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WaayFinder: Music Key Finder

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App Store Description:

You give WaayFinder notes, it gives you all the keys and modes that fit. Top matches come first! Filter results by scale type, listen to any scale (or note) with a tap, look up keys by name, and more. 
Maybe these notes are a melody you came up with, and you want to know what key they're in—to help you write another section of the song, pick chords, or write some harmonies. WaayFinder is here to help!
How does it work? Let's say you enter the notes C, G, and A. The best match is C major—but it could also fit A minor, G major, and more. WaayFinder shows you all those possibilities, but highlights the best matches so you know where to start.
* Finds matching keys. You give WaayFinder notes, it shows all the scales and modes that match, in order of best fit.
* Scales and modes. Filter results by scale or mode. Supports major (Ionian), natural minor (Aeolian), harmonic minor, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, and Locrian.
* Integrated audio. Listen to any note or scale with a tap. Great for getting a quick reference pitch!
* Scale look-up. Quickly look up—and listen to—the notes for any key.
* Tutorial. In-app tutorial gets you up and running in a flash.
* Enharmonic mode. Display keys that match any enharmonic equivalents of the notes you entered (e.g., Bb will match A#)
* Special note keyboard allows for speedy input.
WaayFinder is made in Toronto, Canada by Ten Kettles—the one-person (and two dog) company behind Waay, hearEQ, and Beat Mirror. I deeply believe in empowering *you* to make your best music, and that approach imprints itself into all my apps. There are no ads, no sneaky data collection, just honest music education. :)  
Questions, comments, or feedback? Get in touch anytime at alex[at]tenkettles[dot]com and I'll (almost always) get back to you by the next business day. -Alex

Flux Mini

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App Store Description:

Flux Mini is an AUv3 audio effect that adds life, character and dynamism to your tracks. The customisable graph creates a shape which affects either the amplitude, low-pass filter or high-pass filter. You can emphasize the frequency modulation with the resonance knob too!

New: route MIDI to the plugin to trigger the envelope. MIDI note-ons can either retrigger the envelope or trigger envelope one-shots.

From simple side-chains to manic modulations, sculpt some life into your sounds - flux it up and have some fluxing fun!

Pre-loaded with 20 presets to get you going, it won’t be long before you’ve built a plethora of shapes to accentuate your fantastic music.

As it is an AUv3 plugin, it works within iOS and iPadOS hosts such as Garageband.

BLEASS Slow Machine

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App Store Description:

Thanks to 3 different yet complementary ways of manipulating time with creativity, BLEASS Slow Machine can deepen any beat by completely or partially slowing down the audio signal, transform epic leads into heavy basses, and add some “tape stop” effect with precision either by touching the X/Y Stop trigger, or by dialing in precise sequence automations.


BLEASS Slow Machine offers both sequenced and live ways to manipulate time thanks to 3 stages:

____ SLOW DOWN stage:
Creative and straightforward slow down effect that modulates both rhythm and pitch.

- Loop Size: Slow Down resets its reading position according to the Loop Size. A Loop Size of ‘1 bar’ means that the reading position is resynced with the host reading position every 1 bar.
- Speed: controls the speed of the played loop relative to the default speed. (For example ‘½’ means that audio is played back at half its original speed, which means one octave lower).
- Quantization: When this option is ON, every change in Loop Size and in Speed will wait until the end of the current loop to be effective. When it is set to OFF, the change is immediate.
- Filter: keep a selected frequency band of the slowed signal. When the filter is ON, the middle colored band is processed by the effect while the low and high bands remain unchanged.
- Fade: Sets the duration of the crossfade between loops.
- State: Activates or deactivates the SLOW DOWN stage
- Dry/Wet: mixes the dry and wet signals

____ TIME STOP stage:
Especially made for performance, TIME STOP gives an intuitive and visual way to instantly create a classic tape stop effect.

- Trigger: the “Stop” button triggers the time stop effect within a given duration (set by the position of your finger along the Y-axis) and following a curve (set by the position of your finger along the X-axis).
- Mode: choose between 4 time stop modes: ‘Step’, ‘Ramp Up & Down, ‘Ramp Down’ and ‘Ramp Up’.
_ In ‘Step’ mode, the speed instantly goes to 0 when the trigger is hit and goes back to 1 when the trigger is released.
_ In ‘Ramp Up & Down’ mode the speed is ramped down to 0 when the trigger is hit and ramped up to 1 when it is released. The duration and curve of the ramp is set by the position of your finger on the control.
_ In ‘Ramp Down’ mode, the speed is ramped down to 0 when the trigger is hit and instantly goes back to 1 when released.
_ In ‘Ramp Up’ mode the speed instantly goes to 0 when the trigger is hit and is ramped up to 1 when released.
- Hold: when Hold is ON, the trigger is not released until Hold is turned OFF.
- Speed: precise control of the play speed.
- State: Activates or deactivates the TIME STOP stage
- Dry/Wet: mixes the dry and wet audio signals

The speed sequencer stage offers a unique way to program speed variations in your music.

