LayR - Multi Timbral Synthesizer Update

LayR, from Living Memory Software, got a big update today adding FX sends on each layer strip, and a whole bunch of tweaks across the board.

The update also includes new preset banks from Red Sky Lullaby and Brice Beasley.

What's new in LayR - Multi Timbral Synthesizer v1.0.3:

- New preset banks created by Red Sky Lullaby and Brice Beasley.
- FX sends added to Layer Strips.
- An option to select an alternative dials view for Envelope, allows assigning MIDI to A,D,S and R.
- Added IAA transport buttons and time display when hosted in IAA.
- Improved IAA beat Sync for Arpeggiator. ( in preparation for Live Link and Audiobus 3).
- Slightly improved reverb with a pre-delay parameter.
- You can now assign MIDI and link controls in Layer Strips by long pressing.
- New shortcut in MIDI Assign View: Repeatedly double tap range dial to set various default ranges.
- Added a toggle switch to enable/disable Pitch Bend in Layer Strips
- Added a Reset Factory Presets button to Settings for updating/restoring latest presets.
- Small improvement to note stealing algorithm.
- Increased threshold for closing FX view with a swipe.
- Arpeggiator: Hold mode can now be set by a Sustain Pedal message over MIDI.
- Settings option to save state on quit and restore on launch.
- Settings option to ignore all notes off over MIDI
- Settings option to not reset master volume when loading performance.
- Settings option for iPad UI: swipe left or right on background to change layers
- Settings option for iPad UI: swipe down on background to exit layer editor

- No longer crashes when using MIDI controller with LFOs in Tempo mode.
- No longer crashes when attempting to assign MIDI controller to Envelope Time Mode buttons.
- Fixed a small glitch when releasing looped envelopes in tempo mode.
- Fixed a potential crash when starting legato notes which are transposed out of MIDI range.
- Fixed an issue with CME Air keyboards that caused stuck notes.
- Fixed a bug in reverb damping filters.
- Lowest note of a key span is no longer ignored if key span has a fade.
- Settings view is now scrollable, Background Audio switch no longer scrolls up to be unavailable on iPhone SE
- “Open In” now works when using sources other than iCloud Drive via iOS Documents Picker.
- Onscreen keyboard no longer scrolls back to middle after scrolling to low notes.
- iPhone onscreen keyboard no longer jiggles around while dragging.
- Keyboard Edit view is now rendered correctly on small screen phones.
- Text and notes are now saved with exported presets.
- LFOs for AM modulation are no longer incorrectly inverted.
- Improved solo/muting behaviour.
- Fixed a rare bug where a high random smoothing value could cause an effect similar to a long portamento.
- Fixed a case where portamento wasn’t reset when voice is restarted.
- MIDI Volume cc7 for controlling Instrument Volume now uses full range if instrument is saved with zero volume.
- Performance name no longer reverts to "Master” after editing
- In layer help overlay “FM Amount” changed to “Env Pitch Amount”.
- iPad help, "Random mod amount" and "LFO2 mod amount" captions were reversed.
- iPhone help typo in Filter 2 Section.
- Keyboard: increased contrast of playing notes when using coloured keys
- Keyboard: Now correctly uses first key touched to determine range for velocity/mod.

Red Sky Lullaby posted this video explaining the synthesis in LayR, as well as showing off his new sounds!

ChordFlow By Dmitry Klochkov - Demo & Tutorial

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom demos Dmitry Klochkov's new ChordFlow app!

Video Description:

Please help support thesoundtestroom by becoming a Patreon for as little as $1 a month.
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Check Out Doug Woods And Colin Powell At Bandcamp Too If You Like Progressive Rock

Rakitin & Kotnov - Thirty Two

YouTuber Sergey Rakitin and his buddy Kotnov posted this awesome excerpt from a jam session.

Video Description:

fragment from live looping jam session
full audio:

played and composed live, 2017-03-12

haQ attaQ: Gadget Production - Post DubStep │ PAD

Jakob Haq continues his Post DubStep production series in Gadget with this video on pads.

Video Description:

Pushing forward with part 4 of the KORG Gadget Post DubStep production series! Apart from having a look at the Helsinki fueled pad sound, I am also telling you about my meeting Kazuhito and Hironori from KORG!

Want to produce UK Garage or Post DubStep type music with a sound reminiscent of artists like Synkro, Burial or Koreless to name a few, then this series might just be for you.

PART 3 - BELL Texture ►
PART 4 - PAD ►



Rebecca Loops - Ice Ice Baby a cappella

YouTuber Rebecca Loops rocks a mic like a vandal, to the extreme, in her latest live looping a cappella!

Video Description:

One of the few songs to top the Billboard 100 AND make it to VH1s 5 worst songs ever!!

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