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MIDI Space

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Google Play Description:

MIDI Space renders your MIDI music into an animated 3D scene. Each note is represented as a 3D bar, with color and Z-position based on the instrument. The app makes it quick and easy to switch between 6 different camera angles. Pan and pinch the screen to adjust the camera position. Long press to show or hide the button controls. Easily connect any MIDI controller instrument using USB or Bluetooth or open any general MIDI (.mid) file. MIDI Space even allows you to control the camera angle and position directly from your instrument/controller! Make MIDI Space your default MIDI music player and MIDI controller hub today!

Customize the 3D scene using the following settings:

- note names
- star background
- beat lines
- blue background
- show animated pitch bends
- Use configurable CC's from your MIDI controller to change camera angles and/or zoom

For audio playback, MIDI Space uses Android's built in general MIDI synth (SONiVOX), or you can configure the MIDI Out for playback with any synth/app of your choice.

MIDI space has full support for MIDI ports using Android's library.
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