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Auria is the latest to release a crash prone update for existing customers. I personally didn't have any problems, but I heard from several folks yesterday who were less fortunate. Now it is official, as the update notes on Auria have changed to read:

What's new:

Existing Auria users - please do not update to this version (1.03). We have identified an issue in this update that could cause issues during the update process. We have submitted an expedited update to Apple, and are waiting for approval. This new update will be 1.03a.

NOTE: this does not affect new users, only users updating from a previous version.

This sort of thing is really unfortunate and can have lasting repercussions. Moog still gets a lot of anger from some corners of the web, for their crashing update. Currently Reddit's /r/iPad is nominating and voting on their favorite apps for many categories. When Animoog was nominated for the Music Creation category, it was immediately rejected by Redditor NudeTayne who stated:

"Great app. But the developers and support is horrendous. As an April Fools prank, they released a sound pack of fart sounds. It was funny, except they charged you for the the sound pack without warning it was a joke. No refunds

App updates sometimes wipe all of your previous purchases. The 2nd to last update rendered animoog unusable. The app would not load until they put out a patch a week and a half later."

Some of those comments are a little unfair, but the sentiment is there.

As always though, if you rely on these apps in any serious way, be safe! Don't hit the Update All button without first waiting to hear if it is safe for your production environment.

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Further thoughts on Mickey Mouse ios app developers. I bought 3 apps this week 1." ifretless bass" ..videos promised much.. choice of sounds etc. etc. it turns out all this is for a future release - version 2 - not yet available no date set.! 2. "Audio palette" {saw nice vid on this site - looked like fun. installed & reinstalled 4 times...app has no sound on 75% of presets the rest sound total crap - nothing like video. Contacted developer quote "I'm sorry you are having trouble! I will look into this as I haven't done any updates in a while and iOS6 may be causing issues.I am a single person operation and have been distracted with other things of late." 3. "Mixtikl 5" Palm Sounds app. of the week - cost quoted as .69p (currently quoted on site .79p) - worth a quick punt I thought , turns out its actually £3.99 !
I realise its not big bucks down the drain here but even so as my French teacher commented when he caught me drawing pics of naked girls in class - "not very edyfing is it ". If id bought Auria I would be well peed off. Thrice bitten thrice shy as they say , maybe ill stick to my trusted Ableton Live on PC.
Kind Regards.

October 08, 2012  | person_outline russ aisthorpe

auria is still a great app. now updated and fixed. If anyone is interested, Vons (the grocery store) allows you to buy a $50 itunes gift card via their iphone app for only $35! cool deal for auria, or any other app. works until the 13th of this month i believe.

October 09, 2012  | person_outline hogo

I assume you can take this down, Tim. 1.031 (I think) was released today: light speed for an app!

October 09, 2012  | person_outline Owen

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