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App History

Mar 31, 2019
Mar 14, 2019
Dec 31, 2017
Dec 07, 2017
Apr 01, 2017
Version 1.2.3
Mar 13, 2017
Mar 10, 2017
Version 1.2.2
Mar 08, 2017
Version 1.2.1
Jan 17, 2016
Jan 01, 2016
Version 1.2.0
Dec 30, 2015
Dec 06, 2015
Sep 03, 2015
Aug 04, 2015
Version 1.1.0
Dec 11, 2014
New App: $4.99
Nov 01, 2014

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App Store Description:

A new and easy way to practice your musical instrument!
(for wind and string instruments player)

A metronome, tuner and recorder all set out in the same screen to fit right into your practice session. With the same operations all in one screen, you can quickly go from recording to playback to checking and back to recording.

By objectively reviewing your performance and then trying it again, you'll really make progress!

○○○○○ Product Features ○○○○○
A practice app that boosts the efficiency of your musical instrument practice sessions.

Most people learning to play a musical instrument practice alone.
When you practice with a teacher or with your friends, they can give you advice about your playing and you can identify the problems you need to work on. But when you practice alone, it's much more difficult to see your playing objectively.

<That's when "Music Practice" is really invaluable. >
You can control the metronome, tuner and recorder all from the same screen, which means that as well as checking your tempo and tuning as you play, you can also directly record your playing.
By listening to your recording as soon as you finish playing, you can get an objective impression of your performance.

<Straightforward design and layout >
A key feature of the app is that the screen is laid out so that it makes practicing more efficient.
The features you use in real time are shown larger so you don't hit the wrong button by mistake.
And when you tilt your device, the layout automatically flips between horizontal and vertical.
So you can set it on your music stand or put it on a table, whatever works best for you.

<Customize your design >
Because you'll be using it every day, you'll want to get the design just right.
There are lots of color variations.
Play around until you get the colors just right for you, whether it's your lucky color or just the color that suits your mood today.

【Operating requirements】

iPhone 5, iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone 6, iPhone6 Plus
iPod touch (5th generation)
※iOS 7 or later required.

What's new in v1.2.3

・Information was added to the overview. "Chordana Play English version Release Anniversary Sale"

iPhone Screenshots:


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