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Meteor Multitrack Recorder updates Dropbox support

One of the most impressive DAWs on iOS just got support for the new Dropbox SDK, with integrated login. A handy feature for any app that has lots of stuff you'd want to get on to your computer, without the use of iTunes' file-sharing or jailbreaks!

I haven't had a chance to play with this. Have any of you? It seems pretty feature rich, beyond the simple recorder suggested by the name. The inclusion of virtual instruments and racks of effects makes this a full-on DAW.

Buy Meteor Multitrack Recorder on iTunes: $19.99

4Pockets Audio have produced a bunch of video tutorials, available on their website. Embedded below is their introductory video that gets into the features.

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To get those FX, virtual instruments and midi support you have to pay alot more via In App Purchases. Unless they changed something last few months.

Anyone know when that 48 track (or whatever it was) DAW is coming?

June 18, 2012  | person_outline ChrisG

I played around with Meteor a while ago, but the performance wasn't nearly as good as MultiTrack DAW imo. Even though the feature-set was quite rich, it just didn't have the mojo. Maybe I'll re-install and give it another shot.

June 18, 2012  | person_outline Chris

I've got Meteor, but I have to say that I started to get annoyed with it simply because there are far too many menus that you have to open to get to other menus. It completely destroys the creative process. Multitrack DAW has a far better user experience, but at the end of the day that multi-selector thing that pops up when you need to carry out certain functions disappears off the screen where the function you need is held. Why the developer never addressed this is completely beyond me. Perhaps its been fixed? Dunno. At the end of the day, multitrack on iOS still isn't good as its desktop equivalent. Such a shame. And yes, where did that 48 track thing go?

June 18, 2012  | person_outline Tom_TM

Meteor is the only full-featured DAW for iPad, and there's really no other way to say it. If you use a DAW on your PC, you'll be right at home with Meteor (though it does take some getting used to). Yes, it is expensive (especially when you consider all the in-app purchases you need to buy to get it up to speed), but if you want the DAW experience on your iPad (and I do), there's really nothing else like it: audio and MIDI sequencing, full suite of mixing effects (and they're quite good, if pricy by app standards), good audio/waveform editor... the built in synth and samplers sound quite nice too (again, an additional in-app purchase).

Of course, once you have Meteor, then Aurora pretty much becomes a must-buy too, as you can use the multi-track pasteboard to export all of your individual tracks in your Aurora project directly to individual tracks in Meteor with one-click for further mixing.

So cost-wise, it all adds up but there is nothing else like it. I love big, full-featured DAWs and I love Meteor :-)

June 18, 2012  | person_outline victor

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