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MIDI Fretboard gets a major update

MIDI Fretboard, for iPhone, offers MIDI control with a guitar/banjo/uke style interface. This update greatly expands on its MIDI capabilities!

Core-MIDI over WIFI. Control iOS Core-MIDI music apps in addition to Mac/PC software. For example, use MIDI Fretboard on your iPhone to control the sounds of Thumbjam/Garageband/etc on your iPad or iPod Touch.

New MIDI connection setup page. Just enter the IP address of the device you wish to control. Watch online tutorial for detail setup steps for both Windows and Mac.[Embedded below]

Choose between single MIDI channel mode or Multi-channel mode (OMNI mode). Animoog only supports single channel.

That's a pretty solid update! Now that iPhones are rocking a lot of processor cores and memory, it is nice to see more iPhone apps supporting elaborate MIDI connections!

Buy MIDI Fretboard on iTunes: $19.99 (iPhone)

Here is the 2.0 video manual. At around the 3 minute mark he starts to play with it on an iPhone to control NLog running on an iPad. Later he gets into all of the new features in this version. This seems like a really well thought out app for MIDI on the iPhone.

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You know how some developers could in theory plant positive iTunes reviews for their apps, to make them sound much better than they are -- and then also go around bashing competing apps in reviews? In iTunes, you can click on a reviewer name, and see what else they reviewed. Just sayin'...

And $20? Srsly? *cough*shovelware*cough*

July 23, 2012  | person_outline VoiceOfReason

This app is very good for those who don't want to spend a lot of money on a hardware MIDI guitar like me. Even the cheapest one isn't exactly cheap. I use MIDI Fretboard mainly for creating & editing guitar tabs with Guitar Pro 6.0 in addition to messing around with synth apps. It used to be a real pain in the neck entering all the fret numbers of a song with the number keypad... Now I just play chords or a series of notes on this app and everything gets captured and converted into fret numbers automatically. $20 is really nothing considering how much time it has already saved me... It's NOT a magic app so don't expect it to be better or easier than playing a real guitar. My advice is to watch the video manual above and see if this app has what you are looking for. If not, don't buy it. At least the developer shows you exactly what you're getting.. There are many guitar apps or apps in general that don't even have demo videos and the ones that do usually only show things to lure buyers. I've learned that if the developer has nothing to show you, then most likely it is not worth the risk to buy it. Good apps show you what it can and will do for you...

August 23, 2012  | person_outline iPhoneMusicAppLover

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