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Genome back, better and cheaper than ever!

Genome, one of the best ways to make your apps all play nicely together, has returned to the App Store after a bug took it out of action. Not content to merely fix the bug, this update adds Retina support and Groove Template support!

This last bit is really exciting. For those of you who haven't experienced this in DAWs like Logic or Ableton Live, a Groove Template is a way to make your MIDI tracks dance in new ways. With typical MIDI quantization you're just trying to get all your notes to line up on the 1/16th notes or whatever. With Groove Templates you can radically shift everything to make a specific pattern of quantization, rather than have everything line up to a grid.

This is super handy for any amount of work in MIDI, but it is especially useful with drums. Simply lay in your basic beat, and then throw a groove on top of it instead of the more common haphazard "Swing" variable. The results are lively instead of robotic!

Current owners of Genome should be excited about that, but everyone else should be excited about the sale! You can pick it up today for $6, down from $13! To see how Genome works, and get an introduction to Virtual MIDI, you can check out my tutorial here:

Buy Genome MIDI Sequencer on iTunes: $5.99 (On sale, from $12.99)

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This is an awesome app, and now available for such a cheap price!

The developer keeps pushing out updates with new features, and it gets better and better all the time. I recently discovered that it will even sequence an app on the iPhone over your Wi-Fi network! Tons of possibilities with this one, highly recommended!

April 25, 2012  | person_outline gatearray

Nice, I was actually thinking about trying some WIFI MIDI sequencing, glad to hear it works!

I was excited to download this when it went on sale, but I've been pretty disappointed so far. As far as I can see it's a buggy mess. It's crashed on me many times in the last couple of days, including three times in the last 20 minutes. There's also a whole host of other issues: copy/paste not working properly, button sticking with certain synth apps (though I admit this might be an incompatibility with the app in question - Addictive). I'm also not terribly impressed the quality of the online manual.

I think it's a great concept that could work really well if these issues are ironed out and the help materials were beefed up (or if someone were to make a more extensive tutorial video.)

Has anyone else had these problems?

April 26, 2012  | person_outline Chris

Hey Chris, have you tried rebooting your iPad? It can get pretty intense memory wise, to run multiple apps at once, so my first step is to always power-cycle the iPad when things get weird. I know, terrible answer, but it is something a lot of people over-look. I suspect that might be relevant to your copy-paste issues.

There are some issues with Addictive's MIDI implementation. The button sticking issue is just a general problem with Apple's CoreMIDI I'm afraid, but people are getting better about coding for it. It has happened with most app combinations at some point, but things have improved dramatically in the 6 months or so since Virtual MIDI was introduced.

If you've never worked with a clip-launching style interface before, like Ableton Live, it can be kind of weird to work in at first. Once you get used to it, and admittedly there are some quirks here, it can be a great way to play. Even if it is just to sequence a backing track for some jamming, it is nice to be able change-up everything with just a few presses and still keep it all in time.


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