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App Store Description:

SongKit is an AI-powered songbook app for your iPhone and iPad.
It helps you organize, view, and edit your songs sheets on any of your devices.

With SongKit, you can edit or display songs with chords for pianos or guitar-like instruments (guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, mandolin). The app can generate chord voicings for these instruments with complete control. Tablatures are also supported for guitar-like instruments.

SongKit works on musical intervals internally and all musical computations are exact. You can transpose a song to any key without losing the musical meaning of notes and chords. Tabs and chord voicings can be automatically transposed by its exclusive voicing engine.

The app uses a unique layout engine with automatic avoidance, line wrapping, and information density optimization. The engine supports multiple columns, pagination, content-aware rescaling, and much more. Styles are fully customizable and can be shared with other users. The app also allows exporting songs as professional-looking full-vector PDFs.

Songs are edited with a unique text-based view. You can type lyrics naturally, add suggested chords, insert some tablatures, drag and drop a chorus from one place to another, copy a verse and paste only the chords over some other lyrics, or insert one of the thousands of musical symbols that are shipping with the app.

The app fully supports multitasking on the iPad. You can save collections of chords, symbols, and tabs and reuse them in other songs, with automatic transposition.

With SongKit, each song is an individual file. You can organize them as you wish, let them sync using iCloud, back them up, or share it with your friends in two taps.

The app ships with an AI-powered extension that allows you to import songs directly from your web browser or many other apps in a few taps.

You can also share chord collections, templates, musical instruments, voicing generator configurations.

The app currently supports:
Songs with several instruments, in several keys;
Chord voicings generation for Piano;
Chord voicings and tabs for guitars, basses, banjos, ukulele, mandolin, with or without capos, right and left-handed;
Automatic transposition of tablatures;
Import songs from web pages, text files, or even any selected text, using Machine Learning;
Import from ChordPro format.
Thousands of SMUFL musical symbols;
Custom Fonts;
Multitasking on the iPad;
Scribble with the Apple Pencil on the iPad (starting with iPadOS 14);
Export to full-vector PDF files;
Complete sync with iCloud;
Unlimited instruments, voicing generator configurations, custom chords & voicings, layout styles, or chord collections.

Multiband Compressor

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App Store Description:

1. Ultra-clean algorithm. Less than -140 dB harmonic distortion across all settings
2. Clean and simple interface
3. Side chain input with full band and band limited modes
4. High-resolution spectrum analyser displays the input and output volume at each frequency

This unique envelope follower design ensures harmonic distortion of less than -140 dB for the full range of compressor settings. There is no cleaner compressor on the app store.

In host apps that support multi-input audio units you can use this app to achieve the pumping side chain effect typically heard in electronic dance music where the synth and other background instruments duck their volume in deference to the kick drum on every beat.

The side chain input of this plugin has two modes. In full-spectrum mode each frequency band is compressed according to the volume of the full spectrum of sidechain input. In single-band mode each band is compressed based on the side chain level in only that frequency band itself.

Each of up to four bands has eight compressor settings. They are input gain, output gain, attack time, release time, threshold, ratio, soft/hard knee, and wet mix.

BTS for Pocket GT

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App Store Description:

BOSS TONE STUDIO dedicated for Pocket GT

●Connect the BOSS Pocket GT and your iPhone/iPad via Bluetooth to use this app.
* BOSS Pocket GT is necessary to use this app.
*Set up the Bluetooth connection in the Connection window displayed after the app is launched.

● BOSS TONE STUDIO incorporates convenient functions; ‘Download Function of Additional Tones (Livesets)’, ‘Tone Edit Function’, and ‘Tone Librarian Function’.

●This app provides an integrated access to the BOSS TONE CENTRAL website offering additional free contents for BOSS products.
*An active internet connection is required to download the additional tones (Livesets).

●Owner’s Manual

●Watch Pocket GT Explainer Video (Tutorial)

Decent Samples

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App Store Description:

Do you ever wish you could use professional quality multisamples on your mobile device? Now you can! The Decent Samples plugin is a sample player that allows you to use your favorite Decent Samples sample libraries on the go. Many of the most popular Decent Samples releases are available through the app with more being added every week.

Because it's also an AUv3 plugin, you can use it from within GarageBand or with AUM.

WU: AUDelay

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App Store Description:

The WU (Wrapped Units) Series algorithmic reverb exposes the user interface of the systems Audio Unit and makes it available to all host applications that support AUv3 audio processing plugins. Even if those hosts do not support it directly. Use the delay effect, well known from GarageBand on MacOS and iOS with any host application and ensure same sound with your projects at any host.
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