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Auria LE

Wavemachine Labs have released a lite version of the impressive Auria DAW, with slightly less features at half the price.

iTunes Description:

Experience the power of Auria in a streamlined version. Record, edit, and mix your music using essential tools taken from the full version, but in a less expensive package designed for those who don’t need every feature packed into Auria.

Auria LE is a 24-track digital recording system designed from the ground up for the iPad. With professional-level features and optional third-party plugin support from names like PSPaudioware, Overloud, Fab Filter and Drumagog (available via In-App purchase), Auria clearly sets a new standard for mobile recording.


  • 24 tracks of simultaneous playback of stereo or mono files (upgradable to 48 tracks).
  • Up to 8 tracks of simultaneous recording when used with compatible USB audio interfaces (upgradable to 24 tracks of recording) Camera Connection Kit required.
  • 24-bit recording
  • Supports sample rate of 44.1KHz only (upgradable to support 48K and 96K sample rates)
  • Vintage-inspired ChannelStrip on every channel by PSPAudioware includes Expander, Multiband EQ and Compressor
  • MasterStrip on all subgroup and master channels featuring PSPAudioware BussPressor, EQ and Mastering Limiter
  • Third party VST effect plugin support available via in-app purchase (only iOS-version plugins are supported. All plugins must be purchased through the in-app store)
  • ClassicVerb reverb plugin included
  • StereoDelay and StereoChorus plugins included
  • 2 Assignable subgroups(upgradable to 8) and 2 aux sends
  • DropBox, SoundCloud and Audio Copy/Paste support
  • Full automation support on all controls with graphical editing
  • Optional video import feature allows sample accurate sync of video to an Auria project with adjustable offset times and video export capability
  • Full delay compensation on all tracks and subgroups


  • iPad 2 or later strongly recommended.
  • USB audio interfaces require Camera Connection Kit

Buy Auria LE on iTunes: $24.99

Here is a comparison of the features between the two versions of Auria. Audiobus is sadly not a part of either yet!

Reader Comments 13

good idea.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline Will

A bit of scam. No effects, no basic editing functions.
Way too streamlined for the price.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline nzimas

What do you mean no effects? It comes with PSPs EQ, expander/gate, compressor, limiter, chorus, delay and reverb units.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

No Audiobus? No purchase.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline DC

Marketing is hard. They are probably doing themselves a disservice by not including all of the features common to both in the comparison chart. I wonder how common nzimas' take away is.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline Will

I don't see any effects specified in LE column the function matrix.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline nzimas

Ha, right!. It's in the verbose :D

January 09, 2013  | person_outline nzimas

Glad I snapped up the full version while it was on sale for 24.99 in late 2012. I imagine this will be an excuse to never have a sale on the full version.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline Rentson

To me it loses most of its appeal by not having the plugins. If it does include some standard effects in LE then the automation alone is worth it. I'm saving my pennies and crossing my fingers that Audiobus arrives soon, but I could live with copy/paste till then. Dammit, why do all these apps have to be so good! Lol. But I'm not complaining.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline Christan

Does it support MMC (MIDI Machine Control) and MIDI-sync? This is essential to record multiple devices (sequencers) in one pass.

January 10, 2013  | person_outline Marcel

how is the handling of auria on ipad 2 when you're dealing with 8 or so tracks? it looked jerky in a video but that was with a larger track count, wondering if it is smooth with less going on?

I'm quite tempted, although cutting normalize and silence seems slightly stingy

January 10, 2013  | person_outline RMG

It's not really smooth with a few tracks either. The latest update got a function to turn of waveform rendering which helps a bit on larger projects. But according to the developers the rendering of the edit view is definitely continuously being worked on, so hopefully it will get better on devices pre iPad 4.

January 10, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

@RMG I bought Auria on sale and it's a very different animal than any other DAW I've seen so far (can't really compare with cubasis but I should be on the same level, maybe higher on account of the "VST plugins").

So, I own an iPad2 and so far I haven't experience any major slowdowns, of course there is the rendering, but you can't really complain, it's an iPad not hardcore workstation running Ableton. Also, the max tracks I've used was 8 because my Nanostudio only has 6 available :P

I love Auria, and can't wait for it to support Audiobus so I can dump audio directly, skipping ACP altogether.

If you need more, please tell me, I can try it to test it for you.


January 10, 2013  | person_outline hoyas79

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