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How-to: Install csGrain on iPad 1 (non-jailbreak hack)

Yesterday the Internet was Twittering about the new csGrain app, and the news that it was restricted to iPad 2 & 3ish devices. Fear not faithful iPad 1 owners! Reader Rafeal Ollero, pointed out a simple hack people had used to get iPhoto onto iPad 1s. I knew that another reader, Clif Johnston, had already purchased a copy for his iPad 2 and had an iPad 1 collecting dust, so I asked him to give the hack a shot. As you can probably guess by the fact that you are reading this, the results were a success!

Here's how to get things going:
1. Buy csGrain from your Mac or PC. (It won't let you on your iPad 1!)
2. Download and install Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility. (Windows or Mac)
3. Connect your iPad and Sync with iTunes.
4. Launch the iPhone Configuration Utility and click Application on the left.
5. Click “Add” in the top left corner, then locate csGrain on your Hard Drive.
6. Below Applications and under the hood “Devices” you should see your iPad.
7. Click on your iPad and search for csGrain in the list of applications that will appear on the right side.
8. Click on csGrain and select install. In just a bit it will be installed successfully on your iPad 1!

There are some caveats. You will get nagged when you sync with iTunes "This computer is not authorized for apps installed…." and you'll have to hit cancel. Functionally csGrain will perform fine so long as you don't go crazy with the effects. Or in Clif's words:

I was able to use most of the effects as long as I left the pitch shifter alone and took it easy on the sync grain. I had 3 or 4 effects going at a time with randomize on for multiple parameters and it worked better than I had expected. I could get it to break up if I got silly, but it generally performed well. The one thing I was impressed with was that despite all of my efforts, the app only crashed once, even when it was noticeably struggling. The one time it did crash though, it completely crashed my iPad which then went into an automatic reboot. Luckily, such events don't freak me out, but it's worth noting.

He did an amazing job of putting the app through its paces and even went the extra mile of recording and exporting a little jam! He is incredibly modest; insisting the abrupt end was due to a phone call. I know serendipitous brilliance when I hear it! The end of his performance perfectly captures the moment of horrific realization when, in man's ineffable struggle against nature, he learns that his true enemy is himself!

Disclaimer: If you do this do not expect support from Apple, Boulanger Labs, Clif, Rafael or myself. This is a hack, and while it is perfectly legal, you take your own chances! Success or failure is entirely up to you! I'm just providing this information to help iPad 1 owners get more out of their devices. Do not even buy this with my link if you think you might fail, because I don't want you to be pissed off with me when you can't get it working!

Buy csGrain on iTunes: $9.99

Reader Comments 3

Ha ha, very cool. Now I am wondering how many times I have erroneously erased meaningful musical mishaps. :)

March 29, 2012  | person_outline Clif

Yea! It starts off with the kind of light melody you hear in children's songs or on Ice-Cream trucks, but throughout the jitters and effects creep in. I think that the conclusion, where it is filtered down to nothing and then brought back up sharply only to be killed mid-stride, adds a great element of horror to this creepy children's tune for creepy children.

Thank you for sharing this! I only have a fist gen iPad and I wanted this. You can't go crazy, but it is still very useable. Thanks!

June 12, 2012  | person_outline Marlow77

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