One area that could be clarified, I suppose...For me it is so effective, particularly with voice and piano, it just turns everything into this sort of underworld variation of what music is...maybe even underwater, lol! A terrific sound design tool, and I hope there is more development of this kind of stuff for iOS...The potential for bringing together sound and image in a fluid, mobile environment is getting almost ridiculous with how much is being realized...This app is also amazing on a Desktop, and FREE!

It would be cool if his apps had their own inter connectivity platform! SunVox with a visualizer pane/converter...this with an Arp...I don't know, dream big, Andre!

December 09, 2013  | person_outline Chris Catalano

For all users who has some problems with image loading: please don't hesitate to contact me directly :) Of course i can fix any bugs, but i need your help.

December 09, 2013  | person_outline NightRadio

Love this app, I had never heard of this synth before the Christmas sale. It's really different.

December 09, 2013  | person_outline CoopMusic247

http://warmplace.ru/soft/ans/ This will take anyone who wants help to right web page,it covers all versions and does mention with detail on new update,i agree Chris this app is certainly very experimental and its down to the user to get the most out of it and i always dream big

December 09, 2013  | person_outline andre

Thanks NightRadio,will do

December 09, 2013  | person_outline andre

I would love to able to play the wave directly on the surface ... Something like a cross between Samplr and TC-11
It would be cool to play it like a ball of gooey stuff and create those landscapes !!!
Awesome app

December 09, 2013  | person_outline Pat

Pat. Great idea, and it would not surprise me if that happened in future versions. One possibility I would like to see looked into would be some pitch analysis feature, where you could for example, scan and compile clusters of C#, and a then third, a fifth, etc. and build your own chords from this thing (ha ha, that is way too much to ask for).

It has CRAZY potential...so freaking mysterious a processor.

December 09, 2013  | person_outline Chris Catalano

pat i hope you wrote to the dev and requested that feature its a wonderful idea!

December 09, 2013  | person_outline Mr. Wonderful

You CAN sort of play the wave on the surface, but you'll be "playing" the position of the vertical glow-bar, so to speak... Still cool, though! Just tap and drag at the top on the time display bar and bliss out, makes me wish for an ADSR, though. :)

December 09, 2013  | person_outline gatearray

Thanks so much for the app and the updates. Can't wait to delve into this amazing synth program!

December 09, 2013  | person_outline Brian

I see the dev is taking notice of this thread, I would just like to request that for those of us who want to run samples through ans would really benefit from allowing us to audition audio from our iTunes library and allow us to sample audio from what we are auditioning into a little sample editor that would allow us to make loops and truncate them.
All of this from within the app!

December 10, 2013  | person_outline Kobamoto rin

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