Let's Play with SynthMaster One

While the original SynthMaster Player enjoyed a lot of popularity, I was always disappointed that we didn't have the full version on iOS. All of that changed last week with the release of SynthMaster One! This is a full port of the desktop synth, with all of the synthy bits exposed for play. So... Let's Play with it!

Contest: I have 3 copies of SynthMaster One to give away! This post is going up on Thursday as a Patron Early Access Screening. The winning codes will go out on Saturday. This gives non-patrons a chance to enter on Friday, but they're going to have to be fast because I'm closing this early Saturday morning.

Contest closed! Congratulations to jimhanks, colorofdubious, and Frozen Lonesome!

Video Description:

KV331's first iOS app, SynthMaster Player, came out 3 years ago as a way for people to explore popular SynthMaster presets. But it lacked all of the fun synthesis elements. Finally we get the full version of SynthMaster on iOS with SynthMaster One!

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Galileo Organ 2 for iPad and iPhone - Sneak Peak

Developer Yonac Software has released a teaser for Galileo Organ 2, arriving next week on iOS!

Video Description:

A modern classic reenvisioned! The best organ on iOS just got even better in the form of an all-new, universal app. New modeling technology for even more realistic tones, more organ models, more FX, more parameters, more customization, more of everything. Extensive MIDI features, Inter App Audio, and yes, glorious AUv3.
Landing in the App Store on June 20th.

Beat Mirror Update

Ten Kettles' rhythm trainer Beat Mirror can now detect tempo from different instruments and even whole songs! There is a demo on Instagram of it doing just that on 3 different iOS devices.

What's new in Beat Mirror v2.2.0:

After months knee-deep in the mathiest of math, we're super happy to announce that Beat Mirror's tempo-detection algorithm has been rebuilt from the ground up—and it's a big step forward!

Beat Mirror now detects tempo for a huge variety of instruments and tracks. It's also much more stable and we think you'll be super pleased. Take it for a spin and see what you think.

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments about Beat Mirror. Just tap the envelope button in the app, or email us directly at alex[at]tenkettles[dot]com. And if you like what you see, a review would be pretty great too. :) Enjoy! -Alex

Zentric Egg - Henrietta the Cat

Reader Zentric Egg is breaking out of his Gadget comfort zone by forcing himself to use various AUv3 synths and effects inside of BeatMaker 3. Here is his second track from that effort, with a video of the titular cat.

Electronisounds: Novation Launchpad - Radical Dubstep Pack

Dean from Electronisounds has a new post-Dubstep soundpack available in Launchpad for just $2!

Video Description:

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