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Apple sacrifices unbaptized babies, kills Audiobus!

Usually all of the Apple rumors go on before WWDC, but yesterday saw the opposite! A single frame of video showed the words "Inter-App Audio" and rampant speculation followed from every corner of the web.

Instead of repeating the rumors, I actually spoke with developers about this. They have to remain anonymous as there is an NDA for Beta access, but I assure you these guys are the real deal.

"After pouring over the documentation and looking at function calls, we can't find anything of the sort in iOS 6 yet! It might be in there, but Apple isn't helping us find it. There is nothing about audio in the release notes. Everyone should calm the fuck down and wait for actual news about this. Developers can't talk about it yet, so give us time."

- Anonymous iOS Developer

Keep in mind this is the first version of the beta, so this does not mean that it won't make it into the final. A lot of the functionality we heard about yesterday isn't in yet. The Passbook app, for instance, is merely a place-holder icon in the current version.

Developers at WWDC have been contacted to seek comments from Apple Engineers. Hopefully we'll learn the real shape of this soon.

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Excellent headline!
I've been having a lot of laughs reading all the 'coverage' of this, and what it means. The first Beta hasn't even been out for 24 hours, and every man, and his dog, is now furious about something that they know nothing about. You should read some of the comments on Synthtopia; it never ceases to amaze me, as to the level of ignorance, and to the speed at which people jump to conclusions that are based on no factual substance.
At least it gave me a good laugh!

June 12, 2012  | person_outline Ayup

Totally agree ^^
Even if it completely pans out with apple baked in audio sharing, audio bus is going to be so much more in depth, configurable, and user accessible.

June 13, 2012  | person_outline Hogo

Obviously someone hasn't read the release notes carefully enough. There are a couple of new entries under Core Audio.

June 13, 2012  | person_outline Another anonymous iOS developer

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