Gauss Field Looper Update

Gauss Field Looper, from Bram Bos and HAINBACH, was updated with user suggestions. This first update adds a loop decay to slowly, and naturally, fade out your loops. Those loops will now be seamless too, thanks to a change in the way the app splices together the ends of a loop.

What's new in Gauss Field Looper v1.0.1:

Thanks for the amazing feedback on our app! 

We've listened to your requests and suggestions, so in this first update we have implemented some of the most requested features for you:
- "Loop decay", which lets the loop slowly fade away with each pass
- Support for external audio gear in the standalone app (USB interfaces, external mics, etc.)
- Seamless loops. We've removed the tape-splice point, so your loops are now silky smooth all the way
- All transport/record functions are now exposed as AU Parameters in the plugin
- Improved sound engine and some minor bug fixes

Have fun!

Reader Martin Neuhold used every single stringed instrument he owns on this epic ambient jam with the app!

WT1 Wavetable Groovebox Synth by DesignByPaul

DesignByPaul released WT1 Wavetable Groovebox Synth. Then Paul updated it to be useful!

WT1 Wavetable Groovebox Synth

The WT1 Wavetable Groovebox is a groovebox synthesizer designed to make sound and music quickly and easily. Taking inspiration from modular synth layouts; WT1's user interface is laid out like a sound easel with all controls on screen at once for immediate sonic tweaking and instant music-making.

WT1 s sports three synths with their own synthesis types: super saw, wavetable and vector. Each synthesizer includes a step sequencer for sequencing notes and amplitude, and includes independent effects; reverb, chorus and delay.

For the price of coffee, why not make some melodic sounds with WT1 Wavetable Groovebox!

3x synthesizer
3x step sequencers
3x reverb, chorus, delay
Scale locking (great for routing step sequencers to particular scales)
6x LFOs

What's new in WT1 Wavetable Groovebox Synth v1.0.1:

Audiobus 3 support
IAA (Inter App Audio)
iPad 11 inch GUI fix
Knob sensitivity adjusted for some parameters
GUI Improvements  

Despite the flippancy of this post, and my general attitude towards Paul's apps, I have to give Paul credit for the way this one sounds. Which is Fantastic! These are the sounds you want when you're doing weird shit in a weird wavetable app!

Flip - Quick Play of Andrew Huang’s New Sampler App

Reader Red Sky Lullaby did a demo with captions to show off Flip, the new app from YouTuber Andrew Huang and developer Oliver Greschke (Elastic Drums, Elastic FX, and a whole bunch of other stuff behind the scenes).

Video Description:

Quick Play and brief overview of Flip app for iPhone and iPad by Andrew Huang and Oliver Greschke the developer of Elastic Drums and Elastic FX.
Imported some of my own samples from Audioshare in to Flip then used the on screen pads and keyboard to record some midi patterns and arrange.

Pure Acid Update

Pure Acid, from Dmitrij Pavlov, was updated with two MIDI out channels when loaded up as an AUv3 audio unit. Now you can use the Pure Acid sequencer to sequence drums and a bassline!

What's new in Pure Acid v1.5.0:

• Audio unit now supports Midi Output! Two Midi Out ports added: Bassline and Drums. Be sure to enable them in standalone's Settings -> Midi -> "Bass Midi Out Channel" and "Drums Midi Out Channel" setting;
• minor bugs & some potential memory leaks fixed.

Nu-Trix: FRMS Granular iOS Synth from Imaginando

YouTuber Nu-Trix The Synth Guy took a look at the recently updated granular app FRMS!

Video Description:

This video is about FRMS granular iOS synth from Imaginando + giveaway
The company @Imaginando is being a cool iOS and Desktop Synth. FRMS has a lot of little features in it that gives it special place in my iPad.
We have a giveaway for 3 bundle of this synth.
Follow this link for the giveway information:

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Nu-Trix Music:
EP : "The mobile sessions of Nu-Trix"

Album : "SuperJednostka"

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