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App Store Description:

simpliChords is a simple and intuitive scales, chords, voicings and progressions library. Just select a key and all informations you need will be shown on virtual keyboard. With just a single button you can listen how a chord sounds! Moreover, simpliChords lets you send everything you play to external instrument or other music application using Audiobus MIDI interface.


- 45 most popular music scales
- 54 chord types
- 33 awesome chord voicings
- 75 chord progressions effective in many genres
- progression builder
- interactive circle of fifths
- Audiobus MIDI support including modulation control and aftertouch
- simple and intuitive user interface

Impress your friends with extraordinary piano playing skills. Use interesting scales, chords, voicings and progressions which raise your music to a new level. With simpliChords you can do it today!

MIDI SWEET : Clock Sync (AU)

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App Store Description:

With the (experimental) MIDI Clock Sync Generator you can crate your own sample accurate timing signals and forward them to other devices and apps, independently of the hosts tempo. It also can be used as a diagnostic tool.

The Audio Unit requires a host application, which is able to handle MIDI messages, even supporting this kind of special MIDI realtime messages. It may be therefore not usable with any available AUv3 host, most likely due to the lack of support of MC. ^^

The complete manual is shipped with the distribution app. 

The distribution app basically demonstrates a sender and a receiver of MIDI Clock pulses, driven by the sample accurate iOS audio engine. It has Core MIDI functionality built in.


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App Store Description:

The MIDI Monitor2 Audio Unit allows watching and analyzing incoming MIDI data streams, if plugged in as an instrument inside Audio Unit hosts.

The manual is shipped with the distribution app.

Note: The embedded Audio Unit, requires host applications, which can route MIDI messages. It is intentionally implemented as an Instrument, NOT as a MIDI effect.

With the main app you also may load MIDI files, listen to it and watch the MIDI flow. It has Core MIDI (MIDI IN and Out ports) connectivity therefore.


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Google Play Description:

Calling all music producers!

Introducing TUNEtools a selection of music production tools to help speed up the tune making process.

Tools Included:

Track Notation
Task Timer
Notes, Scales and Frequencies
Delay Timing Calculator
Tap Tempo and Metronome

Load up the bounced mp3 or wav audio files that you are working on, either stored on your phone's storage or from cloud storage such as DropBox or OneDrive, and while listening back add time stamped notes to build up a list of changes and improvements you want to make to your track.

Then work your way through the tasks using the Task Timer, setting yourself limits to help complete tracks quickly.

Task Lists can also be created independant to tracks, so they don't need to be used exclusively for song notation.

Once you've finished going through the tasks, export the latest version of your song from your DAW and load it in to TUNEtools to create a new list.

When you can no longer find things you want to change, your song is finished.

There's also a Notes, Scales and Frequencies reference guide, a Delay Timing calculator and a Tap Tempo calc with built in Metronome.

You'll be finishing more beats on no time!

Scope AUv3 Visualizer

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App Store Description:

Get audio visuals with your AUv3 host or the standalone app. Scope uses a two-axis graph to give a visual representation of a waveform over time, with the horizontal axis representing time and the vertical axis representing the amplitude.

Oscilloscopes are frequently used to assist dynamics processing and sound synthesis. It's usually placed last in the signal chain, so that it analyses the cumulative effects of any plugins placed before it. Like any analysis plugin, though, you can place it anywhere in the chain, to view the signal at that point.
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