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Beatsurfing - Customizable MIDI controller with Virtual MIDI

Just a few months ago your only option for a customizable iPad MIDI controller was TouchOSC. New competition is coming at them from every side, and seriously raising the bar. Beatsurfing is the latest with a unique aesthetic, that includes overlapping controls, and some original features like having your controllers control each other for chained events.

Like TB MIDI Stuff and MIDI Designer, you can make and edit your layouts right on the iPad. As an added bonus, this fully supports Virtual MIDI for controlling other apps!

Buy Beatsurfing on iTunes: $11.99

Here's a nice overview from the developer, DRUW.

Reader Comments 3

Looks awesome plus editing in app sets you free from iTunes. But where are the tutorials? Lots of really cool clips showing what it can do but they don't show you how!
I read the manual but it makes very little sense to me. I really want to buy it but not without knowing how to make use of it.

June 20, 2012  | person_outline Blebhead

Yea, there are lots of great examples of its usage... no idea how you use it though!

I regret I have but one upvote to give this on reddit, so I came here. There are 5 tutorials complete with a pdf, a video and the necessary Ableton Live projects. There is no reason this controller can't be used with other midi controllable devices/programs, but it shines with ableton. I'm just at demo 2 and it's really cool. The buttons are like little step sequencers (which trigger as you step) one button can reset another button or transpose it. They can all operate on different channels.

Let's see what else... sliders... all mappable... but to me the documentation is the really cool part. I would've never known the tricks they're pulling off in Ableton, this controller just puts really fast input into knobs that you just wouldn't tweak. The way they interplay is nuts. I'm really excited about this. I would put it down as the most musical iPad -> MIDI interface I've used. I think Thumbjam would be up there as well, but only for pure melody stuff.

I'm raving because this is a rave worthy app.

June 24, 2012  | person_outline Rich Seymour

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