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App History

Version 1.2.2
Oct 13, 2017
Dec 01, 2016
Nov 23, 2016
Version 1.2.1
Sep 20, 2016
Dec 21, 2015
Version 1.2.0
Dec 15, 2015
Dec 15, 2015
Version 1.1.2
Aug 30, 2015
Aug 08, 2015
Jul 16, 2015
Version 1.1.1
Jul 13, 2015
Apr 27, 2015
Apr 24, 2015
Version 1.1.0
Mar 10, 2015
Version 1.0.2
Feb 16, 2015
Feb 12, 2015
New App: $14.99
Jan 29, 2015
Version 1.0.1
Jan 29, 2015

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App Store Description:

The classic Roland Sound Canvas sound module is reborn as a software synthesizer for iPhone or iPad.

SOUND Canvas is a software synthesizer that emulates perfectly the highly popular GS format sound source, along with a bulit-in SMF *1 player for playing Standard MIDI Files.

It is based on the Roland GS standard that has been de facto standard sound source, "SOUND Canvas Series" of Roland Desk Top Music (DTM).

It is compatible with the sound for "GS","GM2", and "GM".
It includes Reverb, Chorus, Delay, and 2 Band EQ, plus 64 types of insertion effects *2.

In addition, it plays SMF for "SC-88Pro" and "SC-8820". *3

You can enjoy the old data created by SOUND Canvas series and a variety of GS data on the market from Roland with high quality sound.

*1: SMF:Standard MIDI File with extension ".mid". The SMF to play in the SOUND Canvas is recommended SMF format 0.
*2: This utility canNOT edit the tone nor insertion effect.
*3: Subtle nuance of Tone color, Volume balance, trigger timing of note on may vary depending on the data.

[ Features ]
-Two types of graphical user interface: “Sound Canvas skin” for music data creation and “Player skin” for practicing with instruments or karaoke application.
*Swipe left or right(up or down for iPhone) with two fingers to switch between the skins.

- High quality MIDI file sounds by its 1,600 tones and 63 factory drum presets.

- Convenient functions:"LOOP" mode to repeat your specifying region, "SONG LIST PLAY" to play sequentially plural songs, and more multifunction.

- MIDI interface (separately sold) connection enables to receive MIDI data from the external devices to play sounds.

- Available with a music application compatible for the Core MIDI.

- Requires iOS : 8.1 or later
- Works on : iPhone5s, iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus, iPad Air or later, iPad mini2 or later, iPod Touch 6 Generation

What's new in v1.2.2

- Bug fixed when using Master Key Shift.
- Bluetooth MIDI device is now selectable directly from the MENU inside SOUND Canvas.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

Use the "Sound Canvas" with the App's "AAccompanist" and "AccordionPlus". Soon it will be also available for the popular "MIDI file player". Just map the General MIDI Instruments to the "Sound Canvas" instruments (SC-8820). Best Regards, Walter Schurter
October 16, 2016  | person_outline Walter Schurter

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