StreamByter 1.5 Update

Audeonic updated StreamByter with a free Factory Preset that lets the app act as a MIDI looper!

This Nimble Looper is quite clever, and even includes some extra features like Host Aware start/stop, and tracking a Host BPM. You can read all about it on the Audeonic forums. There's even a demo to show it off!

What's new in StreamByter v1.5:

Presenting 'Nimble Looper' - an easy to use and intuitive host aware MIDI looper shipped as a Factory Preset with this version. See the Audeonic forum and youtube channel for full details and video.

bugs fixed/minor enhancements:
- Now possible to control buttons/menus via AU parameters
- Fixed incorrect error on X8-F = XX +B old style rules
- Detection of host stop/start events
- SET Qx +quantise flag
- stability fixes

Metallica - Sanitarium (Welcome Home) Cover

Reader Elias Sofronas did a beautiful cover of the classic Metallica song Sanitarium using BIAS FX on his iPad. He also used a custom MidiFire configuration to automatically engage the Wah in BIAS.

Video Description:

Metallica - Sanitarium (Welcome Home)

Camera : iPhone XR
Guitar : Schecter Diamond Series
Effects : Bias FX for iPad
DAW : Cubasis 2 for iPad
Footswitch : Meloaudio midi commander

Everything recorder and mixed up on iPad, except video which recorder with an iPhone.
On this video at the main solo part, i am using an auto engage solution by using a 3rd part application midifire. Check my other video about the wah pedal auto engage .

BVSMV - Iridescent Shapes

Reader BVSMV produced some pretty sounding Synthwave with Reason Compact and FAC Chorus!

Video Description:

Full video for the dreamy, Synthwave, post-rock track “Iridescent Shapes” Out May 31st on Triplicate Records. Pre-Save now at

Studio Live Today: How to Use STARK Amp Sim for Bass

Studio Live Today's Pete Johns shows us how to use Klevgränd's AUv3 amp sim STARK for Bass guitar.

Video Description:

How to use STARK amp sim for BASS - GarageBand iOS (iPad)

Interested in the STARK amp simulator from Klevgrand but want to hear how it handles bass guitar? In this video, I've got you covered!

Join me as I take you through some of the cool presets we have in the STARK amp sim, and then lay down a bass track for my new songs. I even do a comparison between STARK and the stock GarageBand amp sim.

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TheRealZnrG - Shift of Time

YouTuber xTheRealZnrGx did some nice Future Bass in FL Studio Mobile with GarageBand!

Video Description:

Genre: Future Bass / Melodic Dubstep
First Future Bass song hype! This is also the first song that I used FL studio mobile for. ( the drums at the drops are not garageband kits, they are FL Studio Electronic 3 I’m pretty sure; I used inter app audio to record it) However, I still recorded all the other synths and effects and etc. in GarageBand (including arrangement and mastering with reverb and pan and stuff like that). Enjoy!
Also, picture not by me, all credit to this artist (they are really talented):

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