Let's Play with Tardigrain

humbleTUNE has been developing humble little apps for years, but Tardigrain eschews humbleness to be epic! This granular synth is soaring and, unlike many previous granular apps, can be quite smooth. I had a lot of fun exploring some wild tones in here for this Let's Play!

I joked on Monday that I'd have to increase the end credits by 5 seconds to thank all of the new patrons, but I actually had to extend it by 10 seconds to fit everyone in! Thank you once again to each and every one of you!

Video Description:

This year iOS got three great new granular synths! I'm going to explore them all starting with Tardigrain from humbleTUNE. This one is extremely smooth with a lot of modulation available in a simple, performance-oriented, interface.

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Numerical Audio Updates & News

Numerical Audio just released updates for VOLT Synth and Italizer. Developer Kai Aras also emailed in with details on his next app. Update: Which I wasn't supposed to tell you about yet... Redacted!

What's new in VOLT Synth v1.3.3:

- Added support for MIDI Program Change Messages
- Added support for sustain/hold pedals
- Added support for expression pedal (maps to mod wheel)
- Added option to toggle manual scrolling of the main UI (see settings screen)
- Added option to select whether MIDI program changes apply to all presets or just favourites
- Fixed an issue where MIDI routing via Audiobus/IAA would not work in some cases
- Fixed an issue where some settings would not be be initialized properly when first installing the app
- Fixed an issue where loading the AU on iPhone would load the wrong orientation in some cases
- Fixed an issue where using traditional MIDI input could cause hanging notes in some rare cases
- Fixed an issue where playing the same note twice using the string layout (or using geoshred) would cause the wrong key to be released upon receiving a note off message
- Minor UI tweaks

What's new in Italizer v1.2.1:

- Added attack and release controls to adjust the AMP envelope
- Added new preset manager
- Fixed an issue where the app would not connect via Audiobus/Inter-app Audio
- Fixed an issue where loading the AU into Auria Pro would crash the host in some cases
- Visual Tweaks
- Fixed an issue where setting the filter cutoff control to 0hz could cause the audio system to stop working properly
- Fixed an issue where X/Y pad mappings would not translate to Lightpad block

Janne Koskela - Farewell, Summer

YouTuber Janne Koskela is done with summer. He bids the season farewell with his guitar plugged into an iPad, with MIDI Guitar tracking him and playing SampleTank.

Video Description:

A little study with synth guitar involved. Original compostition from summer 2018.
Guitar used: Martin D Junior
Signal: 1.) BGM Electronics Elevation System pickup through ToneDexter into Roland OctaCapture.
2.) Line signal from ToneDexter through Roland Rubix22 into iPad Mini3. In iPad, signal is converted into MIDI using MIDI Guitar 2 and then used to play Sample Tank synth instrument and run stereo into OctaCapture
3.) Timbre Tones microphone run through Sound Skulptor MP573 into OctaCapture.
Audio edited in Presonus Studio One 3 Pro software
Video recorded with Olympus OM-D E-M5mk2 & M.Zuiko 12-40mm pro lens.

Inhumanity - OST Scored Exclusively with KORG Gadget of iOS

Composer Tony Longworth used the iOS version of Gadget to score the new grindhouse movie Inhumanity. That is so cool! You can hear some of the music in the official trailer.

Video Description:

Go take a listen to the Inhumanity movie soundtrack, totally and entirely created using the amazing and versatile KORG Gadget on an iPad.

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stemshade - creepy ambient jam

YouTuber stemshade recorded some notes off a nylon string guitar into SpaceCraft. With some delay and reverb he takes us deep into the creepy realms of ambient space.

Video Description:

recorded some notes and chords on both tracks of sg. manipulated it and ran it through delay and reverb..nothing else.

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