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DM1 MIDI Settings Leak

Frequent contributor gatearray discovered an interesting little tidbit on the Introductory Instructions page in DM1 for iPhone.

Pictured here on the left is what the Instructions show, on the right is what is actually in the app.

It would appear that some advanced MIDI Settings were a planned feature that did not make it in to this update cycle. Hopefully this means we will soon have some Virtual MIDI and MIDI Sync! DM1 was released 11 months ago, and I've been awaiting the day I could use it with Genome... or hell, it would just be nice to have it sync with NLog's arpeggiator!

Update: Antoine over at Finger Lab responded to my inquiry on the matter:

MIDI Sync In/Out is the next big thing to add into DM1 (ipad, iphone, ...) and the possibility to import your own samples to create your own kit. We are working on that, we try to do it right so it might take few more months before we finish it.

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Reader Comments 8

Let's hope it's true; been waiting for this so long I'd stopped using it. I've also been told that the timing on the iPhone version is off, like it was when it was first released on the iPad. My source also had tempo issues with WIST between DM1 iPhone and iKaossllator iPhone; he was saying the tempo on DM1 was 120, with no shuffle and was acting as the master, and iKaossilator tempo was off at 120.7. Other tempo problems were encountered with Loopseque.
Think I'll wait until they get it sorted before I purchase and hopefully they'll have finally given us the MIDI features by then as well.

June 08, 2012  | person_outline Blebhead

Yes, hopefully the MIDI features are to come, and I haven't seen *too* many timing issues with the new app, although I have noticed a sloppy note or two.

Anyway, regarding the MIDI or WIST syncing, I have seen tempos waver a bit while in use, resulting in lots of decimal point tempos, they are present on Animoog as well. In fact, it is a known issue as MoDrum even has a "tempo smoothing" setting to lock down the beat to a round number, so this might not be outside of the norm with DM1.

Still, it's a v1 app for 99 cents and I think they did a great job! Hopefully ally eh little bugs will be worked out in future updates but it's still pretty rad as-is.

June 08, 2012  | person_outline gatearray

Glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing weird tempo issues. Otherwise I'm really digging the app (I've had no experience with the iPad version).

June 09, 2012  | person_outline Fritz Charleston

Yea I got some weird tempo/timing issues. But I'm running it on a 3GS so it is a bit slow if u mess around with the UI while playing. Hey finger labs don't put it as 3GS compatible when it's really not (yea u hide it in the app description but ppl look at the compat. list when buying apps).

June 09, 2012  | person_outline ChrisG

lol, your plan didnt work!

June 09, 2012  | person_outline telengard

Great, someone is using my nick and they don't even express themselves like I do! That commenter above is NOT the real Telengard!! Just check I.P. addresses for the posts to get an idea who is who, unless someone is spoofing or traveling around.

June 09, 2012  | person_outline Telengard

Got the same problem regarding tempo, it's just sloppy. All my other apps are pretty solid, unless you connect them to Logic, then it's like.you've got a random number generator!
Good job I have Ultrabeat and Battery.
They have promised MIDI sync etc. pretty much since day one, so how come this is now going to take "many months"? Unless all that time is being devoted to sample import. It'll be interesting to see how they implement it.

June 09, 2012  | person_outline Ayup

Do you have to use the 1 drim kit throughout the song? i am trying to change it per certain patterns but it changes the every pattern when a different drum kit is selected?

June 18, 2012  | person_outline Jonty75

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