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LoopBud - AUv3 MIDI Recorder

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App Store Description:

LoopBud is a super simple yet very powerful MIDI recorder and looper. You can work with unlimited patterns. Although the 4-bar loops are very fun, you can work with an unlimited number of bars on each pattern!

LoopBud has two record modes, Add mode and New mode. The "add mode" keeps adding new notes on each loop-cycle. The "new mode" clears out the previous recording and lets you record freshly on each cycle. You can work very fast with those modes. If you make a mistake, don't worry, you can use the "undo" option and get everything back!

LoopBud has quantization enabled by default. You can toggle quantizing by pressing the "quantize" button on the top-left side. You can also set the level of quantization from the settings menu.

If you want to speed up or slow down the clock, you can do so by pressing the "clock" button on the top-left side. You can achieve different effects on your live performances without a new recording.

You can also focus on a single bar by pressing the bar measure on the top. You can either record or loop a single bar - which is a unique feature of LoopBud.

In the settings menu, you can edit the piano roll's lowest and highest notes. The notes on the piano roll is not editable. However, you can export MIDI from the settings menu, and do editing on your favorite piano roll editor app!

LoopBud is not an audio app, it's a MIDI app. You need to connect a MIDI input and a MIDI output for LoopBud to work. You can do so from the settings menu in the standalone app. You can use the MIDI matrix editor on your DAW if you are using the AUv3 plugin. LoopBud also supports Ableton Link on the standalone app.


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App Store Description:

Lyricist is an AUv3 plugin designed to add lyrics to your song. Lyrics can be spoken using the iOS built in speech synthesizer or passed through the included TalkBox effect to simulate a computerized singing voice. 

Your song lyrics are broken into several song parts (verse, chorus, bridge etc). These parts can then be pieced together into a song, specifying an order of play and exact position at which each part is to play.

You can choose between many voices that are included with your iOS device, or optionally download more natural speaking voices within your iOS accessibility settings. These downloaded voices become available to Lyricist, allowing you to choose the gender and regional accent of the voice.

Lots classic songs were made famous by their inclusion of the spoken word. Bands such as Kraftwerk and singers such as Laurie Anderson and Imogen Heap had big hits over the years using either pure computerised vocals, or vocoders.

An optional vocal douber effect can also be enabled to create a wider stereo vocal, and all the talkbox options can be adjusted as required for a wide range of sound.

Use the remote control feature to send MIDI data to Lyricist to control the pitch of the voice, or pass in an audio backing which becomes the carrier for the vocoder effect.

You can even embed short codes within your Lyrics to change chord or note during a lyric. This instructs the talkbox to change pitch to simulate a singing vocal.


○ Choose from lots of voices and dialects.
○ Install additional voices.
○ Built in TalkBox/Vocoder and Voice Doudler effects.
○ Remote Control feature.
○ MIDI controllable.
○ AUV3 Instrument and Effect plugin.
○ Use short codes to control speech pitch.


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App Store Description:

midiDREAMs is a MIDI AUv3 sequencer plugin designed to work like a classic analog-style modular sequencer with 16 virtual sliders and up to 64 steps per pattern. It requires a music app host that supports MIDI AUv3 plugins such as AUM, Audiobus, Cubasis, ApeMatrix, etc, and runs within those host apps. You can use it to sequence synth apps running on your iPad or external hardware synthesizers connected with MIDI.

Also included is midiDRUMs, a second MIDI AUv3 that is an x0x-grid style drum sequencer. This plugin should be used in host apps such as AUM, AudioBus, etc to sequence drum plugins and external drum machines.

midiDREAMs features:
MIDI AUv3 sequencer plugin that sends MIDI notes to your favorite app or hardware synth
Works with AudioBus, AUM, ApeMatrix, Cubasis and other MIDI AUv3 host apps
Up to 64 steps per pattern, with 16 patterns
16 virtual sliders control pitch, velocity, note length, probability
16 buttons each for gate on/off, skip step, last step, pattern
Control note speed, sequence direction, set maj/min key and octave, re-sync
Ratcheting with 2, 3 or 4 sub-steps per step, also probability based ratcheting per step
Unlock pitch / vel / len / prob sequencers to run independently
Extensive AU parameter control

midiDRUMs features:
MIDI AUv3 drum sequencer plugin that sends MIDI notes to your favorite drum app or hardware drum machine
Works with AudioBus, AUM, ApeMatrix, Cubasis and other MIDI AUv3 host apps
Up to 64 steps per pattern, with 16 patterns
8 parts, set triggers with a 16x8 grid
Set velocity and probability per part, per step with 16 virtual sliders
Customize kit to send different MIDI note numbers, and even on different MIDI channels
AU parameter control

Orba by Artiphon

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Google Play Description:

This is the companion app for Orba by Artiphon that lets you:

• Connect using USB or MIDI over Bluetooth
• Load Presets with new sounds
• Change keys and tempos

What is Orba:

Orba is a handheld synth, looper, and MIDI controller that lets anyone make music immediately. Play notes and beats on its touch-sensitive surface, add effects with movement, and layer your ideas into songs with the built-in looper. Connect to the Orba App to customize your instrument and explore new sounds. It’s never been easier to make music, anywhere you go.

Who is Artiphon:

Artiphon is dedicated to making smart, playful instruments we can all enjoy. The INSTRUMENT 1 was our first step, and Orba is our second big experiment in rethinking the musical interface.

We’re always improving the Orba experience, and are working on a few known issues with song saving & loading.

Smoov AUv3

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App Store Description:

Smoov is a soft, clean and transparent sounding program-dependent AUv3, IAA & standalone compressor. It takes inspiration from hardware compressors of the past, however it focuses on peak detection meaning that it can quickly and effortlessly react to incoming signals and blend them in with the surrounding audio field. When a busy track needs taming, Smoov softly settles your tracks elegantly.

The compressor also uses a program-dependent envelope influenced by old hardware, which can soften anything you throw at it.

Is a chaotic track starting to get to you? Maybe you should make it a little more ‘Smoov’.

Smoov is both a stand-alone application as well as an AUv3 plugin, meaning it works within iOS and iPadOS hosts such as GarageBand.
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