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An Intervention for iDesignSound

All of us music bloggers are pretty close, and we try to look out for each other. Yesterday I was devastated to learn that Alex over iDesignSound had developed G.A.S., so I've staged an intervention. I also try to provide some advice for other musicians who may suffer from this debilitating disorder.

It can happen to any of us. You don't have to suffer alone.

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I thought you were a pretty cool guy Tim, but this video was rather insensitive, After struggling against G.A.S. for many years, not just in the music area, I was at last making some headway. Lately I have been able to restrict myself to IOS software. True, I lapsed a little, and bought a new keyboard, but I came back from that setback. But then I come across your 'helpful' video, showing me 'kit', and those, oh so deep, primaeval urges that I can barely contain come rushing up and I am suddenly back a year in my treatment.
I don't like to use strong language but you're sounding a bit like a, dare I say, Vendor
Despite the temptation, I shall struggle on, fighting my affliction, and dreading the release of Ableton's Push.

Keep up the good work.

December 07, 2012  | person_outline Chris

Enabler! Fighting GAS by demoing gear?? Terrible!

December 07, 2012  | person_outline Will

Rubbish! Its clear to me that you need a new pair of jeans...

December 07, 2012  | person_outline Chezzdog

Ha! Yea, It occured to me how double-edged this is. The main take away should, I hope, be that the cheapest alternative can sometimes be the best, so don't mindlessly lust after vintage gear.

Or my vintage pants, Cheez!


"No buddy, you can still be an alcoholic without that 22 year scotch. Here, drink this case of PBR with me."

I'm just mad because now I want a maschine. Natch!

December 08, 2012  | person_outline Will

LOL, yes good point!

hey, g.a.s. may be the only thing keeping the economy afloat! it's our civic duty.
admittedly, old gear vs. new is a quandary. as is hardware vs. software.
saw a vintage korg/univox (similar to the one that gets significant lead use in the two vids) on matrixsynth/ebay a while back, (but it didn't come with a gear technician). soooo tempted though. the sound!!!



December 08, 2012  | person_outline a1

p.s. how pathetic is that i saved the link for 4 months (?)...incurable!


December 08, 2012  | person_outline a1

I had managed to put the minitaur out of my mind for a while, but now it's back in full. Thanks Tim! Great! (How do you like it, by the way?)

December 08, 2012  | person_outline vincent

I'm liking it quite a lot. The sounds are very thick, with lots of rich harmonics.

The legendary Moog filter is genuinely unique, but that isn't entirely a good thing. It sounds amazing, but it takes some getting used to. With patience you can make some acid squelches, but I would not recommend it for that purpose. It would also not be suitable for grating dubstep-style bass, for the exact reason that the it is good in just about every other genre: The Minitaur is very smooth sounding!

There has been a lot of criticism about it only going up to C5, which I agree is odd, but that hasn't been a problem for me at all. I've got my 61-key keyboard set with the first octave at C0, and I can play all the way up to the end. It isn't a piano; if I can play all 61 keys in front of me, I'm happy! When you do get up into the higher octaves it starts to reveal some gristly lead sounds, as all of those rich harmonics start to take on some harsh/buzzing qualities. I haven't explored this enough yet to comment fully.

In keeping with the theme here of avoiding G.A.S.: I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but if you have a need for deep/rich smooth bass then this is a great way to achieve that. It is that elusive "analog warmth" that all the manufacturer marketing-hype is trying to sell folks on these days, but it comes in a classy clean way, rather than the brittle tones of something like a MonoTribe.

Disclaimer: I am contracted with Moog, also Amos and I are BFFs.

Tim, will you update your guide after new year?

Samplr, Audulus, PPG WaveGenerator... I guess you have much to say %)

December 08, 2012  | person_outline qmish

Thanks for the reply, Tim. I can't justify buying it anyway (well, my hubby that is, hahaha) but i trust your judgement, contract or not. No minitaur for Christmas. But no worries: new ipad on the way, yay!

December 09, 2012  | person_outline vincent

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