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R-07 Remote

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App History

Version 1.0.0(1)
Mar 14, 2018
New App: $0, v1.0.0(1)
Mar 14, 2018

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Google Play Description:

R-07 Remote is an application that can remotely control Roland’s Hi-Res Audio Recorder "R-07" from smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth.

R-07 Remote allows you to manage recordings and ensure what’s being recorded is exactly what you want, even while the R-07 is in its prime recording location, and out of reach.

App functionality:

[ Record screen ]
* Record (standby / start / stop / pause)
* Rehearsal
* Split file while recording
* Add marker while recording
* Adjust input level
* Adjust output volume

[ Playback screen ]
* Playback (start / stop / pause)
* File select
* Rewind / fast-forward
* Add / remove marker
* Move marker
* Adjust output volume
* Change playback speed
* AB repeat

[ Scene screen ]
* Select scene
* Change recording parameters (sample rate / rec mode / limiter / low cut)

Display only parameters:

[ Record screen ]
* Recording file name
* Elapsed recording time
* Remaining recordable time on the memory card
* Input level meter
* Number of markers
* Sample rate
* Battery / power status of R-07

[ Playback screen ]
* Playing file name
* Elapsed playback time
* Remaining playback time
* Output level meter
* Current marker / number of markers
* AB repeat status
* Sample rate
* Battery / power status of R-07

R-07 Remote app can control only one R-07 recorder at a time.
Up to 100 R-07’s paired with R-07 remote apps can operate in the same space by changing the identification number of the R-07’s.

* When using with Android 6.0 or later, please turn Android Location mode on and then scan for R-07.

What's new in v

The first release.

Android Screenshots:


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