- Length: sets the number of steps in the sequencer.
- Resolution: sets the duration of a sequencer step.
- Grid Snap: when ON, steps snap to the grid allowing a precise rhythmic and harmonic editing.
- Sequencer: sets a playing speed per step. Each step has 4 different curve modes: ‘Step’, ‘Link’, ‘Ramp Up’ and ‘Ramp Down’. Change the curve mode by tapping the curve icon at the bottom of each step.
- Amount: controls the amount of sequencer speed modulation. 100% means that speed can go from 1 to 0 (50% means that speed can go from 1 to 0.5).
- Randomness: sets the amount of randomness of the sequencer. If randomness is 50%, a step value will be a random value between stepValue +/- 0.5
- Fade: controls the crossfade duration between each step.
- State: Activates or deactivates the Speed Sequencer stage
- Dry/Wet: mixes the proportion of dry and wet signals

Check out for video tutorials and more info!

* PLEASE NOTE: this is an Audio Unit Effect plugin (AUv3) which requires a compatible host such as AUM, GarageBand, Cubasis, BM3 or Auria. Standalone mode also available for demo purposes.

Quinta Pitch Machine

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App Store Description:

The Quinta Pitch Machine is more than your standard octave in that it not only gives you notes an octave up and an octave down, but also gives you a fifth up.

Each of the three intervals is dialled in proportion with its own knob, and you get a mix knob to blend dry and pitch-shifted sound, this runs from totally dry to totally pitch-shifted.

Your Quinta Pitch Machine comes with 4 knobs. Three of these are used to add in the extra notes.

The +1 OCTAVE knob adds a note that is 1 octave higher than the note you play on your instrument.

The -1 OCTAVE adds a note that is 1 octave lower than the note you play.

The +1 FIFTH adds a note that is a fifth higher than the note you play on your instrument.

The last control on your Quinta Pitch Machine is the MIX control. This adjusts the balance between the natural signal coming from your instrument as you play it and the whole configuration of added octaves and fifths you have set up via the other knobs on your Quinta Pitch Machine.

- Octave up, octave down, 5th up
- Individual volume controls, plus master mix
- Replicate organ, synth or 12-string sound
- Play power chords on a single note

Works as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 effect, or Inter-App Audio effect

SWAM Trumpet

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App Store Description:

SWAM Solo Brass has arrived on iOS! The incredibly powerful Physical Modeling technology is now MOBILE. Extreme Realism delivered in a package of only 28MB without including any sample!

With our SWAM Trumpet for iPad, you now have the unique ability to recreate all the expressiveness and subtleties of a natural brass instrument sound, as played by a real player, in any style — from classical to film scoring and even microtonal music.

SWAM Trumpet for iPad can be used as a standalone instrument for playing in real-time, or as a plugin for mobile music production. Play with your favorite external controller or directly from the iPad through our intuitive interface.

With SWAM Trumpet for iPad you can:

- Explore our collection of presets, create your own, or import them from your Desktop
- Play in real-time using the standalone version of the app
- Play with or without a mute
- Play in a variety of styles like a real player
Control the instrument’s expressivity in real-time directly through the touch control interface on your iPad
- Play and control the instrument’s expressivity in real-time using your favorite external controller (ROLI Seaboard, Akai EWI, breath controllers, regular keyboards, and more)
- Use the included AUv3 plugin version to produce music with a mobile setup
- Use the included AUv3 plugin version in combination with Camelot PRO for live performances
- Adjust every aspect of the instrument’s sound (timbre, vibrato, amount of air, etc.) through an easy-to-use control panel
- Micro-tune the instrument through the Pitch Manager
- Add built-in effects such as Reverb, EQ, and Compressor
- Have access to easy MIDI control configurations

The SWAM Trumpet for iPad is for you if:
- you’re a wind controller player looking for a mobile setup to perform live without needing a computer while still having an incredible sound
- you’re a keyboard player and feeling frustrated by the limited expressive capabilities normal sample-based plugins give you
- you’re a music producer looking for a mobile setup to produce music from anywhere without having to carry around expensive gear
- you’re looking for a realistic virtual instrument to easily have fun with on your iPad

IMPORTANT: If you choose to play using an external controller, please note that a controller with the ability to continuously control the expression (like an expression pedal, breath controller, MPE device, wind controller, …) is required. The same way a real brass instrument needs air, SWAM Trumpet needs something to control its expressivity. SWAM instruments do not work with just note-on velocity.
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