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App History

Version 1.03
Mar 24, 2017
Version 1.02
Feb 08, 2017
Feb 07, 2017
Feb 04, 2017
Version 1.01
Jan 18, 2017
New App: $16.99
Jan 15, 2017

iTunes Description:

Parat+ is an Open Sound Control (OSC) and MIDI app for musicians and artists working with audio and visuals wishing to control different software and hardware devices. Controller, interface, instrument, Parat+ offers spontaneous and sophisticated multitouch gestural control to perform and interact in the most precise, yet efficient and intuitive ways. Parat+ will empower those musicians and artists seeking to extend their flexibility with technology and explore interactive controls.

Developed by practitioners for practitioners, Parat+ is a tool for the musician, artist and everyone else who use technology to advance their art.

Much more than a virtual ‘fader box’ to control your parameters in realtime, it allows you to record, remap and program controls instantly and intuitively. Swipe and multitouch gestures record, loop and remap the interval of each fader and responsivity curve. Rescale, enlarge, pause and interrupt to modify your controls in realtime. Control sound levels, effects parameters, synthesis, lights and more via OSC and MIDI simultaneously.

Parat+ combines powerful software and hardware parameter control with data automation and manipulation. It is fully compatible with OSC enabled software such as:
• Max
• PD
• Processing
• Digital Performer
• Reaper
• Reaktor
• Renoise
• Ardour and more.

All other software and hardware including DMX for lighting rigs can be controlled via MIDI.

The fader-style controller modules at the core of Parat+ can control parameters and functions of any MIDI and/or OSC enabled software and hardware. Multiple OSC targets can be defined to optimise user flexibility.

The Faders offer unparalleled realtime control via the multitouch three point control feature which allows the user to remap the interval and responsivity curve of each fader in realtime.

The touch gesture features include:
• One finger gestures to control the fader value.
• Two finger gestures to adjust the fader's minimum and maximum values.
• Three finger gestures to adjust the minimum, maximum and responsivity curve.

Use absolute touch mode to have the Fader value jump to whichever finger position is applied and relative touch mode to avoid any sudden jumps due to changes in finger position, allowing for seamless transitions in volume etc..

Each Fader can also be remotely controlled and automated by the Gesture Recorder, internal LFO generators, audio analysis and sensors, external OSC sources and MIDI controllers.

Use Parat+ as a central control hub for any performance and production setup, and shape OSC data streams sent to Parat+ to control your software and hardware parameters. Incoming OSC data (e.g. data from sensors, analysis modules and generative algorithms) can be modified and modulated using the the scaling and modulation features of Parat+ Sources and Faders.

Gesture recording and playback allows looped and one-shot automations of unlimited length.

The simplicity and coherence of the tools enable any novice to venture into custom built controls, while the accustomed performance system developer will appreciate the time saved for complex setups.

The philosophy behind Parat+ is to extend and assist your practice without imposing an approach. The app has been designed with the knowledge that creative work requires tools that can grow with their users, allowing individual and intuitive creative application while maintaining flexibility and diversity. Artists who are familiar with programming will appreciate the intuitive approach to data handling and parameter mapping. Users who lack experience with sophisticated technology will find themselves empowered to embrace cutting-edge interactive technology in the most intuitive and approachable manner. By keeping technical concerns to a minimum, the user is free to make artistic and aesthetic choices guided by their own creativity, avoiding the constraints of conventional software and controllers.

What's new in v1.03

- Added MIDI note triggers for gesture playback.
- Define per fader if MIDI note triggers playback in toggle or gate mode.
- Improved Gesture Playback.
- Improved compatibility with midimux and studiomux, allowing MIDI and OSC transmission using the lightning/USB cable.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

Parat+ is a indeed great iOS MIDI/OSC controller. It is very flexible and configurable on-the-fly. Each fader can be utilized in either absolute (touch fader) or relative mode. These modes can be very quickly switched too & from thanks to each fader's "Options Wheel". Each fader can also have a gesture recorded into it to be played back either in loop mode or one-shot mode. Fader gestures can also be triggered by MIDI note number. There does not seem to be a limit on the duration of the recorded gestures either.
Faders can also be controlled by Sources which include built in LFOs. LFOs can be offset, and can have extremely long cycles.
There's a lot more detail to Parat+ too. Definitely worth your time to take a closer look at this app!
March 20, 2017  | person Sonakinesis

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