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BASSalicious 2

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iTunes Description:

The ultimate Synth Bass Application for your iOS Device. In fact, we would venture to say that BASSaicious 2.0 is probably the best synth bass plugin ever created. We've deployed not only analog and wavetable oscillators, but we've also included 470 high quality streaming samples that you can mix and match. With up to 4-oscillators per sound, you can only image how warm and big your synth bass sounds will be. We've also added many high quality analog modeled multi-mode filters, feedback, 22 digital effects, and an extensive modulation system to make BASSalicious 2.0 the end all be all synth bass plugin. 

iOS Features:

• 1.6GB of Sample Data
• iOS 11+
• AUv3 Support with Full View
• AAX Support
• Background Audio Support
• Separate MIDI Channel Selection
• MIDI Learn any Parameter
• Virtual MIDI
• NO AudioBus Support

NEW in This Version:

• 400 High Quality Presets (300 More Presets)
• 458 Brand New Sounds and 8,315 Samples
• 165 NEW Wavetables, including Warm Wavetables™
• Added new electric and acoustic bass samples as well
• Band NEW Easy to Use Preset System with quick saving, searching and recall
• Ported over Version 1 Presets
• Version 1 Presets are 100% compatible
• NEW 22 high quality digital effects
• NEW SubHarm module to mangle the subharmonics
• NEW Detune module for subtle analog detuning
• NEW Feedback module for instant warming and feedback effects
• NEW Multimode Ladder filters with added drive effect
• NEW EASY Modulation System
• NEW Favorites Option to recall favorite presets

New Architecture and Synthesis:

• New easier and flexible Preset System with Fast search, loading, and saving
• New Lightening Fast Loading Streaming Engine with Custom Lossless format for better streaming
• Brand New optimized and better quality sample-set sampled through high quality analog gear
• Warm Wavetable Technology - Custom wavetable algorithm to keep waveforms warm and analog sounding
• Modulation System with an easy right+click modulator assignment schema
• A VA circuit modeled State Variable Filter, giving a warm analog sound
• A Classic Ladder Filter emulation for that classic synth bass filter sound
• Ability to Double+Click and select multiple oscillators in which to edit
• JP-8000 Supersaw Unison/Detune with blend option to be able to blend between regular and JP-Like detuning
• Powered Scale Option - Scales the detuning in a unique and playable ways
• The Blend Option allows you to blend between classic mode and JP SuperSaw mode
• Brand New FX System
• Featuring Overloud's VKFX Suite
• New Dattorro's figure-of-eight Algorithmic Reverb
• New Schroeder Algorithmic Reverb
• New Soft Master Limiter with Tube Saturation
• New Stereo Spread/Widener with Safe Bass Multi-Mode Settings
• Custom Impulse Responses taken from high quality reverbs

FAC Bandit

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iTunes Description:

• Multiband effect processor
• DJ style bands isolator with crossover control
• Each single band provides its own effect with mix blending control
• Comes with built-in effects: Saturator, Lofi and Ring Modulator
• Extendable, more effect coming
• Include various presets for inspiration
• Suitable for any situation, going from subtle to drastic change
• iOS Audio Unit V3

FAC Bandit is a multiband audio effect that splits the audio signal into three bands of frequencies defined by adjustable crossover points. Each band is processed independently by its own effect processor and the outputs are then recombined to produce the final effect.

Each frequency range is altered with different effects and settings that won't sound the same if applied on the full frequency range. As you have probably realized, FAC Bandit is a wonderful and powerful sound design tool for designers who want to sculpt new personal, exciting and outstanding sounds. Either in a subtle way, without compromising the original tone, or in a more drastic way.

Stereo Lag

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iTunes Description:

This is an audio unit plugin that puts a small delay between the left and right channels.

Why would you want to do that? Here's why:

We recently saw a video interview of a very famous guitarist in which his guitar was delayed a few milliseconds in the right channel. It may have been caused by unusual microphone placement, or perhaps it was just an error on the part of the person who recorded the video. Whatever the reason for it, it sounded great. He was playing into a vintage amp with no other reverb or delay, but the sound had a wide stereo image that didn't sound electronic or artificial and didn't distort the natural sound of the amp.

With most delay effects it's not so easy to get a precise, very small delay on just one channel, but this app does it with just one simple control.

In case you need to modulate the effect, this plugin smoothly transitions between different delay time settings, causing a pitch shift while the delay time is on the move toward its new setting.

This plugin is simple, so we are giving it away for free. Enjoy!


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iTunes Description:

Modelled on a physical based algorithm and low level coding for state of the art performance and sound quality.
Audio unit AuV3 plugin technology support (Metal API in full screen mode).


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iTunes Description:

Modelled on a physical based algorithm and low level coding for state of the art performance and sound quality.
Audio unit AuV3 plugin technology support (Metal API in full screen mode).
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