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App Store Description:

WOOTT is an Audio Unit plugin (AUv3 audio effect) inspired by the infamous OTT sound.

WOOTT uses a triple band dynamics algorithm with simultaneous downwards AND upwards compression, and adds a dedicated limiter to each band. So what's all that techno mumbojumbo good for?

1. First, it slams all the loud, dominant aspects of your sound
2. Next it blows up all the subtle quiet bits that were hiding below

As a result, it's perfect for:
- Blowing up average sounds to massive proportions
- Giving an aggressive sharp edge to synthesizer filters
- Bringing out subtle details and movement that would otherwise get lost in the mix (in a hamfisted way, though)
- Dusting off old breakbeat samples and loops
- Hyping specific aspects of your synth lines
- Making generally boring things more interesting

WOOTT features:
- AUv3 audio unit effect plugin
- Universal (all iPads and iPhones supported), iOS11+
- Runs in all your favorite plugin hosts: Cubasis, AUM, Beatmaker 3, Nanostudio 2, Garageband, etc.
- Multi-output (requires compatible host) for post-processing the individual bands
- Low-resource, so stack as many of them as you like - "[WO]OTT all the things!"
- Downwards *and* upwards compressors (a rare feature on conventional dynamics plugins)
- Smart soft limiter per band, adapts to its own band's specific settings
- Mono switch makes low-band signal monaural for an extra tight bass

Note: this is not a subtle effect. If subtle and minimal are what you're after, this is not the droid you're looking for :-)

User manual on


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App Store Description:

-Experience the "illusion"-

There are many visual "optical illusion" works, but it is hard to experience the "auditory illusion".
"INFINITE SWEEP SYNTHESIZER" (hereinafter "INFINITE SWEEP") is an application that can easily reproduce "Infinite Continuous Scale" which is one of "illusions" and create various sounds.
Recommended for live music, recording, meditation, etc.

[What is "Infinite Continuous Scale" ?]

The frequency of sound that can be recognized by humans is said to be approximately 20Hz to 20,000Hz (20kHz).

Also, the sound that a person recognizes is recognized as "the same sound one octave above the original sound" when the frequency doubles.
For example, when the 440Hz sound (A) becomes 880Hz, it becomes "1 octave higher sound (A)".

The Infinite Continuous Scale was discovered by US cognitive scientist Dr. Roger Shepard as an “acoustic illusion” that utilizes these properties.
The Infinite Continuous Scale was named by him as "Shepard tone".

After that, various researchers and artists announced variations of Infinite Continuous Scale.
However, they all needed to be made in a recording studio, or have a special music production environment and equipment.

[Easy infinite scale and new experience]
There are many things that you can experience a mysterious sensation by visual illusion, but We developed this "INFINITE SWEEP" because We wanted to experience the Infinite Continuous Scale,
more easily.

"INFINITE SWEEP" has preset tones, so you can immediately enjoy various infinite scales.

"PLAY / STOP button"
It is a big button that stands out most. If you press this, the infinite scale starts immediately.

"FREEZE button"
This is a "freeze" button that cannot be reproduced with sampled or recorded infinite scale sounds.
You can freeze it at any position, or you can freeze it at a specified pitch.

"Speed ​​volume"
The speed of the infinite scale can be changed.
If it's too early, it may sound like a siren.
The numerical value that can be set with the speed volume sets the time for which the pitch rises one octave.
It is recommended that you set it slowly and change it over 20 to 30 seconds.

"Step Volume"
It has a continuous and smooth pitch change, but you can also listen to it in a staircase scale.
The pitch changes with the step set by the speed volume divided by the number set by this step volume.
You can also try other strange scales (eg 21 scale, etc.) other than the familiar "12 scale".

"UP / DOWN button"
You can switch between rising and falling of the infinite scale.

"Accelerometer mode"
You can switch to "accelerometer mode" from the "red-blue-green" arrow button at the top right of the screen.
By tilting your device, you can control the speed of an infinite scale, and if you hold it upside down, you can descend.
It is to be usable even for a bitly performance.

[Pursuit of Infinite Continuous Scale]
If you are familiar with synthesizers, you can dig deeper to create finer sounds.
INFINITE SWEEP uses 32 oscillators.
Main oscillator group (16 oscillators) called "main sweep generator",
It consists of a "reverse sweep generator" (16 oscillators) that operates in the opposite direction.

The main sweep generator is
・ Basic oscillator waveform change (BASIC / FM)
・ Subharmonic setting (0 to 11 semitones)
・ Low-pass filter
・ Flanger
・ Delay
・ Auto pan
・ Reverb
It is possible to make sounds and adjust effects.

(The basic waveform of the reverse sweep generator is fixed to a sine wave)

[Control via Bluetooth MIDI]

If you have a Bluetooth MIDI compatible keyboard or adapter, an application that can output MIDI via smartphone Bluetooth,
You can control "INFINITE SWEEP" from them.
It is also possible to specify the "start note" that was difficult to capture on the main unit due to the user interface.
It can be used for live performances and recordings.

8180 Monster Tube

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App Store Description:

The 8180 Monster Tube Guitar Amplifier plugin is the landmark for heavy and rock guitar sounds. If you are looking out for a modern and rich high gain tone ideal for the most aggressive rock and metal genre, then your search ends here!

Nembrini Audio has carefully modeled the fabulous tone of the original 120-watt all tube American guitar head still used today by many guitar gods all around the world.

Four virtual 12AX7 pre-amp valves and four virtual 6L6GC power-amp valves drive two channels with independent controls for volume and gain, low, mid and high shared equalizer controls and exclusive power amp resonance and presence controls.

