Korg Gadget 2 Coming in February

Korg has just announced that Korg Gadget 2 will be arriving in February for iOS, macOS, and now Windows!

This will be a free update on iOS, and as a paid upgrade on macOS. With the paid upgrade you get the six new gadgets:

- Memphis (Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer)
- Pompei (6Voices Analogue Synthesizer)
- Taipei (MIDI-Out Control Module)
- Durban (Bass Effect Processor)
- Two more new gadgets coming soon

Memphis appears to be a Gadgetized version of iMS-20, while Pompei looks like iPolysix! All of these Gadgets will be available as IAPs on iOS.

In addition to bringing Gadget to Windows, the announcement mentions that the individual Gadgets will now be usable as plugins on desktop... but that's going to be a separate purchase. It explicitly states that these plugins are not part of the standalone package.

Clarification: Reader Laarz pointed out in the comments here that I'm probably misinterpreting the Windows news from Korg's page. There's all these fucking asterisks all over everything they say, and I think I missed a step. It seems like they're saying that there will be no standalone Gadget on Windows, only the plugins.

Dolby 234 - Leaked Details of New Dolby App

Reader Justin wrote in with a tip on Tech Crunch, about a SoundClound contender coming from Dolby!

Codenamed “234”, the app includes some of Dolby's DSP technology to reduce noise in recordings, and accentuate them with effects. All of this is presented as the audio equivalent of Instragram filters. I doubt very much that you'll be side-chaining compression. Instead you'll pick from names like Bright and Dark, and the app just applies that preset.

All of this ties into a new audio social network. This comes on the heels of Allihoopa's demise yesterday. Tech Crunch says that there is also a way to export to SoundCloud as well.

There aren't a lot of details in the article, and it frankly sounds like the author doesn't fully grasp the subject matter. It is intriguing to see Dolby enter the space, but I'm inclined to believe this will be about as useful to musicians as Instragram is to photographers.

Axon 2 Update

Audio Damage, Inc. updated Axon 2 with new MIDI Out functionality. Because this is using AUv3 MIDI, the minimum version for Axon has been raised to iOS 11; the first version of iOS to include AUv3 MIDI.

What's new in Axon 2 v2.0.12:

We have activated the MIDI out feature of Axon. Some things to note:

1. The MIDI note that the particular node outputs is based on the pitch setting of the node.
2. The mixer works when using the MIDI out. The level sliders determine velocity, and mute and solo both work as you'd expect.
3. AUv3 built with iOS SDK prior to iOS 11 do not have MIDI out. So we have to raise the minimum of Axon to iOS 11 to allow this.

Red Sky Lullaby: Making Chillhop Beats on an iPad

Reader Red Sky Lullaby makes some nice groovy Chillhop on his iPad with a bunch of apps! He's included captions throughout so you can follow along.

Video Description:

AppJam made with the amazing Samplr App for iPad
My take on a Chillhop / Lofi HipHop beat.
Samplr by Marcos Alonso, NeoSoul Keys Studio by GospelMusicians and Beatmaker3 by Intua recorded simultaneously into 3 channels in Auria Pro DAW by WaveMachine Labs
Also used the superb AltiSpace Convolution Reverb by Igor Vasiliev on the Drums and Sax.

Fexomat - Particles (AUM/KORG/Rozeta Jam)

YouTuber killerautomat produced an industrial ambient score with his Korg gear and a variety of apps. This one is a slow burn, and takes quite a while to build up, but it is good once it gets going!

Video Description:

messing around with:
AUM, Korg Volca Keys, Korg Monotribe, Aparillo, Phosphor 2, Ruismaker Noir, Quanta, ApeDelay, Discord4, Adverb, Zero Reverb.
Everything was sequenced by Rozeta Particles, Korgs are connected via iConnectivity4+


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