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rtpMIDI to iPad & Keyboard Tutorial

rtpMIDI is a free Windows program often used to run WiFi MIDI from the iPad to a computer or hardware gear. Here is a tutorial showing the reverse, where Music & Gear Videos shows how to control your iPad with a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer.

Video Description:

rtpMIDI to ipad tutorial to get your ipad connected to your home network. A great way to get your ipad talking to your keyboard controllers, instead of using the camera connection kit. Get rtpMIDI from the link below.


Reader Comments 4

aww man this is so close to working perfectly for me but I keep getting lag spikes, every 20 - 60 seconds. In between those it runs at a fantastic 3ms latency :/. Wonder if it's the pc or the ipad

September 26, 2012  | person_outline RMG

does this work for iphone 4s too?

September 26, 2012  | person_outline Arthur

It should work for any iOS Device running iOS 5 or maybe 4. Whenever they added CoreMIDI. It is basically just using the network connection that CoreMIDI makes.

CoreMIDI came into iOS way back in 4.2. I've found that the rtpMIDI has some bad lag issues with PCs; I'm not sure if it's the networking stack in the PC, or if it's rtpMIDI itself. They're trying to emulate CoreMIDI support from Apple, and some piece of the pipeline is not working the way I'd like it to.

I've had better luck with DSMI connecting to PCs, but neither one has matched what I get when connecting to a Mac (and actually, DSMI on a Mac seems to be just a little bit faster than CoreMIDI, but I normally use a CCK wired connection, which is the best I've found).

September 26, 2012  | person_outline Fessaboy

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