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iTunes Description:

Cality is a creative midi processor allowing subtle rhythmic enhancement, controlled chaos and everything in between. Add swing or accents, quantise the pitch of notes, use a probability gate or use the cloud module to add addition notes all under midi control

The cloud section takes techniques common in granular synthesis and brings them to the realm of midi notes. It adds additional notes to the ones you are playing. This can be a simple rhythmic accompaniment or it can bring new textures from your synths by generating a cloud of tiny notes almost entering the realms of black midi.

The note sections gives a fully automatable/midi controllable note quantiser with a range of scales, a transposer and the ability to constrain to simple chords as well

The tempo section allows the addition of swing and accents to incoming midi notes as well as providing a probability gate

Cality is great for bringing life to simple midi loops or patterns or for taking you deep into creative realms.

BLEASS reverb AUv3 AudioPlugin

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iTunes Description:

the BLEASS reverb is a unique sounding plugin effect bringing your music production and live performances towards new soundscapes!

The BLEASS reverb is composed of 3 different stages:

1/ A first stage modifies the input source by correcting the gain and setting up early reflections pre-delay in order to re-create distant walls.
This first stage also contains a filter to modify frequencies. Switch between two different filter types:
- the Low-Shelf filter can reduce or boost your basses.
- the High-Pass filter cuts the low part of the signal and creates a resonant peak on interesting frequencies.

2/ The second stage offers a unique-sounding reverb with size modulation and length controls. It also contains a high frequency damping control in order to re-create plate reverb effects, as well as a freeze toggle button for infinite sound soaring and exploration.
This reverb offers also an X/Y panel which applies a set of fine-tuned frequency shifter as well as a wave shaper in order to mutate your reverb space on the go!

3/ The third stage offers a duck effect made of a compressor side-chained on the dry input in order to bring clarity to heavy kicks and basses

Finally, a dry-wet controller offers control over the reverb level.

All these features are shown within the factory presets, and you can save your own presets which will automatically carry over across different host apps.
All variables are exposed as AU parameters in hosts which support automation.
BLEASS reverb can also be used as a standalone app using headphones and mic or an external sound card.

Check out for video tutorials and demos!

*** NOTE : this is an Audio Unit Effect Plugin (AUv3) which ideally requires a compatible host (such as AUM or Audiobus) or DAW (such as GarageBand or Cubasis) ***

Harmonic Exciter AUv3 Plugin

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iTunes Description:

Harmonic Exciter is an AUv3 Compatible plugin for your favourite DAW such as Cubasis, Auria, AUM, Meteor, BM3 or GarageBand etc.

The main purpose of a Harmonic Exciter is to help instruments cut through a mix and give some edge and clarity to a sound by adding additional harmonics. It can even be used to simulate valve / transister based saturation or overdriven harmonic distortion.

How it works:

Every sound under the sun can be constructed by a series of sine waves, the root sine wave denotes the fundamental percieved frequency or the series of waves. By adding additional harmonics which are simply multiples of the fundamental frequency you can turn say a simple sine wave into a square or sawtooth wave. For those who know anything about synthesis you will know these complex waves pack more punch and brightness for the same volume level. So by adding additional harmonics we can lift a sound and make it appear louder, brighter and stand our in our mix. It can also be used to saturate say a bass frequency range boosting bass without needing additional EQ which simple boosts existing harmonics and oftern requires compression to keep under control. This makes the harmonic exciter a great tool for that perfect mix and a nifty trick audio engineers have been using for decades.

In Practice:

The 4Pockets Harmonic Exciter allows you to visually see the incoming audio spectrum broken down into frequency bands so that you can immediately see any deficiencies in the mix. You can select a frequency range (whether bass, mid, high or even say a kick drum) and use the 10 harmonic sliders to dynamically synthesize of additional harmonics and phase manipulation.

Generally it's the 'odd' harmonics that effect a mix in a more melodic way (1st, 3rd, 5th etc.), while even harmonics (2nd, 4th, 6th etc.) tend to be a little discordant or can be used to mimmic distortion of valve amps etc. When adding saturation in this way you can create simulate pleasing overdriven valve/transistor type amplification (transistor amps generally only apply odd harmonics).

