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Gestrument Audiobus Demo

Gestrument got a new Audiobus demo. The second half of this is particularly wild, but be ready to lower your volume!

Buy Gestrument on iTunes: $6.99 (On Sale, from $7.99)

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What a horribly unmusical demonstration of some great apps.

December 23, 2012  | person_outline DC

Haha, "a bit" dissonant.

December 23, 2012  | person_outline frejahel

Holy fuck that seriously hurt my ears. Is this video from the devs??

I did buy Gestrument the other day, and you can make some really cool stuff...with just one finger. Which is fun and all. But it does feel like you're cheating or gives the sence that its not actually you that did produce that big orchestral sounding piece of music. I mean u only useed 1 finger to do it? But it's definitely a refreshing and cool app, both as a instrument/sampler and as a midi controller.

December 23, 2012  | person_outline ChrisG

Hi Chris, sorry for your ears - I actually lowered the volume 6db, but that's BitWiz for you, it's intense!
As for cheating, I would disagree - I'm a contemporary composer and has used this for many orchestral pieces and it's all about setting the parameters in advance. Take some time to change the range of the instruments, rhythms and scales and see all the different types of music you can make. You will have a lot of control, and at the same time a lot of intuitive freedom. But then of course the real work starts when you have made the material - then you have to make it work for instruments IRL and put things together in a coherent form.
As for the comments by DC and frejahel, maybe we did let our experimental side take over;-) We come from the contemporary classical world and for us quarter tones doesn't feel dissonant, it's just beautiful! But you are probably right, we might do a softer version of the Audoibus demo.

December 24, 2012  | person_outline Jesper Nordin

I've been trying using Gestrument controlling other apps and it is great.

Tip: don't watch the video, just listen to the music. The pics give you a false impression about the music being "harsh".

December 24, 2012  | person_outline Simon

Great demo of Gestrument's potential. I agree with Jesper, Gestrument requires a bit of preparation before the one finger magic happens!
I certainly wouldn't qualify this "horrible" or "unmusical", but quite the contrary. It's just that contemporary classical music doesn't please everyone's ears.

December 24, 2012  | person_outline Thierry Lalinne

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