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Bias & JamUp Integration Demo

Derek Buddemeyer uploaded a great preview for the upcoming Bias. Here he shows off the integration with Positive Grid's other app, JamUp. You can design your own amp in Bias and then a simple button press sends it into JamUp. You can then tweak it all you want, by bouncing back and forth between the apps.

I've been playing with Bias too, and have been quite inspired! I designed my own little Bias tone for analog synths, and have been using that same tone on synth apps through Audiobus! Everyone will get a chance to play with this soon, with a release date announced for November 13th.

Reader Comments 22

Sounds hefty enough... looks like a top integration and I love the 'peak bend and turn to the right and up geeeetar facial expression' at 2:32!

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr

Ha! Yeah... guitarist facial expressions are an art unto themselves.

Lol...stop looking at my face! I can't help it. Lmao!!!

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Derek Buddemeyer

Very nice licks all around. That is a very clear, cutting distortion. Really excellent sustain. Smart...

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Chris Catalanohris Catalano

Apologies @derek, but I wouldn't worry, it was meant as a compliment and I don't think anyone else can help themselves either... I stopped playing guitar because I couldn't help sticking my tongue out, it gave a whole new meaning to 'nice licks'... :-D

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr

Totally wicked cool. When can I have this? And when is positive grid coming out with an app to install Derek's talent directly onto my fingers?

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Joe

I thought I was pretty cool as a teen guitarist until someone videotaped me at a gig and I saw the expressions that crossed my face, and the "dancing" (shudder) was enough to make me rethink my entire stage personae.

November 07, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

one of my best friends at high school could play guitar but he had to keep his eyes shut to concentrate and was so embarrassed by it he would not play in front of others unless in the dark or he wore a mask.

November 07, 2013  | person_outline andre

Guys, the last thing to worry about is the look on your face because when that deep diving playing bites you......you are gone. Transported to your favourite place where everything is perfect. It is when you begin to slurp like a dog that you should get worried :-)

Cool playing Derek. Can't wait for this app.

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Medo

Ha. I also once had a bass player who would drop his jaw wide open and work it back and forth while he played. Looked like he was chewing an invisible french roll.

November 07, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

Kind of sad when someone plays guitar only when (s)he's unseen or stops playing it at all because of the facial expressions (s)he makes while playing. Who cares if you stick your tongue out or "dance" around looking funny when your music is nice? I actually prefer listening to musicians focusing on their music and not thinking about their appearence.

I read somewhere that sticking the tongue out while concentrating is a relic of early childhood. The baby has to concentrate on sucking when it is breastfed and so a connection is made in the brain between concentrating and sticking the tongue out. Don't know if that's a fact but it sounds rather plausible to me.

November 07, 2013  | person_outline synthandson

@ZenLizard: chewing really helps to concentrate. It's always good to chew a gum when your in a situation where you have to be focused.

November 07, 2013  | person_outline synthandson

I meant guitar licks...

I totally face spaz during solos, and don't even notice when other guitarists do the same, unless they suck and it is fake...it's just emotion...

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Chris Catalano

This app drops on November 13th...not too far off. As far as talent goes....I can fake it pretty good at times..lol. More vids on the way..."Hot Rodding" a stock Marshall 800 and building a custom amp from the ground up. Thanks everyone...you ROCK!

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Derek Buddemeyer

Thanks Derek, looking forward to the app AND more great videos!!

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Joe

Haha Thanks @synthandson - that pretty much sums up my guitar playing: "concentrating while sucking!" and I don't mean in the baby - nipple kinda way :D

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr

Hey Derek,
It sounds AWESOME!!
your playing is just perfect and let me just say if YOU are faking it then PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO FAKE IT LIKE YOU!!!!!

November 07, 2013  | person_outline Maria

I wonder if this is the start of something for Jam Up. Amps are the obvious start but I wouldn't mind having an app that goes porn deep like this on delay units (that I could insert into jam up). Different input stage headroom, tape type, filter type, feedback head headroom, bleed...

November 08, 2013  | person_outline Will

"Porn deep. "

I will be stealing that from you. :-)

November 08, 2013  | person_outline Joe

@ synthandson - I never tried gum, but that was a very long time ago. I got used to being in my own skin after a few years, but even looking at the video now, after all these years - I looked like a goof and an idiot. You actually see the audience wince at one of my 'moves', I see the lead guitar player from that band now and then and he had it last winter. We watched it and nearly pissed ourselves. I looked like a cross between Pee Wee Herman and Jim Carey. He looked like Arnold from Happy Days. Our bassist looked like there was a big hair band in his future and our drummer looked ten. We were wearing what was cool in the fiftees, though we were over a decade late - we were trying (and failing) to look like the Beatles.

November 08, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

@ZenLizard: Haha! These depictions are so cool!

About the gum: I wouldn't use modern chewing gum but rather beeswax or mastix or a mixture of these.

November 08, 2013  | person_outline synthandson

in the contest for facial expressions you'd be hard pressed to beat this guy. from the start of the second movement (about 04:00 ) and especially from 05:00 to 08:00, there's a private party goin' on. he's feelin' it.
entertaining and educational.

December 20, 2013  | person_outline a1

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