Patrick Alexander's Melody Zone - Relax, Will Ya?

Reader Patrick Alexander has released another mad album. Relax, Will Ya? is stunning in its musicality, as well as its absurdity. The album will lull you with a lullaby before smacking you with some of the weirdest fucking noises I've ever heard. Somehow it manages to stay very musical through all of the change-ups and interludes into insanity. I particularly enjoyed the first two tracks. I can't overstate how oddly relaxing the melodies are.

KORG Module Update

KORG Module was updated with a new Ivory Mobile American D sound library, available as an IAP. Both versions of Module at 50% off today!

What's new in KORG Module v2.7.0:

・Expansion Sound Library "SYNTHOGY - Ivory Mobile American D" added*
・Added 2D mode to iPad.
・Now supports Super Retina Display such as iPhone XS.
・Bug fixes and improvements.

* Available from in-app purchases.

thesoundtestroom: iBassist - Full MIDI Chords Out Tutorial

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom did a tutorial on the new update for iBassist.

Video Description:

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BIAS FX Update

BIAS FX, from Positive Grid Inc, is now Universal. They've also swapped over to a freemium pricing model. The free version gives you access to 3 amps, and 8 effects. Strangely they've updated BIAS AMP 2 to work with this, but it is still split off into two separate iPhone and iPad apps..

What's new in BIAS FX v1.7.0:

We are happy to announce the release of an upgraded version of BIAS FX guitar effects processing app that now works on both iPhone and iPad.

Now guitarists can turn their iOS devices into a world-class guitar amps and effects processor. The BIAS FX mobile app will come stocked with two free amps and eight effects with six factory presets, all ready to rock with ultra-low latency. Users can purchase two new amps and effects packs to add even more analog-sounding amps, guitar pedals and high def stereo rack effects.

The Starter License includes an additional 3 amps, 8 effects and 12 presets. The Essential License includes everything from the Starter License and more for a total of 12 drool-worthy boutique amp models, 30 stunning effects and 50 factory presets. Now you can have thousands of dollars of gear at the touch of a fingertip.

The BIAS FX universal app includes incredibly versatile, high-quality effects from vintage pedal simulations to newly added high-end rack effects. All effects are designed to work with BIAS FX’s easy-to-use, photo-realistic, drag and drop interface to dial in tone just like on analog studio gear.

Built on the backbone of the most advanced amps and effects engine in the industry, the BIAS FX app draws its power from the original, award-winning BIAS FX software, available for PC/Mac. Packed with a library of hyper-authentic, touch responsive amplifier circuits, it also includes a new speaker cabinet module and a studio-quality collection of amazing sounds and pre-sets. “Delays, choruses, flangers, vibratos, tremolos, all that is available in BIAS FX. Whatever it is that your style requires, it’s all there for you,” shares Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones.

Stocked with a built-in tuner and metronome, the BIAS FX universal app supports MIDI control and has a LIVE view for easy on-stage control. The Global setting makes amp control fast and precise.

The BIAS FX mobile app also allows users to connect to our ToneCloud, where players can find thousands of amps and effects configurations created by artists, producers and engineers from all over the world. Settings can be downloaded and shared in a snap. Marc Holcomb of Periphery can’t get enough. “The quality of the tones you get out of this thing are unbelievable,” he shares.

Stay tuned with us at, more is coming!

Rock On!
The Positive Grid Team

Developing Fortamento Idea into Pop Music Track

A new demo was posted on the official Fortamento YouTube. Producer Soundroll fully documented, and judiciously edited, his process for taking a song idea in Fortamento and turning it into a fully developed track.

Video Description:

In this video, we have generated a 4 bars of chords and melody using Fortamento application. Then exported the midi file into DAW where we have created a full song, inspired by the generated tune.

We’d love to hear your take on this idea, get the idea midi file from here -


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Produced by Soundroll:

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