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App Store Description:

Fundamental is a sound synthesis software tool combining the different roots of electronic music history. Its wave engine is a faithful sonic recreation of a vintage Rohde&Schwartz vacuum tube oscillator ( having been widely used at WDR by Stockhausen )

Fundamental leaves behind the limitations of the original device by proposing complex modulation possibilities, stochastic distributions addressing the sonic parameters like frequency , gain, stereo panning etc. in continuum, which has not been applicable until now.

Whether you play live electronics, compose for media or just insterested in early electronic music...

The Fundamental software presents you 8 instances of this vintage sine wave generator with all the artifacts and richness of a vintage equipment. That combination is we believe something you should experience.

Some of the features : ( iOS standalone and AUv3 )

- unique polymorphing wavetable synthesis without any compromise in data content and precision.

- 4 dynamic wavetables being rendered for each voice to represent infinitesimal steps of frequency and gain combinations between 1HZ – 3800Hz of the original vacuum tube oscillator.

- 8 simultaneous voices each with custom freq, gain, boost, panning and modulation settings.

- Custom or harmonic frequency distribution of voices with variable spread ratio and tuning table.

- 4 independent stochastic modulations for each voice (32 in total) addressing all parameters with various continuous, discrete distributions and also standard waveforms.

- Full MPE support with various configuration possibilites.

- Independent Attack / Release envelopes for each voice with various modes, AR times can be set to degrees of randomness.

- Vintage oscillator or pure sine wave mode.

Direct Link for manual :

Recommended iPAD model : A10 processor or higher.

TribeTron 7XWAVE Groovebox

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App Store Description:

7Xwave - a 7 track sample sequencer with synthesiser & animatable modulation features.
So many sound manipulation possibilities can be had with this whether its a funky electro backing track or crazy glitch effects.
Each track adjustable up to 64 steps.
Choose a sample, tweak the sound using envelopes & filters.
Add effects to each sound, pan, level, sample start, length pitch & filter.
Lock track parameter dials to a step or record dial movements in real time.
Export recorded loops or route audio into Audiobus or AUM etc keeping in sync with other apps using MIDI or Ableton Link.

This app was inspired by the Korg Volca & Electribes. I had so much fun with the Volca but it felt limited in memory and steps. It was a very fun sound toy & occasionally a loop maker but I wanted to be able to store more, longer patterns, and have more variation in sequences. Being a massive fan of the Korg Electribes, i looked at the recent Electribe Sampler. It was cool but just didn't seem as fun as the older Electribes plus you couldn't animate the sample start and length which to me was the best part of the Volca. So i decided to see if I can make my own app that does what i wanted. Using the knowledge i gained from 2Xb303 & 6X806 I delved deeper into audio coding. Originally an environment artist, I have had to leant alot as i go, but here after many months during a strange year of set backs, I finally finished it. I know there will be some disappointed its not AUv3 as I havent managed to find a way for that just yet. I have had great fun with this and created some cool loops and tracks myself. I dont need my Volca anymore. I hope you enjoy this too.

Specifications & features:
Animate or set key steps for every track dial for sound changing animations.
Each program has swing/groove,
has independent step lengths from 1-64 plus offsets,
Randomiser with 0-100% chance of a step in realtime,
Accent on each track for how much the accent affects pitch, frequency & volume dynamics.
Each step is added using classic step edits. Double tap = accented dynamics. Hold down a step for copy, paste & clear.
Fill 64 steps repeats current length  into 64 steps.
Random generate the steps.
Each track has hi, low or band pass filter, resonance, filter env & decay.
Also Hi split adds parallel hi pass.
Sample start, length & loop point, loop on/off, ping ping & reverse.
Loop level allows you to play loop back to point in Sample or at the very end for glitch repeat effects.
Slice/divide the sample start point to the track sequence length.
You can then re-shuffle steps for glitch effect.
Refine any step parameter manually.
Adjust pitch, volume attack & release or gated volume. Adjust pitch or set it automatically to fit the sequence length and BPM (good for importing loops to match).
Distortion, Delay (snaps to nearest time sync), reverb and compression effects.
Each track has one LFO with adjustable speed and can modulate sample start, length , filter and pitch. LFO can also triggered to reset on each step for an Envelope effect.
Built in keyboard for playing your samples using keys or selecting the random notes for random generation in step edit.
Mixer console view so you can adjust pan, bass and levels.
Import samples from other apps documents folders, Audioshare or copy/paste.
Export you trimmed (using start/length) sample to this app document folder and export your recorder loops.
Record what you are playing to export to another app or computer for composing yous loops.
Play in sync your sampled loop with your current program.
Route the audio output into other apps like Garage band, Audiobus or AUM with other apps.
Ableton Link / MIDI sync.
PLEASE NOTE: Depending on IOS version and Audiobus (AB) version, if you have trouble loading into AB, swipe close 7XWAVE , launch 7XWAVE, clear session in AB, then load into AB.

