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TB Compressor

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App Store Description:

Say Hi! to your new favourite iOS compressor plugin! ToneBoosters Compressor is an AUv3 plugin for professional, mastering-grade compression and dynamics processing.

This flexible plug-in has all the features you will ever need, such as:
- Soft knee compression
- Parallel compression
- External side-chain input (if supported by the host)
- Band-limited compression
- Spatially selective compression

This compressor is suitable for every compression task and beyond:
- Track compression
- Bus and master bus compression
- De-essing and de-harshing using the band-limited compression feature

The user interface shows compression in action, with a real-time and interactive display of levels, gains and curves. Assisted sliders provide guidance to accurately adjust threshold, makeup and range parameters.

Want to hear what signal elements are affected by compression? Hit the audition button and listen to everything that is changed by the compressor in isolation.

The side-chain editor allows you to adjust the frequency response of the side chain, and has an integrated spectrum analyzer. You can select which channels the side chain listens to, including selection of mid or side channels. Obviously we have provided an audition button for the side chain as well!

Imagine you could just compress the mid or side channel, and apply compression to a specific frequency range only. Dynamically make space for elements without having to compress the full mix; de-ess those sibilant vocals in the mid channel; soothe those harsh frequencies; the possibilities are endless. This is all possible with the compression zone feature.

The ToneBoosters Compressor app captures the microphone (or external sound card) input and processes the signals in real time. To use it as a plug-in, use an AUv3-compatible host app such as Steinberg Cubasis, Apple Garageband, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, Auria, AUM, or others. ToneBoosters Compressor will appear in the list of Audio Unit extensions for effect plug-ins.

Key features:
- The same professional sound as the acclaimed desktop version
- Ultra-low harmonic distortion, even with very short attack and release times (THD less than -100dB at 1kHz)
- Full-fledged side-chain equalizer
- Audition function for compressor and side chain
- Integrated spectrum analyzer for output and side chain
- Variable release curve shape and release time
- Signal-adaptive release
- Auto make up
- Range parameter to limit the amount of compression
- Dry/wet (amount) control for parallel compression
- Zero latency (for live use) or lookahead mode (for studio use)
- Interactive user interface with assisted sliders, curve and gain visualization
- Undo/redo, and A/B comparison
- Color themes for the user interface
- Max screen support in Garageband
- Legacy Inter-App Audio (IAA) support
- Optimised for iPad and compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch

What you should know:
- Inter-App Audio (IAA) can only use one instance of this app simultaneously. We recommend to use an AUv3 host to use multiple instances.
- Licenses acquired for this platform (iOS, iPadOS) are not compatible with other platforms.

How to use this app as AUv3 plug-in in Apple Garageband for iOS:

How to use this app as AUv3 plug-in in Steinberg Cubasis for iOS:

How to use this app as AUv3 plug-in in Audio Evolution Mobile Studio for iOS:

Multiband Compressor

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App Store Description:

1. Ultra-clean algorithm. Less than -140 dB harmonic distortion across all settings
2. Clean and simple interface
3. Side chain input with full band and band limited modes
4. High-resolution spectrum analyser displays the input and output volume at each frequency

This unique envelope follower design ensures harmonic distortion of less than -140 dB for the full range of compressor settings. There is no cleaner compressor on the app store.

In host apps that support multi-input audio units you can use this app to achieve the pumping side chain effect typically heard in electronic dance music where the synth and other background instruments duck their volume in deference to the kick drum on every beat.

The side chain input of this plugin has two modes. In full-spectrum mode each frequency band is compressed according to the volume of the full spectrum of sidechain input. In single-band mode each band is compressed based on the side chain level in only that frequency band itself.

Each of up to four bands has eight compressor settings. They are input gain, output gain, attack time, release time, threshold, ratio, soft/hard knee, and wet mix.

Bass Leveler - Feel and Flow

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App Store Description:

Enhance your bass in a mix automatically. Feel and flow your bass on live performance.

Having a fix bass settings may not work well for your tracks. Draw bass automation is a tedious task and won't work out in live performance. The intelligent tool will generate vibrant bass levels on fly without changing the natural sound of your bass.  Keeps bass levels in check and solid throughout your mix.

