StreamByter Update

StreamByter, the app that lets you write your own MIDI effects from Audeonic Apps, was updated with a new presets manager. Presets can be stored in iCloud to be shared with the new macOS version of the app. You can add presets via iTunes file-sharing or the Files app. Both the iOS and macOS version of StreamByter got a new MIDI event monitor for diagnostics.

What's new in StreamByter v1.2:

- new presets manager - store presets locally or in iCloud Drive to share with all your macs and iOS devices
- presets available via iTunes sharing and Files app (standalone app)
- new MIDI Event Monitor - examine events entering and leaving the module
- SND +I (inject) flag now implemented
- other bugs fixed

There's a new video on the Audeonic YouTube channel showing off the new features. There's also a demo of a "Descending Delay" MIDI effect.

iPad Synth or Original: iVCS3 compared to EMS Synthi AKS

YouTuber studentsmusic did an extremely detailed comparison between the iVCS3 and its vastly more expensive hardware counterpart. He's done a fair job of editing down a whole hour of tests to just 20 minutes.

Video Description:

Some additional Infos: excerpts from trying to get objective data comparing an app with the original synthesizer. Don´t take it for granted, especially comparing waveforms here in such a short feature. So probably with mistakes, but somehow the tendency: the app is quite good! One core challenge that should be done better is comparing the filters, which might behave different in every hardware device and are one important character of the ems synths.
Interesting: Sine (sorry for german/latin "sinus") wave on AKS AND IVCS is not pure and has quite some harmonic distortion (due to Wave shaper?). Normally around 5%THD. The sine of the self oscillating Filter should be around 3% THD. Here its more, but somehow congruent analog and digital!
Of course there can be endless discussions comparing virtual with analog vintage. We all know its two different Animals. But as it comes to sound and hearing this might be a trigger for you to check by yourself, whats cooking with your hardware/app gear. Believing is not knowing.

TC-11 Update

Bit Shape updated TC-11, TC-Performer, and TC-Data with iPhone X and iPad Pro support. The update also includes various fixes, and TC-Data now support Audiobus 3 MIDI.

What's new in TC-11 v3.2:

New Features:
• Better support for iPhone X and iPad Pro home indicator
Bug Fixes:
• Scrolling issues with controller popovers fixed
• Fixed crash when using Table

What's new in TC-Performer v1.2:

New Features:
• Support for iPhone X, iPad Pro
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed issue with Transpose view
• Fixed issue with patches disappearing from list

What's new in TC-Data v2.1:

New Features:
• Audiobus 3 MIDI support
• Better support for iPhone X and iPad Pro home indicator
Bug Fixes:
• Scrolling issues with controller popovers fixed
• Fixed crash when using Table

I checked the BitShape YouTube channel for any new demos and got somewhat distracted. Kevin left all of his YouTube activity public... The first item at top of the list is that he Liked a well shot video debunking some nonsensical infomercial product. I don't know anything about designing a pan, but if I was in on the committee that came up with this I would have pointed out that the square is a bad idea.

Digital DJ Tips: Algoriddim djay For iOS Review

Digital DJ Tips reviews the controversial new version of djay; the app formerly known as djay Pro.

Video Description:

Algoriddim just launched its new unified "djay For iOS" app, folding all its different variations into just one piece of software. Here is our first-look Algoriddim djay for iOS review.

It comes as a free download with DJing and AI Automix basics, though if you want to access advanced features like the Looper and video mixing you'll need to pony up US$4.99/month to subscribe to what the company now calls "djay Pro". Get a peek at the revamped interface and see how Looper works in this First Look video.

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haQ attaQ: Novation MiniNova Synth Editor │ MIDI Designer Pro

Jakob Haq spent over 350 hours creating a MIDI Designer Pro template for the Novation MiniNova! And he looks cold. He's super bundled up, indoors, and it isn't even Winter yet! Sweden is not fucking around.

Video Description:

Finally, an iPad synth editor for Novation MiniNova and its powered by MIDI Designer pro! It took a huge amount of time to build and offers 98% access to the feature packed MiniNova synth engine. No more jumping menus, just pure insta-tweak patch building! This is the deepest controller I've made so far and its going to save a lot of time for a lot of MiniNova users out there ... wanting to program patches using their iPads of course (if they have iPads).


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