Included is a help function.
Any problems or ideas please let me know.


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App Store Description:

The next generation of additive synthesis

Additive synthesis is a sound synthesis technique that creates timbre by adding sine waves together. The timbre of musical instruments can be considered to consist of multiple harmonic or inharmonic partials or overtones. VirSyn already has a remarkable track record of products ( CUBE, POSEIDON ) trying to make this virtually unlimited synthesis method manageable for creative sound designers and musicians. AddStation is the next step forward giving you a tool to explore completely new sonic territory. The massive amount of sine waves in AddStation - thousands per voice - together with unique morph sequencing blocks blur the frontiers between analog and digital sonic realms.
And all this integrated in all relevant iOS production environments especially the emerging AUv3 AudioUnit standard.


• Fractal additive synthesis
• over 170 sound presets
• Four parts with 8 Additive Sequence Blocks
• Sound morphing
• up to 512 partials per voice with independent AD envelopes
• harmonic/inharmonic spectra
• Ringmodulation
• arbitrary filter function and noise spectra
• four independent analog style Arpeggiators


• Chorus
• Phaser
• Flanger
• Overdrive
• Parametric EQ
• Echo/Delay
• Reverb


• AUv3 for Host integration
• Audiobus 3 compatible (Input slot) with state saving
• Support for Ableton Link.
• Inter-app audio compatible (Instrument/Generator)
• CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI
• Audio recorder.

BLEASS Flanger AUv3 Plugin

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App Store Description:

BLEASS Flanger is a rich sounding flanging effect offering a wide range of synchronised modulations which colours sound in a novel and unique way thanks to its complex algorithmic combinations.

There are three stages of modulation as well as two LFOs, combined offering great sonic versatility - from classic sine flanger sounds to crazy rhythmic modulations courtesy of its 6 different LFO shapes.

The ability to easily synchronize the flanging effect with the beat makes it ideal to bring subtle flanging variations while evolving harmoniously with a song’s dynamics.

Our customary interface design makes for a smooth and efficient UI with clear visual feedback, increasing the enjoyment and playability of sound designing.

As with other BLEASS plugins, BLEASS Flanger is very low on CPU usage and works in all compatible hosts.


INPUT stage:
- Low-shelf/High-pass input filter
- Input gain

LFO A stage: (This LFO modulates DELAY TIME)
- SYNC: sets LFO’s synchronization between BEAT SYNC and FREE SYNC
- RATE: sets LFO’s rate
- OFFSET: when BEAT SYNC mode is activated, sets LFO’s offset relatively to the beat
- SHAPE: select LFO’s shape between sine, triangle, sawtooth, inverted sawtooth, square and random
- PHASE: sets offset between the LFO’s two stereo channels
- DEPTH: sets LFO’s amount as a percentage of DELAY TIME’s value
- STEREO METER: represents LFO’s state

LFO B stage: (This LFO can modulate either DELAY TIME, DELAY FEEDBACK or DELAY WIDTH)
- SYNC: sets the LFO’s synchronization between BEAT and FREE
- RATE: sets the LFO’s rate
- OFFSET: if SYNC is set to BEAT, sets LFO’s offset relatively to the beat
- SHAPE: select LFO’s shape between sine, triangle, sawtooth, inverted sawtooth, square and random
- PHASE: sets offset between LFO’s two channels
- DESTINATION: sets the LFO’s destination between DELAY TIME, FEEDBACK and WIDTH
- DEPTH: sets LFO’s amount as a percentage of DESTINATION’s value
- METER: represents LFO’s state (depending on the selected modulation destination)

ENVELOPE FOLLOWER stage: (modulates DELAY TIME depending on the input signal’s level)
- AMOUNT: sets the amount of modulation as a percentage of DELAY TIME’s value
- ATTACK: sets the attack of the follower
- RELEASE: sets the release of the follower

DELAY stage:
- TIME: sets average delay time
- FEEDBACK: sets average delay feedback
- WIDTH: sets delay time’s difference between both channels (and average delay time when width is modulated by LFO B)

MIX stage:
- POLARITY: if set to “+“, wet signal is added to the dry signal, if set to “-“, wet signal is subtracted to the dry signal
- DRY/WET: sets the amount of wet signal added (or subtracted) to the dry signal

Check out for video tutorials and demos!

* PLEASE NOTE: this is an Audio Unit Effect plugin (AUv3) which requires a compatible host such as AUM, Audiobus, GarageBand, Cubasis, BM3 and Auria. You can also use the BLEASS Flanger as a standalone app using headphones, a mic or an external sound card. *

Grand Piano auv3

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App Store Description:

Grand Piano auv3 brings you the sound of the classic instrument to your iPad and iPhone.
It can be used as standalone app or as auv3 inside DAWs apps like GarageBand or Beatmaker3.

-Full key multi sampled.
-High quality samples.
-Crystal clear sound.
-Low CPU load.

Demo videos on developer site.
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