Why is a Harmonic Exciter better than EQ:

While you can boost EQ using a Graphic or Parametric EQ, this only boosts existing harmonics which soon requires compression to avoid clipping. The Harmonic Exciter changes the tonal content of a sound to saturate without adding the same boost in volume. The result is more punch and an ability to cut through the mix without levels getting out of control. You can often get a more natural and aurally pleasing saturation from this kind of effect than using a dedicated oversdrive effects.

If your DAW supports MIDI based effects you can also control certain features via CC controllers or using the pitch bend and mod wheel (or CC's 20, 21 and 22 to control the exciter window, gain and size).

Atom | Piano Roll

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iTunes Description:

Piano Roll is a sequencer for iOS, and the first in our Atom series of modular sequencer plugins. Record, replay, loop and manipulate MIDI notes anywhere.

The MIDI audio unit can be loaded in compatible hosts (AUM, ApeMatrix, Audiobus, BeatMaker 3, Cubasis 2, etc.). Make sure your host is capable of loading, transmitting to, and receiving MIDI from audio unit MIDI plugins.

It’s intended to augment existing MIDI processing capabilities, or in scenarios where a host doesn’t provide sequencing functionality out of the box.


1) Loop record
Grow your ideas over any number of bars. Overdub drum loops, layer complex melodies, or even record an entire track. Arm recording in multiple instances, in the background, receiving from hardware or even other audio units. Piano Roll is always sample accurately synced with the host.

2) Step input
Quickly create sequences. Insert notes respecting grid length, and resize them to any duration. Layer chords in one operation. Just send the notes, Piano Roll takes care of the rest.

3) Extensive editing tools
All the standard editing tools you are used to are implemented, pen for entering notes at any length, brush for painting continual notes at grid size and scissors for slicing.

Advanced tools allow you to be productive. Grow notes backwards or forwards. Group notes with additive selection. Select rows or chords in one operation. Time and pitch flip. Velocity editing is precise and unobtrusive. With Piano Roll, anything you need is a tap, hold, or swipe away.

3) Non destructive quantize
Quantised or not? You decide when, and how much! Enable full quantisation beforehand with grid snapping. Turn it back off, or adjust the strength afterwards on an already recorded sequence. Choose the quantisation percentage for note starts, note ends and even note durations. In Piano Roll, you have full control over timing precision.

4) Dynamic stretching
Stretch a clip from 4 bars to 8. Fix the note lengths or extend them in harmony. In Piano Roll, your sequences are elastic.

5) Advanced time signatures
Does 4/4 sound boring to you? Create complex polyrhythms by choosing any timing. From 3/8 to 11/8. From 2/1 to 17/16. Piano Roll lets you invent your own rhythm.

6) Advanced tempo settings
Negative BPM? No problem. Pick a tempo for every clip and play backwards or forwards. Multiply host tempo or choose something arbitrary, all with extreme accuracy. Piano Roll gives you control over tempo like never before.

7) Scales
Never go outside a scale, or go chromatic and add spice to the melody. With scale overlays, your music isn’t forced to sound in a predetermined way, and you aren’t forced to be a music theory genius to sound the way you want. Piano Roll gives you the ability to decide in which key to be and when.

8) Visibility layers
Aid composition by overlaying other clips from other plugin instances over the one you’re editing. Make sure your chords are in harmony with the melody, visually. Piano Roll roll helps you focus where you need, when you need it.

10) State saving
Your sequences are saved alongside the project you already work with. And they’re loaded back automatically when opening up a project. Clips can be saved as host presets. Piano Roll is in perfect harmony with the host you already use.


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iTunes Description:

With ChordPadX, chord are at your fingertips! Trigger chords and notes intuitively, with a human touch.

Focused on intuition and efficiency, this app gives you the tools to create new song ideas in seconds. This app will guide you towards chords that sound good together. It's made for all levels of musicians, from pro to beginner. Understanding music theory is not required.

Pick from a selection of dynamic templates and find chords based on your choices. Rearrange the pads with drag and drop to form the layout that you need. Or create your own from scratch by dragging chords from the palette.

Use your fingers to trigger multiple pads at the same time. The pads are velocity sensitive and the response curve is adjustable with precision.

Then adjust the chords through advanced editing. Change the chord type, alter the voicing with chord inversion, add bass, or choose a new pad color.

Use Audiobus and MIDI to connect with other apps. Sync up the tempo with Ableton Link.
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