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MultitrackStudio for iPad

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App History

Version 3.9
Jul 30, 2020
Version 3.8.1
May 22, 2020
Version 3.8
May 14, 2020
Version 3.7
Apr 17, 2020
Version 3.6
Nov 15, 2019
Version 3.5.2
Sep 27, 2019
Version 3.5.1
Jul 31, 2019
Version 3.5
Jun 24, 2019
Version 3.4
Mar 25, 2019
Version 3.3
Mar 11, 2019
Version 3.2
Feb 28, 2019
Version 3.1
Dec 10, 2018
Version 3.0
Sep 17, 2018
Version 2.9.1
Jan 01, 2018
Version 2.9
Nov 14, 2017
Version 2.8
Sep 28, 2017
Version 2.7
Aug 20, 2017
Version 2.6
Jul 03, 2016
Version 2.5.2
Jan 27, 2016
Version 2.5.1
Dec 18, 2015

App Store Description:

MultitrackStudio turns your iPad into a digital multitrack music recording studio. You can record, edit and mix audio and MIDI tracks. Both "one man band" recording, adding tracks one at a time, and live multitrack recording are supported.

Both audio and MIDI tracks can be edited. MIDI editing features include pianoroll, drum, score and pattern editors. Tempo and time signature can change throughout the song.

MultitrackStudio for iPad comes with many high quality audio effects including a guitar amp simulator. MIDI instruments include GM-compatible MultitrackStudio Instruments, SoundFont Player and Matrix Sampler. External (hardware) synths can be used as well.

AUv3 audio effects, instruments and MIDI effects are supported, so 3rd party apps can integrate into MultitrackStudio.

The straightforward user-interface has been designed with tape-based recording in mind. It's easy to use yet powerful.

Key features:

• Up to 16 audio/MIDI tracks, audio tracks can be mono or stereo.
• Editors: audio, pianoroll, drum, score, MIDI patterns, MIDI controllers, tempo/time signature and song.
• One effect return section.
• One master section.
• Three effect slots per mixer section (two for MIDI tracks).
• Effects: Automated Fader, Chorus, Compressor, DeEsser, Echo, EQ, Flanger, Guitar Amp, Master Limiter, Noise Gate, Phaser, Reverb, Rotor, Saturator, Stereo Imager, Tremolo, Tuner and Vibrato.
• MIDI instruments: MultitrackStudio Instruments (General MIDI compatible), SoundFont Player, Matrix Sampler, up to four Virtual MIDI Apps and one CoreMIDI output device.
• Supports Audio Unit effects and instruments and MIDI effects (the latter require iOS 12).
• Supports Inter-App Audio effects and instruments.
• Supports Audiobus (acts as output in Audiobus app).
• MIDI sources: onscreen keyboard (keyboard, chords, drum, matrix and various string layouts) and one CoreMIDI input device. Supports Bluetooth LE MIDI.
• Supports Bluetooth audio output (requires iOS 10).
• Audio sample rate: 44.1 or 48 kHz.
• Imports .wav, .aif, .mp3, .mid and various other audio file types.
• Exports .wav and .mid files.
• Import/export audio/MIDI via Document Picker, iTunes File Sharing, AudioShare, General Pasteboard or email.
• Imports/exports .zip file containing all files needed to open song, compatible with MultitrackStudio for Windows/macOS.
• Lyrics/chords prompter and editor.

The Pro Extension (available as in-app purchase) adds these features:

• Up to 32 tracks.
• Either an extra Effect Return or up to 8 Groups.
• Two extra Effect Returns on 12.9 inch iPads.
• Multichannel audio playback.
• Mixer and effect automation.
• Audio pitch shifting in track editors.
• Time stretching in track editors.
• Tempo editor can process audio tracks.
• Stretch and Stretch Accelerando in tempo editor.
• Multi MIDI Editor (edit multiple tracks in a single editor)..
• Create new song using current as template.
• Convolutor effect with Vintage Reverbs.
• Load custom speaker IR in Guitar Amp.
• Dynamics effect, supports sidechaining.
• Multiband Compressor effect.
• Phase Inverter effect.
• Transposer effect.
• Vocal Tuner effect.

The Track Pack (available as in-app purchase if the Pro Extension has been purchased, 64 bits iPads only) adds these features:

• 64 tracks (instead of 32).

Note: iPad 2, iPad 3 and first gen. iPad mini do not support Audio Units.

What's new in v3.9

• SysEx support: import from/export to MIDI files, edit and playback. Recording not supported. SysEx messages are sent to External MIDI Instruments, AU instruments/MIDI effects and IAA instruments.
• Patchmap import: .ins (Cakewalk instrument definition) files can be dropped on External MIDI Instrument windows, they'll be converted automatically. (iOS 11 and newer)
• Imported patchmaps can now be deleted: swipe left over a menu item and tap Delete.
• Added General MIDI 2, Roland GS en Yamaha XG patchmaps.
• "Percussion Channel" button has been removed from External MIDI Instrument windows.
Drum kits now appear in the Patch Selector, and the MIDI channel will be updated automatically on selecting a patch.
• External MIDI Instrument: patch selector has All category.
• Export MIDI Tracks: can optionally export to format 0 file.
• MIDI export/import: lyrics can optionally be UTF8 encoded.
• Improved IAA instrument compatibility for recent iPad models.
• Tuner effect now 'always works', regardless of Rec and/or Soft Monitoring buttons.
• Some other improvements and fixes.

iPad Screenshots:


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