- Rhythm channel: you can achieve from crystal clean tones to powerful crunch sounds.
- Lead channel: ready for harmonic-rich rock tones and super screaming metal drive sounds.

The 8180 Monster Tube Guitar Amplifier includes a complete recording chain emulation and our custom design noise gate circuit.

Works as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 effect, or Inter-App Audio effect

Overloud THU

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App Store Description:

Overloud TH-U turns your iOS device into a Guitar and Bass processor, to let you play live or practice.

Build your rig by using an unlimited number of amplifiers, cabinets, stompboxes and studio processors in your sound chain. You can connect your guitar to the iOS device using any digital audio interface.

Overloud TH-U includes:
• 86 guitar amplifiers and 4 bass amplifiers
• Official Randall, THD, DVmark and Brunetti models
• 47 guitar cabinets and 2 bass cabinets
• 73 pedal and rack effects
• 1000+ Presets
• 5000+ Captured Rigs

Overloud TH-U includes the Rig Player, the Overloud processor which allows to reproduce captured Amps, Cabs and Rigs.
Several Rig producers already joined TH-U to provide their top quality captured tones, which are now available on iOS too.

The FREE version includes 3 amplifiers, 3 cabinets, 4 stompbox effects, the Rig Player, a master effect section, 18 microphones and a looper.

Sign up to:
- unlock 17 additional FREE models and Rigs
- get the iOS license of all models and Rigs at a very competitive price if you already own TH-U and Rig Libraries for Desktop

Overloud TH-U for iOS runs the same DSP full processing of the Desktop version for an unprecedented quality of the simulation.

You can share presets with the Desktop version using the most common cloud services, like iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Overloud TH-U is stage ready: you can fully control it using any MIDI pedalboard and play with no gaps thanks to the seamless preset change feature.

Overloud TH-U can process your guitar while the device is playing a backing track through your preferred app (Music, Youtube, Anytune, …).

Overloud TH-U has a flexible sound chain: you can add any number of effects, change their order with no limitations, and process parallel chains of effects.

With the Amp Tweak feature, you can customize the amplifiers by changing the preamp and power amp tubes, and simulate the action of a Variac.

The ReSPiRe 2 technology allows you to choose between the real response of the cabinet and a processed version optimized to fit into a mix and avoid frequency overlap with other instruments.

BIAS FX 2 - #1 Guitar Tone App

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App Store Description:

BIAS FX 2 Mobile transforms your mobile device into the ultimate all-in-one guitar effects processor, letting you explore hundreds of premium amps, pedals, and studio racks to create your dream guitar tone. Now plug in and PLAY WITHOUT LIMITS - Anywhere, Anytime.

Build to your heart’s content – with a gorgeous user interface, an intuitive drag-and-drop operation, and a massive library of world-class guitar and bass amps, pedals, and effects, you can easily create a rig that’s true to you and your playing style for the ultimate custom guitar tone. Amplify your creativity!

Looking to transform your guitar into a collection of legendary axes? Thanks to our groundbreaking Guitar Match technology, you can make your guitar sound like a classic American guitar, a vintage LP, and an array of highly-coveted guitar models. Whether you’re recording, performing, or jamming at home, you’ll have a collection of iconic modern and vintage guitars with you at all times – right in your mobile device.

Practice, record, and jam with Looper, the perfect companion for nailing down riffs and solos for your song ideas. Don’t miss a note – hit the Record button whenever inspiration strikes! Feeling creative? BIAS FX 2 Mobile supports AudioBus, GarageBand, and other IAA host applications so you can take your tones even further.

Ready to rock the show? Forget packing all your effects and hauling your pedalboard to the gig – carry all your gear in your iPhone/iPad with BIAS FX 2 Mobile so you’ll never miss a beat. Fire up LiveView and switch up your entire rig on the fly instantly using a single tap – with zero latency.

Connect to ToneCloud®, discover and download over thousands of custom rigs created by artists, producers, and recording engineers. Got tones? Upload your own custom guitar rig and share with fellow musicians from across the world!

Key Features:
- Ultimate Tone Arsenal – build your dream rig with *101 effects, 35 amps, 25 cabs, 4 mics
- Dual Signal Path – create unique dual amp hybrid setups for your ultimate custom tone
- HD Sound Engine – explore hyper-realistic and detailed tones, backed by our award-winning BIAS tone engine
- Factory Presets – dial in your dream guitar tone in an instant with 77 pre-made rigs of all genres
- Guitar Match – turn your guitar into a collection of 20 legendary axes, right in your pocket!
- Looper – practice, record, overdub, and develop song ideas whenever inspiration strikes
- LiveView – single tap to switch up your rig instantly, with zero latency
- Impulse Response – load your favorite custom cab IR files for even more tonal possibilities
- Celestion® Inside – access official-licensed Celestion cabs (IR) right within BIAS FX 2 Mobile (coming soon)
- BIAS Ecosystem – load all your favorite gear from BIAS AMP 2 & BIAS Pedal (coming soon) within the app
- ToneCloud® – easily share & download custom guitar rigs and artist tones online
- IAA (inter-app audio) and AudioBus support
- Full MIDI support (coming soon)
- Tuner and metronome built in
- 9 expansion packs available for exploring all-new sounds (via in-app purchase)

*Unlocked via Standard, Professional or Elite license.
BIAS FX 2 Mobile supports iOS 11 or later.

Supported Audio Interfaces: iRig (all series), Apogee Jam/Jam Plus, Focusrite iTrack Solo, Shure MVi, Korg plugKEY, iConnect AUDIO and all MFi or Class Compliant audio interfaces with Lightning to USB adapter.
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