Bass Leveler installs as an Audio Unit effect for hosts that support the format such as Audio Bus, Beatmaker, Garage Band, Cubasis, AUM, etc.

All feedbacks and feature requests are welcome. Moreover, If you find any issues or need promotion codes, feel free to email us.

Our contact email:

Thank you for your valuable support.


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App Store Description:

TriceraChorus is inspired by the classic tri-choruses and stompbox choruses of the 1970s and early 1980s. It pairs rich BBD style tri-chorusing with another classic effect of the 1980s: Eventide micro-pitch detuning. This effect can be used to thicken the sound, to add static chorusing, and to spread the stereo field by detuning the left and right signals in opposite directions. Combine these tools to create syrupy, smooth, and deep modulations on anything from flat synths and strings, to dry vocals, guitars, and more. The TriceraChorus effect was designed to inspire experimentation with a UI optimized for live performance. Whether on your iPad or iPhone, TriceraChorus will expand your sonic pallet.

TriceraChorus has three chorus voices: Left, Center, and Right. A three-phase LFO modulates the delay times for these voices. The combination of the three modulated delays creates rich chorus sounds that are reminiscent of gear from the 70s and 80s. For a classic chorus stompbox sound, set TriceraChorus to “Chorus" mode. If you need something with more complexity and depth, “Chorale” produces lush, swirling choruses inspired by classic rackmount tri-chorus units. For a more psychedelic aesthetic try out “Swirl."

Use RIBBON to play or automate sweeps between different settings. Wielding this intuitive performance macro can be great for intensifying the depth of flange-like settings, changing the rate of modulation for transitional effects, or simply controlling the Mix parameters for momentary performance flourishes. For added live benefit, jump immediately from one setting to another using HOTSWITCH. RIBBON and HOTSWITCH settings are saved per-preset providing great flexibility in exploring the range of possibilities with TriceraChorus.


- Three voice, Bucket Brigade style stereo Tri-chorus
- CHORUS Mode evokes the chorusing effect created by classic chorus stompboxes
- CHORALE Mode produces lush, swirling choruses inspired by classic rackmount tri-chorus units
- DEPTH controls the amount of modulation applied to the 3 voices from the LFO
- DETUNE the left and right channels simultaneously by +/- 40 cents
- DELAY sets the amount of delay for the chorusing effect; use it to thicken your signal, create a flange, or slap-back sound
- SWIRL adds stereo frequency shifting for a psychedelic flange-like flavor
- TONE for shaping the high and low end of your signal. Remove muddy low frequencies or roll of high frequencies for a darker sound
- RIBBON lets you sweep the effect between two different settings.
- Works as an AUv3 plug-in and Standalone App

Velvet Machine

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App Store Description:

Sonic texture generator / blur / non-linear reverb

*** WARNING ***
Velvet Machine is an Audio Unit v3 plugin and requires a compatible host such as GarageBand, AUM, Cubasis, Audiobus etc. The provided standalone app does NOT support the currently deprecated Inter-App Audio.
Velvet Machine is a CPU-intensive effect. A *minimum* of 5th Gen iPad, iPhone 6s or 1st Gen iPhone SE is required to run a single instance at maximum settings. With shorter times and/or lower densities CPU use is proportionally lower, but can still be relatively high.

Velvet Machine is a unique audio effect based on real-time convolution with enveloped velvet noise. Here is what it can do:
- Stretch and blur out even short sounds to lengths of up to 10 seconds
- Produce reverb-like textures with flexible volume envelope (including reverse, fading in and out, pulsating etc.)
- Work as a variable density random multi-tap delay (bordering on granular-like sounds)

PDF manual and video demos are available on developer website.

- Flexible volume envelope with arbitrary number of segments and curvature
- Effect time ranging from 100 ms to 10 s
- Response density adjustable from 1 to 2000 repeats per second
- Predelay up to 500 ms
- High cut and low cut filters for the effected signal
- Mix adjustable from 100% dry to 100% wet with no dry signal
- Mix Lock to switch presets while keeping the dry/wet mix constant
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