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Noisepad Update Fixes!

Noisepad was issued an update today which fixes a bug that would "break all samples" in the previous version. Nice!

Since not a single person mentioned this bug to me, I assume that means none of you have it. Here's the latest infomercial that will try to change that. I haven't played with it either, but it looks cool.

Buy Noisepad on iTunes: $4.99

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new drum pad apps have some serious competing to do to get any attention.. I don't see anything that would compel me to add it to the collection, DM1 does it very well already and doesn't try to sting you for IAPs.

October 18, 2012  | person_outline RMG

For me, DM1 doesn't do "it" at all since it can't output a MIDI clock. It's pretty and easy to use, but otherwise worthless for me.

October 18, 2012  | person_outline DC

Oh wow... yea when your IAP list is too long to fit them all into the Top In-App Purchases list on iTunes that throws up a red flag, for me personally anyhow. After a lot of discussion with users and developers, I am trying to be a little bit more open to the idea of IAPs and give developers less shit for trying to make money in this weird app economy.

I'm with you on DM1, DC. Though for making some quick beats for importing into other apps it is quite nice. I have a lot of fun making up a few patterns and then exporting the same patterns using different drum kits. The results can be very interesting, especially in glitchy apps.

Hi, I've been developing Noisepad and it is indeed a tough market to work on. Thanks for posting our video!

We didn't realize providing 3rd party samples through optional in app purchases as an additional service to our users would be considered a bad thing. After all, Noisepad comes loaded with samples and you can upload as many samples of your own as you like (using iTunes) and use them all at once. I believe DM1 does not offer such functionality, though they provide some functionality Noisepad does not (yet). It's a matter of what you require i guess.


October 18, 2012  | person_outline Jeroen

I think offering third party samples in your app via in app purchase is a great idea for everyone - the user (easy access to new sounds), the 3rd party (easy access to the market) and you (a little extra scratch + value add for your customers).

As Tim alluded to above, IAPs get a bum rap around these parts. A few apps have come out over the years that are essentially crippled without paying more so a lot of people are suspect of IAPs in their entirety. Might help to be very clear in your description that the app is a complete package without any IAPs and describe the available IAPs in detail up front.

For my own work, I'm with DC. Drum machine apps without midi sync are limited in their utility.

October 18, 2012  | person_outline Will

@DC i see, but it has midi in, right? You could use something like genome as a clock source and trigger dm1 with that maybe? I'm mainly coming from a sample based workflow so I'm not terribly knowledgable in that dept. Does it have to be the clock source to be useful?

@ jeroen sorry if I came across a bit harsh. Personally speaking I use nanostudio so I have a method of playing my own drum samples, and use dm1 for the sound it has. And I have a bit of a knee jerk reaction when it comes to IAPs.. I've just used too many apps that seem good, cheap price, then present a list as long as your arm of purchases to get to what I consider the 'true' content. My personal habit is to prefer apps that give me everything up front and at a price that truly reflects the complete package.

October 18, 2012  | person_outline RMG

A very good point... I agree there are quite some horrible apps out with crippled functionality if you don't use IAP. I'll add it to the description in the store!

No worries :) It's good to receive feedback and I totally understand your view. I actually have the same knee-jerk, though I do usually check the nature of the IAPs.

By midi sync, you guys mean triggering the samples in the drum machine with a midi signal? Or the drum machine giving midi output of it's internal rhythm? Or both? This area is actually new to me but we are researching our options. Thanks

October 19, 2012  | person_outline Jeroen

@Jeroen I'm talking about clock sync. Typical iOS use case for me is running loopy in the foreground and a synced beatbox in the background. Another use case for me is using the iOS device as a traditional drum machine via MIDI along with other hardware and/or a computer. Maybe you're making a song in logic and want a dedicated beatbox with easy sample loading and easy pattern editing. Sweet, noisepad could be that but you'd need it to respond to start/stop messages and stay in time with your song.

October 19, 2012  | person_outline Will


Thanks for your explanation. This seems like a very logical way to use it. We'll see what we can do! Do you know any other apps that do provide such midi functionality?

October 20, 2012  | person_outline Jeroen

@Jeroen funkbox and molten both sync over midi.

October 21, 2012  | person_outline Will

@Will Excellent, thanks!

October 21, 2012  | person_outline Jeroen

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