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Practice, Practice, Practice

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We're going to be focusing on development for Aleph Looper and Infinite Looper, and have decided to make this app free. Enjoy!
* Note -- there's a bug that causes trouble with the iPhone 6S -- we should have a fix out shortly.
How do you get to the best concert hall? Practice, Practice, Practice!

Scales are the foundation of all music. For the beginning musician, practicing scales helps build a familiarity with the instrument, and an understanding of melody, harmony, and chord progressions. Auditions for competitive band and orchestra groups almost always feature scales as part of the evaluation. Experienced musicians regularly practice scales to keep their ears in tune, and to keep their intonation sharp across the entire scale.

Practice, Practice, Practice, will help you perfect how you play all of the major scales. The app features a built-in tuner to get you started -- but the main attraction is note-by-note guidance on the scales. Select the scale you wish to practice, and the pitch of each note you play will be analyzed -- hit the right pitch to move to the next note. For beginning musicians, who might not be familiar with a scale, the app is invaluable -- it makes sure that the right notes get practiced, and bad habits are not formed. For experienced musicians, the app is a quick refresher for unfamiliar scales, and a great way to check intonation of all the notes.

* Key Features *
= The app supports all of the twelve major scales, and displays the notes to play in standard notation. As you play the scale, the desired note is highlighted, and the pitch being played is also shown. Once you play the correct pitch continuously, you can move to the next note.
= All instruments, in any octave are supported. Play the correct pitch at any octave to move forward.
= Practice, Practice, Practice includes an internal synthesizer, and a keyboard that adjusts to the notes in any of the scales. You can play the keyboard to hear what the scale should sound like, and to get a reference pitch for tuning.
= The built-in tuner uses full frequency spectrum analysis to provide stable, accurate tuning information. The display shows the harmonic frequencies from the instrument tone using the innovative Spectral Eye approach.
= Practice time, and the number and type of scales completed each day, are recorded. You can check your history, to see how much time you've spent practicing, and to see which scales you may need to spend more time on.
= The app supports both Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.

Secret Base Design is a leading developer of iOS music apps, with expertise in audio processing. In addition to Practice, Practice, Practice, we also have created...
= MIDImorphosis, a fast pitch-to-MIDI app designed for guitarists.
= Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth, the first iOS MIDI over Bluetooth application. This is free, because MIDI should be free, and supports iOS 6 and up, and Mac OS X 10.7 and newer.
= Spectral Eye, an innovative audio analysis tool which shows the harmonic structure of sound. Spectral Eye is free.

In partnership with the app development groups Confusion Studios (MIDI Designer) and Audeonic Apps (MIDI Bridge), we have developed musicIO, an app which streams audio and MIDI across an ordinary USB cable, between an iOS device and a Mac or PC. The MIDI-only version of musicIO is available free.

If you have any questions or comments about any of our apps, please contact us through our email (apps@secretbasedesign.com), our Facebook page, or through Twitter.

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